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I Wasn't That Far Off

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Back to the beginning of the school year predictions:

I had projected using mathematical equations that YSS 16.5 would rack up 16 disciplinary referrals during the 10th grade.

The actual number?  19*

I also had predicted 77 lates/skips

The actual number?  66*

I Am Reminded Of A Scene

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In the movie Red Pill where the NCP father, who is concerned about his son's health, shows his son how to manage his diet include exercise get enough water excetera excetera.  

The GUBM considers this "fat-shaming" allows the boy to eat a solid diet of junk food and immediately withholds visitation continuing her PAS path.  And predictably the court sides with her despite the son's health remarkably improving when with his dad... and conversely going downhill when with the GUBM.

When Will There Be Warning Labels

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on men with previously enjoyed families similar to those cigarette labels?


WARNING:  Stepmothering causes premature health problems including but not limited to stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, stress induced weight gain, high blood pressure, hair loss, skin disorders, stress induced weight loss, alcoholism, drug abuse, hormone/blood sugar issues, premature perimenopause, panic attacks, heart failure, stress induced asthma, osteoporosis and possibly cancer


Spin-off to "Who are you texting?"

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My response to a six-year-old child would have been "none of your business" or "this doesn't concern you."

Since when, other than to teach a child a valuable life skill or chore, is it necessary to explain everything an adult does to a child?

It is disgusting the way modern children are treated with 100% adult authority ( precociousness/adult confidant) yet 0% responsibility in the way of school work, chores,  cleaning up after themselves and basic life skills.

Nineteen Lates This Semester

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and still going!   There are only 10 more school days left this year so I have a feeling YSS16.5 will be going for the all time record of 29 lates this semester. 

Once again,YSS16.5 is on autopilot as the Gir and StepDaddyBigBucks do ZERO about it.  Technically he has two more years of high school yet after yet another year of summer school (has gone to summer school every years since kindergarten).

YSS 16.5 Gets another Detention

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for skipping detention!!

I swear that the Girhippo and Battleaxe's plan for the ferals are to employ SD20.5 and YSS16.5 permanently via their Soup in Cauldrons biz.  Problem is they are risking an E-coli lawsuit!   

Chef was nice enough to buy them a Food Truck with his massive CS so that they can visit various wineries and hawk their wares.   Up until now it's been just a write off for StepDaddyBigBucks six figure salary.