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Miss Ginger, you asked me, how do I keep my mouth shut?

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Apparently I have said too much recently. My husband may be getting slightly suspicious that I know too much. He thinks I have a source. He thinks it may be his sister but not Aunt T that SD21 hangs out with and talks shit about me but Aunt S who is like a sis to me. My husband barely speaks to his sister T anymore because she is a 'bad influence on SD21' but also she stole SD away from us and SD likes to spend time over there instead of with daddeeeee but he gave her the guilt trip for that, "it's ok that you like them more than us, it's just a shitty feeling though".....who says that??

This site has given me a piece of my sanity back

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I am grateful every day for the wisdom of my STalk friends, and I mean it when I say friends. I really did think I was crazy, mean, an awful wife and step mother.  Y'all understand me more than anyone. I've opened up to some friends and my mother but there are things I can't even tell my mother due to she loves my husband and I'm trying not to turn her against him. She won't be too surprised when I leave though. She knows I'm hoarding money in my own accounts and she understands why I'm doing it, or she thinks she does.

how many times is too many times to say love you in a day? or an hour?

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Actual conversation of pathetic SD 18 and her boyfriend. Her dad really set her up for relationship failure:

SD: I'm home. love you

BF: I'm glad you made it home safe babe (3 heart emojis)

SD: I love you

SD: no I love you?

SD: you havent' been sayin it and everytime I say it you don't seem like you want to say it.

SD Well I'll just leave you be I'm sorry

SD: going to shower

SD: done

You will never have your ducks in a row.

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OMG, I'm a blog hog now!! I just got an email from the woman who owns the studio where I work out. She is trying to keep us motivated and healthy while the studio is closed for Covid. Anyway she said she hates to hear the phrase, "I need to get my ducks in a row before I...." and then filled in the blank with get healthy, start a business, get a new job or leave a bad relationship. Then she said "you will never have your ducks in a row" and it's procrastination to say this for something we are afraid to do. She is right, it is always something that is holding up back if we let it.

I just want to say I love you guys

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I just want to say I love you guys. I see some of the funniest stuff here that makes my day. The constant sarcastic remarks and name calling etc. I love it! You are my tribe. I really wish we were all neighbors and hung out on the weekends in my backyard. Although I don't want to live near some of your skids. Some of them sound dangerous!!

Can we talk about emotional incest for a minute?

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I've started spying on my husbands iMessages because at times it is the only way to find out what is going on in my own home. I know it is not really ok but the relationship is pretty much over, I'm just protecting myself at this point. I stopped him from signing $100,000+ in loans for his daughter who will soon drop out of school, even BM says she won't finish and DH agreed but had I not initiated this he just would have gone along with it and signed the loans for tuition, books and a luxury apartment, hell NO. My kids lived in squaller in college and loved it!!

so much regret

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I don't think I love my husband anymore. I've seen him at his most pathetic moments. He just texted SD18 while she is driving to work...just HEY. Why? She's driving from her eyebrow appt to work and you know this so why text  "HEY." I could sit all day and critique his every move. He is a piss poor parent with f'd up kids due to his behavior. He has made his kids so needy that SD18 is pushing her boyfriend away with her needy behavior.  I won't even get in to SD21s behavior and the constant attention she needs from her parents. The 2 boys have issues too.

More impressive news!

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If you thought it was awesome that SD21 passed the syllabus quiz, wait there's more. She got a 9/10 and an 81 on her quizzes this week. She has a group chat with BM and DH that she sends screenshots of her scores so they can say great job SD!! When she starts failing the screen shots will stop, happens every semester. She has about 7or 8 semesters under her belt if you include summers and she is still a freshman but she is having a fresh start at a new University so this time it will be different. This time, she is serious. Well this time DH is not paying for it nor is he co-signing.

Proud step mom moment

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SD21 sent BM and DH a group message that she has an A in her class that started Monday. She sent the screenshot of the page saying she got a 10/10 on the syllabus quiz. I was so wrong about her being a failure. I eat my words. She is going to be a huge success!

protecting myself financially with secret life insurance

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 A while back I blogged about a student loan that DuH was going to co sign for his irresponsible daugter that with 12% interest was going to cost in the end $100,000+ over 15 years after she finished school. She already borrowed 12 or 13,000 last year and then she would borrow 15,000 for the next 2 years. Turns out after 3 years of college, she is still a freshman so she will have another year than she thought she would so another 15,000, I'm guessing with interest and missed payments etc it will cost her $150,000 if she pays it back.