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The HousesHitter (YSS 18) is now failing Varsity Chorus!   Say it ain't so!!!

Here are the low lights (comments) on his latest report card:

School policy requires a grade of 50 for 1st marking period; actual grade is lower.

Inconsistent effort has affected grades.

Student is not working to ability.

O/T Jack Frost Cocktail

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Makes 4 drinks (aka 1 SM drink)

3 cups crushed ice

1 cup pineapple juice (i didnt have any so used coconut milk)

1/2 cup vodka or light rum ( I used half and half lemon and coconut infused vodka)

1/2 cup blue curacao

1/2 cup cream of coconut

Decoration for glasses:

Chilled cocktail glasses

Light corn syrup

Flaked coconut

Decorate chilled glasses by slightly smearing some light corn syrup on the top edge of the glass then dip in flaked coconut

HousesHitter Turns 18...

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And he continues to have his accounts deleted in "mainstream" social media (haven't checked snapchat)  so no way to track if he has "left the mothership"  (CS goes to 21 here) unless the Gir's clan spills the beans.

However seeing as enmeshed as he is, I doubt he will leave mommykin's basement until well after age 21

I imagine he is on TikTok though...

Possibly a New Low in Grades

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Well at least it matches his age (until he turns 18 in the next few days).

Again, the HousesHitter (YSS) is failing every subject except for Varsity Chorus.  

Although he did manage to get a 66 in remedial special ed 11th grade English.  Problem is he is in the 12th grade and reads at a fourth grade level.  His math skills are a little past 3rd grade.

Truancy is the biggest issue; his absences, both in person and during remote learning sticks out like a sore thumb.  Zero homework or classwork completed.

Separate Finances Are Not The Be All

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And End All.   With out of control Disney spending and flushing boatloads of cash down the CS hole in order to build a better underachieving ingrate, what happens in retirement?  Even after a skid PASes out, the CS stops and possibly the guilty spending comes to a halt, that's a lot of lost finances to make up for.

Tax Time is Coming

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And this will be the last year to claim the HousesHitter who will turn 18 beginning of January.   And guess whose turn it is to claim him?  Yep, CHEF!!  Although in our bat shit cray cray state of New York, CS continues to age 21.  Sadly the HousesHitter has deleted all his social media for now so I have no way of knowing what is going on other than if one of the others spills the beans.  

StepDaddyBigBucks Slaves Away for Gir 'N' Clan

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Just noticed that SDBB actually changed jobs to a LOCAL job about a year and a half ago which reduces his commute greatly as the job is in Girhippoville, aka Podunk NY.  Problem is that at some point Chef's biz will probably interact with him.   He's a warranty technician for a local pump manufacturer.   Which brings me to the conclusion that:


1.  although he is nearing retirement age, the Gir has no intention of leting him retire