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In Shock Disneyland Dad

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So I get a call from the dudes brother (he was the majority owner of the house) and I told him while I deeply care for his brother, I moved out for a multitude of reasons

The dude called up my mom crying and saying how he felt blindsided yet how much he loved me and never tried to hurt me during the relationship (I assume to absolve his guilt around looking like "the bad guy" so me leaving while he was at work could be blamed be all on me...whatever)

In my new place

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In my new place. 

I called him right after he got off work and told him. He said he was about to call me and ask what we were doing for dinner and instead came home to an "empty" house. 

He was in shock and upset. And of course (after all the acting I had to do around him and his family this past month) he thought I was deceptive. 

I explained my rationale was due to that incident where he plopped on me and he claimed he was just playing, wouldn't physically hurt me, and hadn't done that again. 

Countdown (Part 9) … RTG

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I'm doing final packing and my dad text me that since I didn't discuss moving out and the logistics....not to take anything that's "his" 

Okay so I assume he will think that ring is his so I'm leaving that but I do recall one incident where I sold MY expensive blender I got as a birthday gift before I knew him and he lost his everlasting mind, told his coworker, who then was like "is she leaving you because when my exwife left she sold our vacuum?" 

“Smart” Home

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So it's almost go time and 2 things I'm trying to future out. 

I tried to turn this place into a "smart" home but now I need to make it a dumb home so I can leave in peace. 

The garage door and the video doorbell are two areas of concern. 

Fake Holidays

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...It's really hard to do all this fake acting. I would have gotten a hotel but I remembered I need to buy a hotel for an upcoming sports competition out of town next week so I powered through dealing with

  • his ex-breeder dumping those kids off,
  • his a$$ giving me last minute notice per usual,
  • his kids blowing up his phone at ridiculous hours/running him around, 
  • his family and fake pleasantries / fake conversations

Felt especially ackward when

OT My Employers Pissing Me Off

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I asked my manager 2 levels up to give me 8 hrs of my PTO (that I earned) so that I could move ... (I asked it in a polite corporate tone)

Probably should have made up a lie (like I need the time for medical issues) or something but I was honest. 

Im trying to move during a weekday while he is at work. 

I asked 3 weeks (well in advance IMO) and she keeps blowing me off. 

We're in our busy season so really they don't like us taking time out now but 

OT - Coworker is Pissing Me Off

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One of my coworkers was in the same role as me during training but out of training I took a role with higher responsibility and I think higher pay. 

She admitted that she wished  she would have elected to take this role as well.


Now that I'm am "above" her she is completely defiant.

she (I believe intentionally) refuses to respond to my private messages which are time sensitive.