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SD vacationing in Miami with YSS??!!

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From what I can tell on social media SD23 no longer works at the local hospital (job lasted 2 months), went back to school for medical coding and is now working for a health insurance company remotely?

This is pretty recent but yet there are photos of her enjoying the ocean and stopping off at Miami Airport.  YSS posted similar photos.

Girhippo Wears A Pink Princess Tiara

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For her 50th birthday!  Pumpkinhead (OSS 25) posted the photo in social media.  In the photo is StepDaddyBigBucks, the Gir wearing a kids party pink princess tiara (GAG), the Animal Torturer, BattleAxe Galactica (Gir's enmeshed BM), Pumpkinhead and his Fiance).  Looks like the photo was taken by the HousesHitter (YSS19)

There's more truth in jest!

The County I Live In Is Getting Too Small!

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So a building that I frequent a lot in my work (county complex) now contains OSS 25.  No it is not the jail, although I would have no surprises about YSS19 heading to the clink.  OSS, the oldest,  was always the best of the 3 ferrals.  He accepted me more than the younger two.  I always had the most hope for OSS although estranged.

Anyway OSS got some sort of social work job at my county's ARC which is kind of surprising since he just barely passed high school and has no college.  I guess the labor shortage is really hitting home.  

As Predicted

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The reason Mr. Not so Neutral popped in while I was preparing Easter dinner was that he wanted Chef to fix a scissor lift that he had picked up for free at the junkyard he works at!


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We had our Easter dinner yesterday and wouldn't you know it, Mr. (Not So) Neutral,  one of Chef's older half brothers, decides to just pop in with no notification.   I cook elaborate holiday meals with specific timing so, of course this put me on the spot. 

He stopped in on the off chance that he could visit with Chef, who was working on one of the rental properties a half an hour away under a deadline as the permit on the gut rehab of the 2700+ sq foot duplex expires the end of May.

YSS is back on Social Media

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19 yrs old with a new photo of him trying to look mean/tough.  He is sporting a very red beard, Kangol old school rapper's hat pulled down to his eyes with him glaring out of it, but still manages to look high.  AKA eyelids at half mast.

NO mention of any job, schooling, etc.  One thing that is particularly concerning as it looks like he has adopted a cute little black and white cat the kind with a black cap so to speak and white face.  Poor thing looks miserable.

The Girhippo Clan are known animal abusers and have a revolving door for pets.

So Whose Adult Skid Is This?

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39 yr old woman with 17 and 2yr old applied to my apt.

1. Car is in step dad's name and on his insurance

2. She just started working full time the end of February

3. She's an office worker and for the last 2 yrs she was working as a part time tax preparer (riding the covid UIB train?)  So it's not like she's in the service industry where many places were shuttered.

4.  The font looks funny on her pay stubs

5.  Her proof of rent before living with her parents shows:

  a.  She moves every 2 yrs or sooner

Ended Up Letting the Girhippo Have her Bottle

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This would be the last F U to Chef by claiming the HousesHitter (YSS19) on the 2021 taxes even though she signed the 8332 saying she would not.   We decided it's not worth the hassle nor money so we kept YSS on the form as a dependent and used the drop down stating "not claining" which as a result, the e filing went through immediately.  But before all this was known I dutifully sent out the 8332 to the IRS via snail mail as directed as you can't upload the forms in taxact.

Ode to stepDADS and their SSs

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I don't usually listen to country music but i was having my car serviced and this song came blaring through the speakers:

"My Boy"  -Elvie Shane

Now Chef loves OLD SCHOOL country music and probably would not hear this song either because it is nouveau country.  The song has a sweet sentiment about a stepDAD and his feelings about his SS, but I could only imagine the uproar if a stepMOM wrote a similar song about her skids!!!!