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Sloppy Summer Schedule H#LL

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Why is this dudes son still here after the holiday weekend? Why wasn't I consulted that he wouldn't be dropped off with his sibling like he should have been. 

Why do these bio kids with MULTIPLE kids take them back seperately instead of TOGETHER. Like no, it's not easier with less number of your kids, its easier with NONE of your kids.....

Why aren't these bio parents not using their court ordered visitation and just willy nilly sloppily scheduling their summer parenting?

When Skids Turn Out To Be.....

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No one imagines their stepkids to be complete pia but sometimes it's just like that.

Here is a list of typical pia type of skids:

  • Clingy
  • Needy
  • Lazy
  • Messy
  • Loud
  • Whiny
  • Demanding
  • Attention-seeking

Boundaries conversation is the first line of defense. Depending on how that goes then sometimes evacuating is the best remedy. Then disengaging, and grey rock method are good coping alternatives.


BioParents With Delusions of Grandeur.....No I Will Not Take Care Of Your Kid While You Work

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One of the reasons I am never step-parenting again is because the bio parents (the ones in my experience) have out of this world expectations due to entitlement and delusions of grandeur. 

One time, I was sick with Covid and not even past day 5 (when the cdc recommends you can return to work, public with mask, almost normal), the disneyland dad blew up my phone (should have ignored but I thought he was dying or something) and asks if his kids can come over (he's still at work) to our house. 


When StepKids Get Out Of School For Summer

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The moment when you realize that it's now summer, those step kids are out of school, they have nothing to do (even though theyre old enough to have *something* going on besides sitting around the house all day like bumps on a log), and their bio parents had latchkey kids but erroneously expect their respective new partners to endure grueling hours of last notice, on-demand, free babysitting/free summer school camp.....


"Get somebody else to do it"

Is the new motto for step parenting in the summer...