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The Enmeshment and Victimology Continues!

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Pumpkinhead (OSS23) posts on his FB account some vignette about a trucker laughing through a fiasco (his truck went off the road in bad weather) and of course Pumpkinhead does a shout out to the Girhippo:

"Isn't that how life is?  We laugh through the tough times."

Then the Gir chimes in and commiserates...ohhhh we have had it sooooooo tough and we stiiiiiiillllll maaannnnaaage to keeeeeep a smiiiiile on our faaaaaces!



O/T Thanks to Aniki!

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who suggested the roller bag!!  It's fabulous!  I carry around the equivalent of a pack mule's amount of junk each day and the roller bag has been very convenient.

I just fasten it to some plastic hooks I bought on amazon that go around the posts of the passenger head rest with a bungi cord and voila!!!


O/T Today is the Day

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I don't have my hopes up much but I ended up going to the union after I was assigned boatloads of responsibility (server/software admin for the 911 and sheriff depts) and not receiving any compensation along with keeping quite a lot of my old duties on top of it.   The union meeting with HR is today.


Last May I met with the CIO, informed him of all the crap I had to contend with as Retired Dude was a silo on this stuff, didn't document nearly anywhere near the stuff he was doing and basically ditched giving me the 48 hour crash course.

Well I Would Be Embarrassed!

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But not the Girhippo!   The lates and truants keep piling up for YSS (stb 17)  aka the Houseshitter.

This one was especially embarrassing:

"YSS skipped an after school detention assigned to him for a previous offense. This detention had already been rescheduled with YSS and the Girhippo, due to YSS having to leave school early on the original detention date."

So Mommykins aka the Gir reschedule YSS's detention for her widdle man and then he BLEW IT OFF!


Things We Weren't Invited To aka Missed...

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but I didn't:

-Pumpkinhead's (OSS23) so-called high school graduation where he passed with an average of 65 (precipice of failing)  He is the ONLY skid who didn't get on the "Ferality IEP" train

-Animal Torturer's (SD21) so-called high school graduation where she passed with an average of 55 (ten points BELOW failing because she got a speshul Ferality IEP)

I won't bemoan my absence at the Houseshitter's (YSS one month away from 17) farce of a graduation either if he doesn't get expelled or drop out before than.  He too has a Ferality IEP.

O/T Reclast Injection

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Anyone have this?  If so, any side effects?  I'm gearing up for Thanksgiving Day dinner and can't have any flu like symptoms or exhaustion. 

Any why the HELL did Chef make a ginormous pot of paella (the rice was al dente!) a couple of days before Tday when I'm stocking the frig with Tday ingredients???!!!

I think I'm getting cranky in my old age!


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Girhippo and Houseshitter (YSS stb 17) were behind me in the automatic car wash.  Yikes!!!  The Gir was driving and the houseshitter was in the passenger seat!!

I hope they don't follow me into Walmart!

23 YR old OSS "Pumpkin Head" calls the Girhippo

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"mommmyeeeee" on FB??!!   He had posted a meme about Steve Irwin and the Girhippo chimed in about how she openly sobbed with them together watching the news about Steve Irwin's demise (back in 2006) 

"I cried REAL TEARS when he died" -Gir

"I remember that day mooommyyyyeee when we all sat around during family TV time and you told us about it and we all cried." -Pumpkinhead

This was during the height of the 24/7 PAS  where everything was being blamed on the breakup (probably including Steve Irwin's untimely demise).