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Looking for suggestions on sd17

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Anyone who reads my blogs knows how I feel about  sd17. She's awful to live with, manipulative, mean, a user, Im literally afraid of being alone with her because anyone who gets in her way she tries to take down. Usually it is verbal abuse but since I didnt back down, Im not sure what next. I have a teaching certificate so allegations of abuse could ruin me.

Anyone in the mental health field?

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I know there's a few of you out there. Can anyone give me an idea what could be wrong with SD17?

She narcissistic, manipulative, mean spirited, uses people and discards, very fake. These traits also  belong  to her mother. 

She was very close to her sister, SD20. "Sd20 bring me food, give me a ride, take me to get my eyebrows, nails or hair done, etc". Now that sd17 has a job & a license its " fck you SD20, I can't stand you, your a fat pig," she treats everyone like crap that cant do anything for her anymore. She has done that to many more  people. 

How am I the bad guy?

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I came home from work after midnight, changed my clothes, brushed teeth etc. DH was sleeping. When I grabbed the blankets, I woke him. We exchanged pleasantries and then I asked him why there were soaking wet towels on the carpet in the hall. I picked them up of course. Apparently he left them in the washer and when SD17 needed to do laundry she tossed them in the hall outside the laundry room. Really? So I said I was going to piss on her laundry.  Kinda crude but I wouldnt do it. Regardless,  somehow Im the bad guy who "woke him in the middle of the night to scream at him".

One song can change your mood :(

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My youngest son played this song for me in the car when he was a young teen almost 10 yrs ago. It's about a sucky dad who died and how the death hurt him as he hurt him in life. My son cried and held my hand. There is a line about leaving the kids with a poor single mother and being a donor of seeds. I guess thats how my son felt about his dad.

raising kids on the internet

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Thank goodness I raised my kids before all this smart phone, instagram, snapchat garbage.  We cant even keep up with what the skids are doing.  Yes I know we could block shit from the wifi but wittle ss12 wants to snapchat with his little friends so dh keeps turning it back on. I came across SS12s snapchat account and he has an inappropriat screen name.  SS12 has been inappropriate on the internet for years.

Over reacting again?

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I've complained about the little skids doing stupid things like SS12 sticking his tongue on a pole or other obnoxious things that make me say wtf. Sometimes other STalkers say I should lighten up boys will be boys. It gets on my nerves when they do stupid or obnoxious things because they're not my kids and they are here 26 days a month and I need peace. Even when they are not here the older skids usually are. So yes I probably over react or get overly annoyed by these skids that a rent  mine. Especially when they are things my most perfect children would have never done.

Columbus Day...did you get an extra day with the skids?

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I used to love school holidays when I was a teacher.  Now it's just an extra day of the skids being home. BM had a busy weekend so she only took the skids for a few hours Friday. DH and I both worked Saturday so MIL took the little skids and took them to the zoo on Sunday so we still got our time off from the skids. Even if BM took the kids for her time this weekend you can bet she wouldn't keep them Monday anyways. DH is CP 90%

Anyone get an extra skid day due to the long weekend?  I always hope for an extra day off when it's a holiday weekend but BM usually disappoints.


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Im out of town to take my son to his job inteview. He flew in and I drove him to his hotel. Just looked at my RING camera SD 17 is home from school again. I know it's because Im not there and she can get away with more. Im kinda pissed that I got distracted and never got those cameras for inside the house. It makes me uncomfortable when she is alone in the house.

Will DH ever have this feeling?

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I just dropped my younger son, 23, at a job interview. He moved to DC after college to spread his wings but he's ready to come back to the Midwest. He misses family especially his older brother who is still struggling with his injuries from a car accident. I got emotional after dropping him off. I am so darn proud of him for everything he has done. His father died his 1st semester of college and he bounced back with straight A's. He found a job straight out of college making 65k and now he is making with bonuses closer to 75k. He has 3 interviews in the next month in the Midwest.