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Advice on legal separation

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I have 4 step kids SD21, SD18, SS14 and SS12. All live with us full time(edit SD21 is away at school and is rarely here). I have been married less than 3 years. Divorce was talked about in the first 6 months. The kids are sneaky, lying, manipulative and they steal. Most of their behavior is typical but the lying about me has caused me to get cameras to protect myself from false accusations. The stealing has me worried about my credit or identity getting stolen or that of my husband.

Skid free holidays!

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Happy Thanksgiving step families.

Im at my parent's for a week with my youngest son from Michigan. My oldest stayed home with his girlfriend who had to work. No DH, no skids. I will do the same for Christmas. DH has been warned and is upset but understands my reasons. 

Hope you all had a skid free or at least drama free holidays. I had both but in order to do that I have to be husband free also. 

Yep I'm still here

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My 4 step kids live with us full time. Oldest SD21 is at college. It's hard to Nacho when they never leave but I do my best to only get involved in things that directly affect me and my household...which is almost everything but I pick & choose my battles anymore. I have bit my tongue for weeks to keep the peace. I now have discovered that SD18 and her boyfriend 21 that mostly lives here 6 nights a week and is alone in the house when SD goes to work...anyway they shoplifted from Target. It makes me uncomfortable that they are here alone often or worse he is alone with me.

Need a little help here

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Where are my pizza pans? DH and I are the only ones who make frozen pizza so when the first one disappeared, I figured the skids might have something to do with it but yet it doesn't make sense so DH and I decided that one of us must have misplaced it and it would turn up. It didn't. I bought another one. We rarely make pizza but this one has disappeared also. Why? What possible reason would the skids have for taking it? hiding it? We have cameras in the kitchen but it's not like I'm going to waste my time going back and looking for who took it.

Another poem

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Hi. I wrote another poem and wanted to share. I would love feedback or criticism. If you would like to read my last poem about steplife I have a first and second draft in my recent blogs. Thanks for reading. I'm enjoying being an author. time to get to work on that novel that I know many of you would love!!



Untruth. Dishonesty. Omission. Denial. Minimizing.


Distorted facts drift out of you so smoothly, sharply disturbing my soul.


Straight through me like a dagger.


second draft if you like poetry

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I posted the first draft of my poem last week. I edited a bit and took out the swearing. My husband gave me some new material this weekend when he called me a mean and spiteful woman, so I was able to edit the other things he had said to me previously and rewrite the poem without cursing. Don't get me wrong...I love cursing but in poetry I feel like it drags it down a bit. I'm so grateful to my husband and his children for giving me the inspiration to be a writer. I can't wait to finish my novel and share it with you all.

I wish DH would stop trying to fix things, he's making it worse.

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This morning at 7:53am DuH sent me a text saying Have a Good Day with a picture of the sunrise from work. He leaves at 5ish so it's still dark. My first thought was I wonder who else he sent that to and then I remembered I have his ipod with his imessages so I can see. He has a group message with SD18 and SD21 called My Little Angels. I opened that conversation and what do you know, the same picture at 7:10am with his daily morning greeting and the first love you of the day. So 45 minutes later as an afterthought he sends me the same picture. He is so mentally unstable.

Dabbling in poetry

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Edit...For some reason the formatting is one big paragraph instead of formatted like a poem. Kind of takes away from it : (

I love getting up early. Cleaned house, made breakfast and wrote a poem before 8 am. I've been working on a novel but it is so slow moving. The poem can be written and edited by the time breakfast is ready. Hope you enjoy:

You left the room today saying, "Do you see my dilemma here?" 


Miss Ginger, you asked me, how do I keep my mouth shut?

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Apparently I have said too much recently. My husband may be getting slightly suspicious that I know too much. He thinks I have a source. He thinks it may be his sister but not Aunt T that SD21 hangs out with and talks shit about me but Aunt S who is like a sis to me. My husband barely speaks to his sister T anymore because she is a 'bad influence on SD21' but also she stole SD away from us and SD likes to spend time over there instead of with daddeeeee but he gave her the guilt trip for that, "it's ok that you like them more than us, it's just a shitty feeling though".....who says that??

This site has given me a piece of my sanity back

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I am grateful every day for the wisdom of my STalk friends, and I mean it when I say friends. I really did think I was crazy, mean, an awful wife and step mother.  Y'all understand me more than anyone. I've opened up to some friends and my mother but there are things I can't even tell my mother due to she loves my husband and I'm trying not to turn her against him. She won't be too surprised when I leave though. She knows I'm hoarding money in my own accounts and she understands why I'm doing it, or she thinks she does.