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So Chef is being more of an asshat than usual... which even for him is a high-level to attain.  His business has slowed down quite radically and instead goes to work on the rental.  Meanwhile, I work remotely from the rental with a caulking gun in one hand and a mouse in the other.

He ran into an old co-worker from 5 jobs back who recently lost his wife to Hodgkin's lymphoma.  Chef personally knew his wife as well because she was the nurse who delivered his 3 ferals!

Speaking of open water bottles near ipads

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Received an email from a full grown yet 20-something Sheriff Deputy who spilled an amp energy drink on his specialized laptop.  He was supposed to drop it off yesterday morning as he works the C shift.   I went into work even though I'm not scheduled to call into work at all now and hardware issues are being set as a low priority.

I Called It

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ZERO schoolwork being done online since school was closed by the HousesHitter. (YSS 17) according to the portal.  Rows and Rows of blank columns where there is supposed to be a grade entry, usually out of 100.

 He is posting quite a bit on instagram, however.  Seems he is disgruntled that people's personalities change when they are high.

You can't make this up

Blog Hog Alert. The Power of Suggestion

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Bought a new air fryer about a year ago and Chef hasn't touched it.  He still insists on large pots of oil and/or our existing fryer which he routinely spills over and causes a huge mess.

I plan on playing a bunch of air fryer videos and see if this causes Chef to use it (and thusly think it was his good idea)


On The Bright Side

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During the Depression there was a popular song called "Keep Your Sunny Side Up" by Johnny Hamp and others.

 In that spirit, are any of you planning to do any major projects while you're at home?  I would love to declutter and go into deep clean mode however I still have the rental to work on plus I am working at home as well.

My asparagus bed needs cleaning out for sure.    I have already dormant oiled my fruit trees and cut back my raspberry bushes.

Putting away the Winter linens and decor and breaking out the Spring stuff.  Still it went to 19F this a.m.!

Is Anyone Else's DH,SO, BF

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becoming even more of an ahole on wheels in light of flu lockdown?

Was at rental for most of the day and came back home (Chef had planed one of the doors, installed the lock then went home about 3hrs before me which is becoming a pattern)

Me:  "I got all those ancient stair protectors/treads removed to the upstairs." 

Chef:  (sitting in his recliner in front of his laptop with COPS blaring on youtube) "yep."

Me: "huh?" (expecting he'd say Great! or something as he is ALWAYS elaborating and bragging over HIS accomplishments)

As useless as tits on a bull

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Mrs. Headlights strikes again!  So on my particular VPN client I can only remote desktop protocol to one session at a time

mrs. Headlights is actually in the office so I asked her to login as the user and install the other VPN client

" the shift key isn't working!" She replies.  

" which one? "I ask


Then a few minutes later

" it still isn't working"

" did you turn off the num lock key?"


A few minutes later

" it won't load"

Another Work Rant (Mrs. Headlights)

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So most of our dept. (IT) have been working double duty getting people working remotely.  So far probably 500 requests or so.  

Personally I for once have caught a break.  My people (Sheriff dept and 911) are already working remotely (mobile units) or are essential and have to come in.  I still needed to get nine new deputies fitted with hardware and software.   Done!

HousesHitter (YSS17) Is Failing all Subjects

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except for Varsity Chorus!

Scored a 28 in English.,  

"Parent/Teacher Conference in needed.   Please call XXX-XXX-XXXX for an appointment"

"Student not working to ability"

"Does not use classroom time wisely"

"Scores poorly on tests and exams"

"Does not put effort into classwork/outside of class assignments"

"Poor attendance is impacting grades"


And this is the kid that will be doing classwork online?  Doubt it.  Hopefully he will accidentally emancipate himself like Pumpkinhead did.