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Chef the Zealot

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Chef has an all-or-nothing type personality.  To recap he received a health scare about 4 weeks ago and has been doing extensive fasting and exercise ever since.  Went cold turkey off the booze. 

He is like the person I know when I met him!  His personality has remarkably improved to say the least;  he's lost about 35 lb so far, is not snoring and actually is great to be around.

He says he feels so much better right now but the 3-mile forced marches every other day are killer!  Lol

O/T Hopefully Have the Upstairs Unit Rented Out

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With Covid, I was starting to worry if there would be any applicants at all.  Then they started flooding in via several ads I had put in  (, etc)  Now this is what you would call a B-C grade area.  All of the applicants had criminal records, single moms, foolish crap on social media, etc.   Some of them complained about their current landlord (big red flag for me), one lady tried to have a friend pose as her former landlord (yeah this ain't my first rodeo), one woman called with FIVE KIDS for my 2 bdrm apt. 

The Pet Daddy T Shirt Was A Hit!

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Chef very much enjoyed the pet daddy t-shirt for Father's Day with a customized cartoon that looks like three of our cats with their names.

Also my BIOS and their spouses got Chef prezzies as the stepdad.

I would just like to add that I hope his actual spawn, the Girhippo and her BM as well as all of his family members that sided with the Girhippo rot in hell forever.

O/T Fasting

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Chef has been off the booze for nearly a week and has now discovered fasting!  He is also asking me to go on walks with him.  We went last Sunday and he wants to do one tonight.

His personality change has been remarkable since he's been off the booze!  Back to like when I first met him. 

What a bait-and-switch though!!  When the skids problems started mounting in 2004 through 2012, he was absolutely horrible.   Was really boozing it up and blaming me for their PASing out.   And as recently as 4 months ago, he was downright nasty.

Now That He's Had A Health Scare

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Chef is suddenly Mr health-conscious!  This is day four of no booze for him.  He has proclaimed that he is going to make the second story of the garage a gym.  I've only been asking this for 9 years and my latest request was answered by " I never intended to do that with the upstairs garage" just a few months back.

If I wasn't always monitoring my own weight I would do like he did when I was on that strict diet... eat a giant sundae in front of him.

Wonder How AG83 Is Doing?

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I say that as I am partially jealous and that she is going to be GONE83!!  The following is an homage to her:

This is day 2 that Chef is off the booze and I had a prolonged 20-minute discussion on the difference between accrual and cash basis accounting.  He was trying to tell me that I don't "get it" when going over an account with a supplier.

Chef Has A Physical

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Due to not having insurance, the last time Chef had a physical was 10 years ago.  He got a physical today.  He is 51 years old and the doctor told him to lose 25 lb as well as cut back severely on drinking if not stopped altogether or else he will have a stroke/heart attack by age 55 due to his high blood pressure.

Of course he started in with "this will be a piece of cake as I stopped smoking instantaneously and will do so with everything else"   Fifty bucks says he will not follow through with the guidelines.

Father's Day Present

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In the instance of feral PASed out skids, and if you have pets, this is a good idea so that the alienated dad doesn't feel left out as much as he normally would.

I found a site for pet parents so I got Chef a t-shirt as a cat daddy which is customizable to a cartoon of your pet and the pets name.

It just so happens that we have three cats and Chef has three feral PASed out brats! 


Thousands of little things

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I am convinced that the reason heterosexual males when divorced or widowed go into a deep depression is because of the thousands of little things their spouse/SO/ partner accomplished everyday to make life more enjoyable.

Myriads of chores, errands, to do lists that keep the household running, especially if there is a small business or child care involved are often overwhelming yet done with grace and ease by the female but often taken for granted until the guy has to do it himself.  Not realizing in actuality how many things have to be done to make a household run smoothly.