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Speaking of V Day..

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Heard an ad for a restaurant on the radio proudly proclaiming that "you don't need a babysitter on Vday as kids eat freeeeeeeeeeee under 10!!!!" (limit 2 kids PER adult)

Yeah not a selling point in my book.  What the hell is wrong with getting a babysitter????  Parents need a break once in awhile!

Speaking of the So-Called Tech Saavy (semi-spinoff)

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younger generation...

Part of my job involves doing IT for the sheriff deputies.  One of the younger deputies,  in his mid twenties, wearing extensive orthodonture who has a pronounced lateral lisp and "looks geeky" is CONSTANTLY messing with his laptop so much so that I'm getting ready to take away his local admin.  

I knew I was in for trouble when he had a pin in his patrol car saying "weapon of choice" with a picture of a game controller on it.

Second "Food Related" You're Right from Chef!

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So Chef said I was right about semolina helping the pizza to slide off the peel and into the oven.

Now he came up to me and said: "You're right!  Homemade alfredo is so much better than the stuff in the jar."

Well. . .DUH

Now Chef (not really a Chef in real life just plays one) had a screaming hissy fit about the pizza and how it was MY aluminum peel that was making it stick and DEMANDED a wooden peel on the spot.

What's Up With HIgh School Students Taking Field Trips

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every month and a half???!!!  As I recall, we had field trips in elementary school only and then it was a once a year thing at best.  This is what YSS16 DOESN'T need as his grades are beyond abysmal he would look at it as a way to escape school.

Maybe it is to give the teachers a break from the heathens.

The Hits Just Keep On Coming!

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Not only were YSS16's grades abysmal,  his fitness test also came in the mail.   The sad thing is it was taken in September right after school started...usually kids are at their fittest right after summer vacation.  After a summer of running around, errr I mean SCREENS and junk food,  he has a 39 percent body fat reading, failed to do situps, arm hang, etc etc.  Managed to do two pushups before exhaustion...6'2" 240 lbs of solid flab. 

There's no way he could go into the military with those horrible grades and complete lack of fitness. 

I Didn't Think YSS16 Could Do It!!

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A new low... failing everything except Varsity Chorus--he's even failing gym and health!

Even with his special IEP where passing is 10 points BELOW the average pass/fail, he still is failing that; mostly due to never doing class/homework and not showing up for school whatsoever.

Following in the footsteps of SD20 and OSS22 only even WORSE.

Unreal.  Way to go MOTY Girhippo and father-figure StepDaddyBigBucks!!

Went To See (Yet Another) Attorney Today

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And he confirmed that getting an Emancipation By Conduct is virtually impossible if you are an NCP bioDAD... even if said skids have been alienated for years as in our case.

His advice was to wait until November when SD ages out and file for a downward mod then and a termination for her.


A Little Ditty (Sung to the Tune of a Song by the Chapins) Feel free to add on

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My skid arrived just the other day
He came through the door in the usual way
There was me to snub
And food to take
He learned to balk while I planned his day
And there was sassing ‘fore I knew it
And as he stewed He said

I’m gonna say F-U, Dad,
you know I’m gonna say F-U


(I plan to add more but feel free)