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Is it Easter or Christmas?

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Just wondering cuz DH had to run out yesterday to buy gifts and gift cards for Easter. So Easter around here is like Christmas and Christmas is like MTVs Sweet 16.

Next week is my 1 year anniversary so I guess Ive been through a year of holidays with these people although I didnt fully move in until June, i had work responsibilities to finish up and my kids graduated college last May both moved out of state in Jun. They wanted to stay at our house, they never would have wanted to stay here for 2 months.


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Oh dear God this is SD16 in a few years. This is exactly how she acts only she doesnt treat her mother(BM) this way she treats her father (my DH) this way.

Skid karma

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I've been kinda busy but Im catching up on some STalker stories

I hope there is a special place in hell for some of these skids & BMs or I hope there is some sort of skid karma

Front end damage is a mystery

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The car that SD16 drives has a mysterious dent on the front. DH says "someone hit the green car, there is a dent on the front". Before I could even say hmmm sd16 drives that car, he says sd16 said she didnt do it.

Well then it must be true.... How much anyone want to bet SD was pulling out of a parking spot and hit someone else's car and took off without taking responsibility. Skids dont need to take responsibility cuz dadddeeees fix everything.

I dont know if I would have had the nerve to lie to my dad like that at 16 but my dad was not stupid and DH is. 

Spring break and summer

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As of 7:34am, the last skid left for the bus and spring break is officially over.

It was pretty uneventful as far as the skids go. BM had them 2 days, i had them a day, my son had a bad car accident(he's ok) so i had to travel out of state for a day so the older skids helped out with the little skids and the last day my MIL took them just for fun! I spent that day catching up on housework and SD16 cooked lunch and I headed out for work. The pan is still in the sink almost 72 hrs later. Just sayin.

It's Saturday before St Pats Day. What ya drinking?

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I dont drink. Havent had a drink in almost 2 years and even then Id have an occasional social drink if we were out. Ive known DH 4 years he saw me drunk once and it was more of a silly buzz.

I see many friends here speaking of having a drink to make things better. Doesnt it make it worse? I always feel like crap when I drink. I would think that it would make skid presence even more annoying if I had a few drinks the night before and then heard their whining voices.

Need another hobby

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I workout almost evry day. It gets me out of the house but thats average 1-2 hours. I have a Zumba class at noon today and it cant come soon enough. I packed up my car while DH ran an errand with dirty laundry, a change of clothes, some food and my computer. Im going to spend the day at my parent's empty house and do laundry and enjoy my day alone while DH, who is feeling slightly better btw, will be handling the feral offspring. I told him he better do SOMETHING besides watch tv while they look at screens. The reason SS12 is acting like a maniac is because he hasnt been sleeping.