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Speaking of Revisionistic Thinking

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The other day , Chef and I were having a conversation because awesome son and his expectant bride want to remodel their bathroom and take out the tub leaving just a shower.

Chef was concerned because with children usually you need a tub especially when they are smaller.  He brought up small children and bodily fluids.  

More Senior Photos!

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This one is of the Girhippo and HousesHitter in a "couples" pose, with the Gir resting her head on his shoulder and clutching his arm.   Even StepDaddyBigBuck's brother commented "nice couple photo."  

Then Gir's minions chime in "your mom is epic!"

HousesHitter: "yes she is...God bless my mother."



Blog Hog I Guess There is Such A Thing in School As

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"late arrival status"

Sounds a lot like Adult Spousal Status to me but anyway,  the HousesHitter (YSS stb 18) got another referral stating:

"HousesHitter is on the ineligible list for the first interim period and has lost his late arrival until his grades are back up to passing.

Date/Time Parent was Contacted: 10/20/2020

Comments: Once all of his classes are back at passing (65%) he can regain his late arrival status."


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Chef loses his wallet... AGAIN!  I can't tell you how many times Chef loses his wallet in a year.  It got so bad that I put a tile in his old wallet.  His new wallet is very slim so harder to put a tile in there.   Of course he keeps stuff in there that I have told him NOT to keep  aka his social security card.   He has his driver's license and three credit cards in there for his business account.

I swear I will have to staple his wallet to his ASS from here on out.  He is often like a big kid who loses his mittens constantly!!

First Paper Tiger "Warning" of the Year

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Generally speaking, the HousesHitter would have racked up many more disciplinary "warnings" in the first month than this school year due to the remote classes but here it is:


Description of Incident: HousesHitter has missed 5 PIG classes in September.

Date/Time Parent was Contacted: 10/01/2020

Behavior Has Occurred Before: Yes; 5 times

Student has an FBA: No

Student has an IEP: No ???

Student has a 504: No

Reason for Referral: Excessive absences

Corrective Steps Taken:

Parent contact

Pumpkinhead (OSS) Just Turned 24 Years old

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He's working in a low rent grocery store and recently the HousesHitter (YSS stb 18)  as well as the Animal Torturer (SD stb 22) posted a photo of him in a wheelchair with one of those hospital bracelets on his wrist (being discharged from the hospital) surrounded by YSS and SD.  NO idea what he was in for although he looked very well.   Seeing that he was a bit of a hypochondriac in the past and the Gir had a touch of the Munchausens, I immediately thought about Simpleton21's SD!!

Well It Happened to Me After Fifteen Years!

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Backstory:  Chef participates in a low income and senior citizen heating assistance program.  He goes out and cleans their heating systems and/or does a recommendation for repairs/new system.   This time he was sent out to do a recommendation.   Upon entering, he and his sub contractor noticed MANY cats (aka animal horder) of this elderly woman's home which happens to be located in an upscale neighborhood.