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Fourteen Years Ago Today

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The last of Chef's three ferals PASed out over a (delicious) homecooked meal.  The culmination of scorched earth, take no prisoners,  guerilla warfare PAS tactics on the part of the Girhippo and Clan.   There was zero backing for co-parenting and parallel parenting was almost impossible due to Chef voluntarily giving the Girhippo all the power.

Finally there was a modicum of peace after 5 years of intense shelling and mortaring of alienation bombs.  At this point YSS (the HousesHitter stb 7) was out of control and had huge behavioral problems due to the 24/7 brainwashing.

Still With The Industrial Strength Turd Polishing!

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So I showed Chef the recent photo of The Animal Torturer (PASed out SD stb 25) with her new BF living it up with Pumpkinhead (PASed out stb 27) with his victim, errrrr, I mean wife living large.   

Side note:  Even though I worked two jobs I don't remember having gone on a real vacation until I was in my mid thirties.

Anyway, Chef came up with "well at least my kids have nice teeth."   Ummm they OUGHT to since the Girhippo slapped then in middle class status braces the second they turned eight. 

OSS stb 27 Has Rejoined a Band

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Backstory:  this was the skid (Pumpkinhead) who was sent to Camp ROC Star every year by the Girhippo until he aged out and was told he was going to be a rock star as a vocation by the Girhippo and her clan.

He ended up working in a low rent grocery store (same one as AlmostGone's Little Idiot)  and now has some sort of greeter office job for the local Arc.   He did get married and buy a house about 20 minutes away from us but of course he still remains completely alienated due to scorched earth PAS.

The Animal Torturer has a New BF

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SD (stb 25) has a new boyfriend.  Seems they are living a life of Riley going on camping trips and outings in conjunction with Pumpkinhead OSS stb 27 and his wife.  

There is no visible means of support/employment, however you would never know either of them are working and are probably living the Little Idiot lifestyle.  New BF goes on incessant fishing trips and once attended Alfred State University.

As always I don't see this lasting very long--after all who is going to pay the bills?

Gave advice

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To neighbor lady next door to one of our rehabs.  She is thinking of moving in with her BF and renting out her house.  I advised AGAINST it!  She is late fifties, semi retired, divorced with grown kids and has been a SM before although not mega drama like most of us have here.   Her BF is late sixties, retired and has grown children as well.   Not sure if he is widowed or divorced.   They seem total opposites.  He is more old fashioned and she seems very independent. 

Tried Hiring a Twenty Something

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Who already has two kids--single dad-- gets his kids every other week.  

Strike one: wanted to get paid up front acting desperate

Strike two: rescheduled the interview at the last minute

Strike three: The day he was to start work--a no show.  

I texted him "I take it you won't be coming today"

He responded: "I'll be there in 10 minutes."

Chef Got Told

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By selectquote.  Just as you ST posters predicted,  he got turned down due to his shared failed medical exam.


But NOOOOOOO he wouldn't listen to me in the beginning and stop the boozing, possibly using "Big Lou."  He felt that those ads were demeaning (he still thinks the Girhippo wasn't that bad despite her stealing from him, robbing him blind and alienating his children.)

He is still on his health kick but we will see how long it will last.  He can reapply in a year.