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Turd Polisher.  A big ol steaming pile came in the way of YSS16's report card.  His eyes roved the paper and caught the 88 YSS got in the first semester for Geometry (which proves he's not "learning disabled" btw)

Now he is  EPIC failing ALL of his classes (ex. 27 in English) except for varsity chorus.  All due to skipping, tardiness and lack of effort.

I said "YSS could do better IF he didn't skip so often"

Work Vent --Mrs. Headlights Strikes Again

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For those without the back story... Mrs. Headlights is a very homely woman (think bully on A Christmas Story) yet she has MASSIVE MAMMARIES that have titmatized the entire male IT staff.   She colours her curly locks bright brick red to bring out her 100% Irishness and she routinely goes on "health walks" with the CIO and the higher echelon of male IT staffers in her Keen brand closed toe sandals (which are the most unattractive shoes on god's green earth btw).  She takes tiny little "step chain" steps to enunciate her physical attributes by the way but I digress.

Yep It's True-- Parenting Carries Over To Everything In Life (Good or Bad)

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Including pets.   I warned Chef not to let the bengal kitten attack and bite him.  Oh it's cute when they're tiny and teething.  I encouraged him to "parent" the kitten by not allowing rough play and instead diverting attention to a toy, etc.   I have done this as well as used a can of compressed air when kitty starting playing too rough. 

YSS16 Is Really Racking Up the Detentions!

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Four this month so far.  My predictions unfortunately have completely come true for YSS.  He is the worst of all three.  Just a hair worse than SD20 and the younger two were evil siblings of OSS stb 23 who was just plain lazy but easy going in nature.

"Student skipped class and will get a detention"

"Student failed to show for said detention"

"Student continues to be late to school"

"Student cut class early and left his lunch mess/trash for staff to clean up"

Chef Goes To Court

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In this case the Girhippo is the petitioner who has "out of the kindness of her heart" let us know that SD20 is emancipating.

The Girhippo has never followed the CO nor has done anything out of the kindness of her heart toward Chef.  She totally screwed him in the divorce; part of that is Chef's fault because he let her.

All she has done was go out of her way to financially screw him and alienate the children, in which she was extremely successful with the help of her  family.

UPDATE: Mr. Neutral's Son Goes To Divorce Court

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Disclaimer:  Chef heard this through his half sister's boyfriend. 

Seems the BM went on a spending spree with the tax return AFTER the divorce was filed.   Obviously not allowed so Neanderthal's (Mr. Neutral's son) attorney insisted that the BM pay back 50% of what she spent of the refund.   This was their first appearance--custody and CS to be decided at a later date.

Mr. Neutral Didn't Call Last Night

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The agreement was he was supposed to call Chef and tell him "In Your Face" so to speak--that Chef and I were wrong and that Mr. Neutral's son got at the very least 50/50 custody (he was going for FULL custody--I tried to keep a straight face on that one) and no CS changing hands or possibly the BM paying CS to Mr. Neutral's son. 

We were told by Mr. N that he hired the best attorney in the area (not saying much) for the divorce and that said lawyer would work his magic in the courtroom.

What I speculate actually happened was this: