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Just barely above CPS level parenting

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Just a trip down nightmare lane when I first started dealing with stanch Disneyland Dad and his "if I can't come first 100 percent then my spawns will come first over your serious relationships" mentally unstable breeder. 

I remember this itchB traipsing back in town with her spawns, moving 5 minutes away, then pretending like she couldn't parent her kids.   Nothing was wrong with her except Disneyland Dad enabled her trifling behavior "for the sake of those kids". 

OT … Territory Invasion

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Not skids this time but .... my mother 

She decided to come into town and to be nice and a good daughter I told her she could stay at my place. 

Im regretting everything...

Not only is my new place smaller (so I can't  hole up in my room to avoid having to make small talk/entertain) but she decides to stay mf ing SEVERAL days as if I'm just as job-free as she is 

Like look here, just because you're retired doesn't mean I wanted you to invade my space while I'm working from home and glued to my desk. 

My experience being kind of a HCBM

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Back in my past I used to be hell on wheels on because the dude I procreated with (huge mistake because that fool didn't deserve my birthing/parenting efforts although I did have a pretty and healthy baby) .... was a complete narcissistic ahole who enjoyed driving me to the brink of neuroticism every time for his narcissistic supply. 

Anyways I used to be triggered by another woman dealing with my kid but after some time I realized ... if my kid isn't being abused or neglected then I need to chill and focus on myself during his parenting times. 

Why Do Bio Parents Get Offended at the drop of a dime?

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Have y'all ever noticed just how annoyingly insecure Bio/Disney parents are the moment you address your concerns how overly child-centric they are and how that behavior negatively affects your adult relationships?

Stable Step-Parent: "I would like a schedule of your parenting times"

Delusional Disney Parent: "You're trying to keep me from spending time with my kids"

Stable Step-Parent: "Your kids need to clean up behind themselves"

Delusional Disney Parent: "You're trying to treat my kids like sl@ves!"

OT Mother’s Day Ingrates

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Surprisingly I'm not referring to ungrateful skids ... ranted about them two Mother's Days ago when that staunch Disneyland dude had the gall to take his beastly breeders parenting day, declare it as his, took his kids shopping for the itchB, then expected me to forego my cushy day of relaxation and peace so that his unruly demanding peace destroying spawns could invade my territory on one of the few days of the year I fully expect those kids to fall back because it's not about them or their breeder (while at my home) being a priority like the other 363 days of the year. 

OT - Feeling Disappointed

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My bio is heading to college (free at last lol!) and I'm really disappointed and sad she did not choose the college I was hoping she'd choose. 

She toured a few colleges with her school and then I took her to tour multiple colleges nearby. 

Onenof the ones I took her took we met administrators, coaches, students, etc. she spent the night in dorms, worked out with their athletic team, and more 

They were surprisingly very hospitable despite the prior preconceived notions. And a straight shot couple hour drive away. 

OT No Call No Show NCNS

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..... is about what I wish I could do right now. 

But ..... I'm dragging this wagon into the employers offices to deal with tantruming seniors today. 

*Le sigh*

Im putting in multiple time off requests today and idc what the manager thinks about it. She best comply with the requests if she knows what's good for her lol. 

OT - How would you handle this?

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So I decided to sell some of the kids uniforms in this parent group (admin makes it for the school parents only).  

Supposedly mostly all of these parents at this school are upper/high class. 

However today I question this. 

The lady who purchased my uniforms offered to digital payment me the money for it. I typically don't do digital payment unless I know the people but since she was in the parent group, said she was a teacher at the school, etc I trusted her a bit more than the typical buyers. 

OT Sociopathic Employers….

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It's taking everything I have not to ditch these corporate sl@vedrivers today and beyond.....

I really want/need some time off but the thing that irks tf out of me is how the average employees are looked down upon for taking time off. Like who tf wants to be working all the mf ing time?!? If these sociopathic employers hired properly and made work environments more tolerable then they wouldn't have to stress people out about their absences causing "short staffing".