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Skid free home finally

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My home will be skid free soon. They are leaving for school all of them. Its been probably a week since there were no skids in the house. SD20 is in college so she doesn't have class every day.  Ss11 stayed home with the sniffles yesterday. I was about to lose my mind. Finally today they are all gone. It may only be for the school day but its such a relief to have them all gone.  I still hear sd17 in her room making noise but Im sure shes leaving any minute and that skid weight will be off my shoulders.

PS my husband is gone too  :  ))

BMs Christmas present to the skids is a joke

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The CO states that BM takes the kids every  weekend plus 3 hours in the evening 6 times a month. Not that she exercises her rights lol.  Anyway, she takes them approx every other weekend or on 2 weekends/off 2 weekends.  The weekdays almost never unless she needs them for a family dinner where she shows her MOTY qualities. We're flexible in the sense that we take what we can get. We can't force visits on her.

Would you read my book?

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Im thinking about writing a book. I had some ideas in my head and jotted them down, some characters,  a story line, some events and then I just blurted out the 1st chapter in 6 hours. Im not 100% sure where the story is going but I have  some events lined up but no ending.

Am I really the bad guy?

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My husband got his last pay stub of the year yesterday which included an 18,000 bonus for a total of $134,000. How much do we have in our checking account?  A little over $1000. The skids ordered Uber Eats for lunch and pizza for a late night snack. I dont know how much Uber Eats was but pizza order was over $30 for a 9pm late night snack for these fat cows. I dont know his exact take home but with CS he gets from BM maybe close to 90,000.



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My son & I were talking about Caillou. My husband chimed in and said there's something wrong with that kid. How bout his parents were idiots like you  DH. Im sure the skids were a bunch of Caillou's at age 4. Sorry for all the posts tonight but I feel stuck in with DH and ALL of the skids.

Happy new year?

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BM is so stupid. My husband makes 100,000+ per year. When he was married to BM he made 50,000- 60,000 in side jobs as well.  Now that he has the kids full time he cant do side jobs. He never  watched the finances. She spent every dime they had plus went into debt and she didnt pay the bills. They went in to foreclosure. After she did that he started watching the finances and controlling the money a little more and she divorced him.

So this is blended life.

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Blended step life is worse than just regular step life. My son 23 is moving from DC to Michigan for a job. He is staying with us for a week til the job starts. This is awful. I cant run & hide like I usually do or just take off. Im not working much for the holidays and no school for the kids so I'm here, not wanting to leave my son. He has an apartment. He chose to move in to the apartment and come spend the holidays with us so ditching him is not an option. Last night we spent the night at my parents house but we're back. Of course BM is too busy to take the skids during the break.

OT breast bad are they?

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I went for a breast biopsy and they prepare you for the pain. This is going to sting.... you feel a pressure and then the pain wil subside in 30 seconds, stuff like that.  I felt almost nothing and certainly not pain. Im sitting around with ice packs on the incision. Apparently it'll hurt later but almost 2 hrs after I still feel fine.