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YSS Making his "Own Hours" at School!

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He shows up when he wants.  He leaves when he wants.  He skips entirely when he wants.

Annnnnd the zeroes are starting to pop out for assignments, homework and classes.  He is even failing Varsity Chorus this year!!! (and gym for lack of gym shoes)

WOW!  Got a feeling the Houseshitter isn't even going to be able to do Kabuki Theatre Diploma.

Educational Neglect! Parte Deux

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So I did some research on New York state law about educational neglect.  Seems the law only applies to kids up until age 17.   The houseshitter turns 17 the first week of January so I doubt anything will happen over the next two and a half months.

I can easily see him dropping out of school at age 17.  He has a huge rebellious/defiance streak, much larger than the older two, so if he does become a runaway that is an emancipation event and the Girhippo officially goes off the payroll.

Girhippo's kids are SPECIAL

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I am reminded by this as the Houseshitter (YSS stb 17) has posted a photo of the first school dance of the season.  He is the ONLY kid who is NOT dressed nicely.  There are 14 kids in the photograph.  He is standing in the middle like the Jolly Ginger Giant wearing SHORTS with saggy socks, slippers and an untucked pajama top shirt.  The boys are mostly wearing ties and nice outfits.  The girls, with the exception of a lesbian? couple are wearing dresses.  Everyone is dressed nicely EXCEPT for the houseshitter!!


O/T Halloween Movie Thread

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What are your favs?

1.  Rosemary's baby (with Mia Farrow)

2.  The Shining

3.  Storm of the Century

4.  The Evil Dead (original) campy, yet hilarious

5.  Exorcist (original--I heard the Exorcist III was not half bad)

6.  Salem's Lot

7.  The Pyx

8.  Night of the LIving Dead (circa 1962?)

9. I Bury the Living

10. An Interview with a Vampire

11. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

12. The Great Pumpkin

13. Carrie

14. The Grudge

15.  The Ring

16. The Amityville Horror (with Margot Kidder)

My Greatest Fear

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Well,  the Houseshitter (YSS stb 17) has skipped yet another day of school today despite the Girhippo (and Chef) receiving the "Educational Neglect" warning letter.  

My greatest fear is that the Girhippo, after completing ruining ALL THREE CHILDREN, will try to dump the Houseshitter back on Chef.  He is the youngest and, from what I can see, most out of control skid, with SD stb 21, aka the Animal Torturer, running a close 2nd.

Bought a Rental Property in Pumpkinhead (OSS 23)Town

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Actually Chef started his fam with the Girhippo in Pumpkinhead town.  They moved to Girhippoville, a 20 min drive Southeast to be closer to Battleaxe Galactica (Gir's enmeshed BM) and to go to a speck better school district.

Pumpkinhead Town is a 25 minute drive Northeast of me.  Circa 1874 2600 sq feet which was once a six bedroom single family house and now is a duplex.  Hopefully neither me nor Chef will run into the PASed out for 12 years Pumpkinhead nor the younger two ferals.

Local Double Murder due to Loss of CS, errr I mean "Custody"

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will be covered on Dateline Friday Night 10/11  9:00 EDT  NBC Affiliates.

This was a murder in my former "home town" which is one street over from where I raised DS and DD.  Same village and school district.  Quiet suburbanesque farming rural/village area.   I moved away almost 13 yrs ago from this area (sadly...I really like the house and neighbourhood) about 40 minutes away to be "closer to Chef's ferals" (TM) which backfired immensely.