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So now we're on suicide watch? I need to move out

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When sd17 was too tired to go to school on Monday, DH said too bad go to school and didnt call her in. So she turned off her phone rolled over and went back to sleep cuz #### you dadddeee and then called useless BM to call her in because now she is too sad to go to school so mommeeee called her in and brought her lunch.

When DH got home from work she came up with some story about hating her life and hating all of us and being so sad every day. Really? daddeeee tells you no twice in 6 months and every time it becomes a ####### shit show only this time i didnt get involved.

SD 17 truant updated

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  • Update:  I believe dadddeeee called her in and mommmmeeee brought her lunch because she was on the phone last night til 1am telling her boss how sad she is. She said she cries everyday before and after school...what? I doubt it...and ruin her fukin make up. I call bull shit.
  • Anyway sd & bm had lunch at my kitchen table while i was out at grocery store. I actually said it was ok. My sons' bio dad used to visit the boys at my house. I wasnt married but Im trying to be accommodating. It is SDs house too she is entitled to her mother as a guest..

Wishing our lives away

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Just reading through some steptalk blogs....dont you love the way us smoms are always waiting for the skids to get picked up. Every moment is spent wishing our lives away. cant wait for xx day so they go with BM. Cant wait for yy year when cs is done.

WE ARE WISHING OUR LIVES AWAY. My dad told me long ago not to do that. Stop wishing for Friday. Stop wishing for vacation. Stop wishing for anything and enjoy the moment. My dad loved his job so never wished the time away. Hes 72 now!

Pup doesnt like skids

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So the 1st day the pup was here, she cried, didnt eat & missed her mama but by evening she was ok. She started eating day 2 and we are working on house training her as she peed on my bedroom carpet twice! She's very comfy now and she is at my feet ot on my lap as much as she can.

I wish i had my own place

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Im puppy sitting this week and just got the puppy today. The skids didnt know she was coming today but figured it out when they got home from school since we had dog food, leash etc. I only have to work for 3 hours so I put her in the crate in my bathroom safe from the skids until DH gets home...not that they are animal torturers or anything but she is scared & overwhelmed. They cant take her out without a harness & leash and she is quick and will bolt for the door so without an adult I want the puppy put away. They beat DH home by less than 20 mins. They can wait, right?  Nope!

10 mins til the bus comes

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What a long, not fun weekend. Never thought I'd get to a point in my life that I would dread summers and wait for weekends to be over(every other weekend!)

I usually get the skids off to school. They are pretty independent at age 12 & 11 when daddeeee is not around. Some days I help with getting them a lunch ready but pretty much they get up, get dressed and go and I wave goodbye but when daddeeee is home they cant wipe their butts.(sarcasm they do thank god)

Dad, can you cut my pancakes?

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I thought I misheard SS11 when he said "dad can you cut my pancakes". DH didnt hear him so I also ignored it. I was in the kitchen putting some things away and he says it again. DH gets off the couch and cuts his fukin pancakes. I said in front of the kids "What the fuck did you put in the pancakes, cement?" Why would he need his pancakes cut by daddee??? I really hate these kids and I hate BM for offering to take them this weekend so we can go to a fest Sat nite and then crying sick. Her husband probably put his foot down and said fuck that it aint our weekend. Smart man

For a laugh: Urban Dictionary definition of skid

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I believe steptalks definition of SKIDS is an abbreviation of StepKIDS. I found a few much better definitions that many smoms here can relate to. I occasionally call my steps SKIDS in conversation with DH but it goes over his head.

I particularly like the ending SAY NO TO SKIDS. ..This is from Urban Dictionary:


Typically someone with notably poor hygiene habits, wearing shirts advertising for bands such as Slipknot, with a distinct odor, who smokes a good deal of marijuana, especially marijuana borrowed from others