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Wills, Beneficiaries, Et Al

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I know this topic has been discussed before, but for a refresher, what have you ladies done when your SO/DH has grown skids who are PASed out and would probably come 'round for handouts yet piss on your grave--in the event of you predeceasing your SO/DH?   I'm sure some people will say "well you won't need to worry about it because you'll be dead"  but the thought of having money EVER going to the ungrateful ferals is enough to keep one up at night.

Any thoughts?

Pumpkinhead (OSS 25) Gets Bizarre Tattoo!

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I guess there's no accounting for taste as my gran used to say.   Pumpkinhead, a very ghostly, paunchy (skinny-fat) red head got a GIGANTIC "whirlygig" tattoo on his left shoulder with a black swirly (think @ sign but not an @ sign) and coloured in bright lady bug red.   It was someone's design idea at the tattoo shop he visited.   It's definitely NOT a lady bug though.  Definitely not very creative either but he seems to love it and is eager for more.  

Animal Torturer (SD stb 23) Posts Her Resume on LinkedIn

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Disclaimer:  this is purely for entertainment value only; if you are easily offended by standards, then this is not the post for you.  And yes, no one takes Linkedin that seriously.


March 2020- present:  My duties for DoorDash is to pick up customer's food orders from the restaurant, and deliver they're food.

Dec 2018-Feb 2020  1 yr 3 mos   My duties at {popular brand name} furniture was to sell to customer's, meet weekly and monthly sales goals, order customer's furniture, schedule customer's deliverie's, anwsering phone calls.

Annual Halloween Scary Movie Thread

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For those of you who celebrate Halloween (maybe we can make this into a Guy Fawkes Day thread for the UK), launching the annual scary movie thread (or maybe not so scary):


-The Shining

-Alice Sweet Alice

-Great Pumpkin


-Children of the Corn

-Salem's Lot

-Dracula (with Christopher Lee)

-The Wicker Man

-Amityville Horror (1979)

-Pet Sematary

-Storm of the Century

-Interview with the Vampire

-Carnival of Souls

-Night of the Living Dead (1968)

-The Pyx (1973)

Bolt Out of the Blue Home Invasion!

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Sunday is my only "day off" and by that I mean catching up with chores around the yard and house if I'm not being comandeered into working on the rental properties, etc.   The day before,  I spent most of the day hauling firewood and stacking it for the winter.  So Sunday I"m washing my hair, not dressed, in my pjs, and I hear this woman's voice saying "helloooo?" coming from the INSIDE of my house.

O/T Work Rant Mrs. Headlights Strikes Again!

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Another year has gone by and it is inventory time at work again.   THis was a job that used to be done by our former EXTREMELY efficient administrative assistant.  Backstory, she was pushed out for being too efficient by Mrs. Headlights and the boss, "Dr. Phil" who was having a casual fling with Mrs H.    Again, Mrs. H presents me of a list of equipment and wants to know the whereabouts of approx. 60 pieces of equipment.  Our former AA would look in our database and check them off as deployed as it clearly shows deployed equipment, who it went to, on what date, what dept. etc etc.

The Blame Game Never Ends

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Backstory:  Chef (biodad to three now grown kids) dropped the rope years ago after they all PASed out one by one.

Chef (and to a lesser extent I):

Went to their games and school plays all the while getting the stink eye from the Girhippo's (HCGUBM) "community"   Town population just over 5k--the Gir was born and bred there.

Went to teacher meetings, school administration meetings where Chef was told that as the NCP, his opinions "didn't count" and that the CP would always have the final say.

Was denied medical and health information... ALWAYS.

"The Most Educated Generation"

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aka Generation Edible Tide Pod (Gen Zers).   Chef was at a convenience store the other day when there were no less than four Gen Z employees (doing something close to nothing as the song says), so one older woman decides to test their "knowledge."  Asked them how many eggs are in a HALF dozen? 

They all stood around stupefied until one decided to google it.  

I am not making this up!!!!

O/T Dodgy Websites Part II The Repercussions!

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So to update to my latest post on Chef just ordering a hard to find locally part from a dodgy website (still haven't received the tracking number since 8/10 after promise of delivery in 5-7 biz days)  I had scheduled for a new plow to be installed weeks ago on 8/26.   He is still down his work van because of not receiving this part.  Wouldn't you know Chef texts me and asks me to "reschedule the plow install" as he has too many things going blah blah.

O/T Reseaching Before Buying Online (vent)

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AAARRGGHH!  Chef NEVER looks at reviews of a company before buying from them.  This is at least the 2nd time that Chef has purchased  hard-to-find locally vehicle parts from a dodgy online company. 

Usually well past the date he was to receive the item, I ask where he purchased it from and to my horror after quickly checking the reviews for said company, there are endless negative reviews about never receiving the part etc.