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YSS 16.5 has been enrolled in Trade School/Vocational School (not sure what he's taking though)  Chef received a notification from BOCES (board of cooperative education services).   Depending on what he's taking (hopefully NOT culinary arts--that market is flooded) IF he attends and IF he stays out of trouble and IF he isnt' late every day, he MIGHT do well.

The more rational, slightly thinner Chef said "We'll see; not expecting too much."

My Tongue has a BITE MARK scar!

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we were at a local eatery (side note:  we have been watching our diet pretty well... Chef's down 12 lbs has significantly reduced his booze intake and is much more pleasant to deal with)  and a server comes up to us who LOOKS.ALOT.LIKE.THE.GIRHIPPO (except for the Gir's massive height)

I told Chef that she looked quite a bit like the Girhippo and he immediately retorted "NAH!!!"

And then I caught myself ALMOST saying "she is a lot BETTER looking than the Gir, though"

I'm sure somehow, some way, he thought that the Girhippo was MUCH more attractive than our server. 

Odd Indeed!

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Pumpkinhead (OSS stb 23) is selling FURNITURE on FB!  Oh and the Animal Torturer (SD stb 21) happens to work in a furniture store.  Did I mention that the Animal Torturer had klepto tendencies and took anything that wasn't nailed down when she was a mere 8 yrs old?  That includes going in her dad's wallet and my purse looking for cash when she "thought we were sleeping."



O/T. I'm putting Chef on a diet

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And he has agreed to it!  It is the same diet I was on last year for approximately 3 to 4 months and it is grueling.  Chef is very competitive so I will be on the same diet.  He is starting to look like he is 9 months pregnant! LOL

I have a seminar for work which is in Key West late next month and Chef will be going with me;  he has noticed the photo calendar they sent out last year in which I attended and he didn't.  For the most part the people around our age are quite slim and take care of themselves.  The younger ones not so much.

O/T I Feel so RELIEVED!!!!

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I FINALLY resolved the overhanging issue that Retired Dude left in his wake (in a big heap of ashes--shrugging shoulders) and it is now fully implemented!!!

The software absolutely SUCKS and hasn't kept up with the times.  Retired Dude was in on the ground floor in 1997 when they went live with it.  So he was very familiar.  For me it will be a year in late October since I've been flying solo.

College Courses for the Skid

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1.  Wrecking Other People's Vehicles 101

2.  Playing Mommy against Daddy 101

3.  Whining Until you Get What You Want 101

4.  Personal Responsiblity is for Suckers 101

5.  Personal Hygiene is for Losers 101

6.  Losing Gear/Equipment Conveniently 101

7. Misuse and Breaking of Smartphones 101

8. How to Get out of Work  101

9.  Employment is for Suckers 101  (prereq How to Get out of Work 101)

10.  Gaming the System 101

11.  Munchausens for Attention 101

12.  Junk Food Diet 101

Again, My Manifesto for N00bs That Came About from My Own Experience

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and COUNTLESS others on this forum as well as elsewhere:   (it is written as SM dealing with biodad, his kids from a previously enjoyed BM but feel free to apply it to your situation, if different)


1. Does your man allow co-sleeping with his children? (aka the kiddies routinely jump into bed with him at night)

2. Does he have to lie down with them to get them to sleep?

3. Do the children seem somehow "stunted" socially? Do they have poor hygiene habits, eating habits, bedtime habits?

Mini Vent - lets at least give him a chance!! (SPINOFF) Career Predictions!

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For Little Idiot and SD (who will henceforth be named Animal Torturer because she enjoyed shooting random animals with her bb gun at age eight)

1.  Welfare Queen

2.  Professional Breeder and CS Milker

3.  Sales Associate  Temporary until 1 or 2 can be obtained/secured  (Animal Torturer is doing this)


For my SS's OSS (Pumpkinhead) and YSS (the Houseshitter)

1.  Carnies/Ticket Takers

2.  Dishwasher (Pumpkinhead already did this)

3.  Fast food worker (Pumpkinhead already did this)