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Sick kid update

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I think DH is sick of these kids too.

This weekend DH & I had plans to hang out with my out of town family, go on a date night, work out together & do a few things around the house while we were skidless. We are 90% custody so them leaving 1 or 2 weekends a month is a treat.

"Sick" kids

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SS10 has learned to make himself throw up...or spit up but its enough to stay home from school since we werent buying the tummy ache act anymore now he makes himself spit up in the garbage can or in the toilet but doesnt flush so we can see it. DH already left for work so I said its ok flush it. He also skipped school earlier in the week but I was already gone to pick up my dad from the airport. SD19 let him stay home and she stayed home from community college to take care of her baby brother but now today she has "things to do".  Well so does step mommy.

Looking for free advice

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My parents are slightly wealthy. Worked hard, saved a lot + a few good investments wealthy, not multi millionaire top 1% wealthy. They have 3 children and I am the only one with skids. I have 2 adult bios and 4 skids. My happily married brother & wife have 2 kids and my other brother & girlfriend(hopefully his future wife), they have no children, yet.

Just for fun

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Happy Sunday!  I love the names that STalkers come up with for BMs & skids.

Some that stand out are Girhippo, BioHo, and so many more.

What names have you come up with to protect the anonymity of your BMs or skids om STalk?

OT Abducted in Plain Sight

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Who suggested watching this documentary???? Oh my gosh it was horrifying what these parents ALLOWED to happen to their child and then they play the victims. Horrifying! These people should be in jail for their their a stronger word than neglect? And if that father shrugged his shoulders one more time like he is so innocent in all this, I was going to throw something at the tv.

Heading back to stephell

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Last nite of vaca. Leaving early in the morning. I miss DH. BM didnt pick up the kids Friday, then made another excuse Saturday so now when DH picks me up at airport he'll probably have the little skids with him. I asked him to try to pick me up alone. I just want one hour with my hunny in the car without skid voices. I called him today and I had to get off the phone when I heard their annoying voices. Im really awful. They are not the spawn of satan but I cant stand the sound of their needy, demanding, annoying voices. Crazy how much I love my neice & nephew and their friends.

Hiding cash

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Im visiting with my brother, his lovely wife and their fantastic kids, 17 & 12 yrs old. When going to bed I never worry about where my purse is even though there are 2 kids in the house. My brother left cash on the kitchen counter after going to the ATM. He came down this morning took what he needed and put the rest in a cup in plain sight on a shelf in the kitchen. No worries about his kids putting their hands in it.