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One word or two?

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After the laundry incident yesterday with SD17, she posts one of those 'describe me in one word' things on Facebook. Her mom, who has little to do with her, posts "one word is not enough...blah blah blah" I wanted to chime in to one word is not enough unless cunt biscuit is one word, which i just text my DH, he says it is two. It would be so funny to post something like that but not til Im able to move out. Laundry incident is below if interested

Am I the bitch?

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Anyone else find this obnoxious? I had clothes in the dryer with about 10 minutes left to dry and towels in the washer waiting to go in the dryer. SD17 who I have had many laundry room problems with before, she is ob-fucking-noxius to live with, took my wet towels out of the washer put them on top of my almost dry clothes and now everything is in the dryer, towels and clothes, so the Princess of Darkness can use the washer. Does anyone wash towels with their clothes? No, too much lint right? It's mostly pjs and undies so I don't care but if it was my nicer clothes I would care.

Is this a competition?

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DH has full custody of the kids SDs 20 & 17 almost never see their mom. SSs 13 & 11 see her every other weekend unless something comes up. She looks for any excuse to ditch them as well as they really dont care to go there. 

DH has always has to be the favorite. When they lived with BM he ran over there everyday  to outshine  BM...and trust me I hate the bitch, shes a bad person as well as shitty mom so Im not sticking up for her at all.

Mom brag

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Can I just brag about my 25 year old son real quick? He said , "Mom, Im not afraid of getting sick. Im afraid of giving it to someone else, like M (his girlfriend) who could give it to her patients who are 75+."

No restrictions

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So sick of the SDs having in & out privileges. Myself and the little skids are home all day every day with a little outside time. DH works a little when he can work alone or outside. He doesn't go to jobsites with many people so we are losing income, but SD17 is working her oh so important $9 an hour job that funds her nails, hair and eyebrows getting done. SD20 just took her boss to the airport. Will she be picking her up also and then coming back to our home and spreading whatever germs?

You might be a skid if....

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Lets have our  own version of you might be a redneck. Ive also added a must watch video of a young woman who has to be a skid

You  might  be a skid if...

Your dad is afraid to tell you to not go to work in food service while you are coughing and showing other signs  of Coronavirus.

Dad is also afraid to tell her not to  put metal/aluminum to go containers in the microwave  because skid says aluminium is not a metal. Sure does make loud popping  noises SD17.

really that dumb?

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SD17, almost 18, allegedly graduating high school in May...she came down to make lunch and put a metal container in the microwave, I wasn't paying attention.  I'm working on the computer and have 4 f'n skids here on quarrantine with me.  I hear popping noises but I'm still kinda in my own world with my headphones on.  It gets louder and louder and she takes it out of the microwave and I see a metal to go container.  I was so stunned that she is that dumb.  She works at a restaurant and often comes home late, does she do this often I wonder?

My fantasy

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I had a fantasy that at some point during the 30 hours the skids were gone at their mother's that the state would go on lockdown for 2 weeks. Nope they're back & here for AT LEAST 2 weeks because I don't know what our world is going to look like in 2 weeks but Im sure BM will use it as an excuse to leave the skids with us. She gave us extra cash instead of taling then extra time while schools are off. Im ok with that. She has  skids too so bouncing them back and forth just brings more contact into our house.