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Thirteen Years

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Since the HousesHitter YSS (19.5) PASed out for good as of yesterday. Totally zero contact.   And I don't miss him one iota!  He was stb 7 yrs old when the Girhippo and her fam poisoned his mind (and his two older siblings a year earlier) for good.   


Fast forward to today.  Via social media, I see he is most likely working at one of the local manufacturing plants, the Gir downsized to a new house even CLOSER to her clan (didn't think that was possible other than to move in with them) and who knows if the HousesHitter moved in to the downsized house? 

I Hired a PI

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to find out if the HousesHitter (YSS stb 20) moved in to the new, downsized house with the Gir and StepDaddyBigBucks.

He is supposedly working full time at a local manufacturing plant (the same plant my new tenant works for--she has an office job though).  If moved out, we can FINALLY cut the Gir off the payroll after almost two decades!

As a reminder, CS goes to age 21 here.  

Pretty Sure Pumpkinhead ((OSS stb 26) Is Moving

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To our county.  He and his fiancee of 2 yrs are about 25 min away in the county north of us (where we used to live 16 yrs ago and where our current rental property is).  His old job was in that town but now he has a job at our county's ARC.  The odds of me running into him on my job is relatively high (thank goodness I'm retiring in 2.5 months). 

Who's Skid Is This?

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So I have a 3 bdrm newly remodeled apt for rent 9/1.  Against my better judgement, I advertised on FB marketplace.   A duckfaced Gen Z chick posted that my ad was a SCAM because my automated (2 step) process asks for full name and current address!

Seriously?  I also get push back on SS# which is more understandable but in NYS, squatters  and renters have more rights than the actual property owners!

You can't screen based on evictions, source of income, ESAs.

UGH Chef's Relatives!

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So this morning I get a call from Seasoned Citizen which is Chef's oldest half brother.    He is heading towards being 80 years old and is the most friendly of all but usually only calls when he wants something done on his computer.   Once a year around Christmas or Thanksgiving he shows up with some bottom shelf liquor.  LOL

 He also is an enabling guilty daddy as far as one of his sons is concerned and is always giving money to him.

StepDaddyBigBucks and the Girhippo

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Are still together.   Despite having the new (downsized) house in the Gir's name only.   Perhaps SDBB had to reduce his known assets for some unknown reason. 

Saw a photo on one of SDBB's relatives social media showing the Amazonian Gir towering over the other female relatives in the photo.  SDBB looks as though he has lost weight and is not sporting glasses (he ALWAYS had his glasses on in photos).

The Plot Thickens--Girhippo's New House

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So I found out that the new house is only in the Girhippo's name and not StepDaddyBigBuck's.   Which is odd because the 1st house they bought shortly after they got married had both of their names on the deed.   She had recently filed bankruptcy at the time due to her failed business venture and probably needed SDBB's help to qualify for a mortgage.

There are no recent posts on social media from SDBB...only the Girippo  commenting on her new deck.   The Gir's profile picture on social media has been only of the skids with StepDaddyBigBucks nowhere in sight for quite sometime.

Update: Found out where the Girhippo Migrated to

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My predictions were correct.   She posted a photo of the back of their new house getting a new deck on FB which was instantly recognizable. 

It is in a post WW2 housing tract--aka cookie cutter one floor boxy little houses in Girhippoville.   Right on the same street, one block away from one of her Aunties (Battleaxe Gallactica's sister).  Directly around the corner from BG.

Downsized from 1600 sq ft to 1000 sq feet yet 4 bdrms?

Girhippo and StepDaddyBigBucks Sold Their House!

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Two months ago!  Was on the market for 60 days before it sold.   Of course by law, the Gir should have notified Chef about their change of address since Chef is still paying CS for the last of the 3 ferals, YSS19.5 aka the HousesHitter.  We have no idea where they've moved to.  Pretty sure it isn't too far from the Gir's BM (Battleaxe Galactica) who is afflicted with Alzheimers (10 mile radius).