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Just barely above CPS level parenting

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Just a trip down nightmare lane when I first started dealing with stanch Disneyland Dad and his "if I can't come first 100 percent then my spawns will come first over your serious relationships" mentally unstable breeder. 

I remember this itchB traipsing back in town with her spawns, moving 5 minutes away, then pretending like she couldn't parent her kids.   Nothing was wrong with her except Disneyland Dad enabled her trifling behavior "for the sake of those kids". 

A couple of incidents where she refused to pay her electricity bills, her car payments, claimed not to have grocery money, etc. 

White knight Disney dad would always come to rescue his beastly breeder in "distress" 

I was on the verge of calling her bluff and filing an anonymous CPS report but then I realized those domestic t3rrorists would end up in my space destroying my peace 24/7

I felt so relieved during a couples therapy session where I informed the therapist about this heifers effed up behaviors and the therapist called his ass out and said "have you given your ex wife money outside of your child support agreement"

First he lied and said no but then I pulled out receipts and he admitted she "needed" "grocery money" "clothes" etc

Therapist called him out again and eloquently told him that child support money is for necessities and it's her responsibility to make that amount work and if she cannot then she needs to apply for government resources and if she is intentionally neglecting kids needs after being provided child support / knowing how to access welfare then she needs to be reported to CPS. 

He didn't dare argue with that therapist like he tried to argue with me and gaslight me so many times. 

Call their bluff and hold these breeders accountable for neglecting their kids .... if you don't mind those kids landing in your home permanently and if you know the kids are truly suffering. 


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You still have those flash backs.   Everyone knows including the  therapist and you, the ex wife. What he's doing was wrong.  She wanted to control his life and get all the free money she can from him.  Now that he shareing a closet to live in.  He has lots of exter money for his first family.  The ex wife can keep her BF in a life style he should live in.  
'Just count your luckey stars that your out of that dog and pony show.  It will never change,  

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Manipulators really do not like being held accountable. Particularly by a professional 3rd party. They can gaslight, intimidate, ignore, etc.. a partner, but when their ass is hung out to dry by a Doc, therapist, lawyer, judge, or even an intelligent 3rd party observer, they hate that.

My XW was engaged in our couples therapy... for months. Until we worked through the progression regarding me and my family relationships, XW and her family relationships, etc... Then  6mos of therapy later the Doc started our 3rd session of 1990 with "Now we will start working on intimacy within your relationship." XW stood up, announced that she did not have a problem with sex and walked out of the therapists office never to return. This was 2wks after we bought a house.  She moved out 3mos later.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, she was knocked up by her geriatric Fortune 500 executive sugar/baby daddy.   Yep, she did not have a problem with sex. She just had a problem with sex within a marriage.   I was DH #1 (of 3 as of last count). She has 3 all out of wedlock spawn by two different baby daddies. 2 of her spawn are cheat babies conceived with someone other than the person she was married to at the time.

Yes, call their bluff, bare their toxic asses, and tolerate no bullshit.

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Unbeknownst to me at the time, she was knocked up by her geriatric Fortune 500 executive sugar/baby daddy.

Not the geriatrics 


That lady messed up a good thing but that made room

for your now wife and bonus son to reap the benefits