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O/T Microblading

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I'm thinking of getting my eyebrows microbladed;  I've scouted out a reputable technician who has great reviews.  Recently I've treated myself to laser treatmens of the hands.  I've always been very rough on my hands and they have been showing it.  I'm on my 2nd laser treatment and going for a 3rd round in a few weeks.  

Has anyone here opted to get their eyebrows microbladed and if so what was your experience?

MOTY Girhippo Is Giving Facebook Counseling

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To Chef's nephew's kid (who is an unwed 20 yr old meth addict and mom of infant son)

And here are her "pearls" of wisdom:

Methhead:  "Can't stop thinking about what the F I'm doing with my life"

Girhippo:  "Good, you should always be consdering your goals, your path, and what you're contributing to this world. You'll be ok. Make a flexible plan with short term and long term goals. Work hard, be a good mommy first, and forgive yourself when things don't go the way you expected. God will take care of you. Talk to Him. XO"

GUBMs At Chef's Birthday Dinner

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So we went to a fancy restaurant to celebrate Chef's upcoming 50th birthday.  And there at the bar was a gaggle of three GUBMs that were loudly cackling and talking about their birthing experiences in great detail so that everyone could hear how many centimeters they were dilated what epidurals they took etc etc.   Now I will say I had the most horrendous birthing experience but I would never scream about it out in public!

 So I started reading the article about how to tell if you have a GUBM on your hands to try and drown out the very loud GUBMs sitting next to us.