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Food Wars Continues

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So before we left on vacation, Chef had a fit over me not cooking up boatloads of hamburgers out of the freezer.  I told him cooking then up and throwing most of them out bc we were going out of town for 1.5 weeks is NOT "using up" its WASTING!  He immediately assumed a threatening tone with me and said "don't plan any more vacations!"  I said "fine" and I would go on my own.   

UPDATE: Even More NYS CSEU Stupidity

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And now they have returned my prorated check for last week which takes in account the days in which the HousesHitter YSS was age 20 for that week!  No explanation.

No letter that says you no longer have to pay CS because YSS has aged out.

Unreal.  I wonder how many weeks of this clown world will go on?

Any bet takers?  

FINALLY!  We finally got the official letter from the New York State Child Support Enforcement Unit that the HousesHitter (YSS 21)  has officially emancipated due to turning 21 and that Chef no longer owes any more CS!!!!

NYS Child Support Enforcement Agency Stupidity

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As you may be aware of, Chef's last feral aged out at age 21 last week.  Instead of getting a letter from the New York State Child Support Enforcement Agency saying "Your last child has aged out at age 21 and you are no longer obligated to pay CS," Chef gets the following letter and I will paraphrase:

Unfortunately we couldn't give the Girhippo an automatic CS cost of living increase because of "some information received" (nebulous alluding to the fact that the last one aged out).



 New York State Child Support Enforcement Unit

Just Call Me Nostradamus

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So the Mechanic is getting back together with BM2... which will most likely go down in flames again but as I predicted, Chef will never get his vintage vehicle put back together again now that Valentines Day is just around the corner. 

We are out 10K in parts and labor for Mr. Not so Neutral's brand new fancy state of the art heating system for the garage now hosting the disassembled vintage vehicle.  Just so that Chef can be occasionally baraged with attempts to reunite him with his adult, PASed out ferals.

Finally! Last CS Check Went Out Today!

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After 19.5 loooooooooooooonnnnnnnngggggg years, the reverse ransom, indentured servitude, breeding tax, courtesan payment plan, mommy mortgage, matrimonial millstones, broken vehicle notes have come to an end. 

Rather anti climatic TBH.  It was much more thrilling when Pumpkinhead (OSS) accidentally emancipated himself shortly after turning 19.  The first one off was a giant milestone which of course enraged the Girhippo as we weren't supposed to know he had moved out of her house and in with Uncle Kinky albeit less than a year ( thank you social media).

Happy Festivus To Meeeeee

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So Chef has had a mood swing back in the opposite direction day after xmas and is now being ultra nice (who are you and what did you do with Chef?)

Four days ago, Chef got a call around 7 am from his older half bro, Mr. Not So Neutral (who is enmeshed with his adult son, the Mechanic) .

Reverse tape:  out of 12 siblings, only 2 are still married-- the ones that moved away from the "homestead."  Mr.NSN never moved on from his divorce and now the Mechanic is on BM2.

Two More Payments (Random Musings Re: End of CS)

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After today, two more reverse ransom aka broken vehicle payments.  We've already paid off the first two broken vehicles and this is the last one.  After 19 years and 6 months.

All of said funds have been flushed down the crapper.   I don't even want to think about how much money we've paid over almost two decades or I will become violently ill.  It has always been the Girhippo's  walking around money even when it was practically all of Chef's salary.  After the divorce she immediately sought out a sugar daddy of course.  StepDaddyBigBucks will be 62 next week and the Gir is 51.

Back to Status Quo

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So my mother (88) was depressed enough to be on death's door a couple months back.  She had Awesomeson and Awesome Dil worried which they didn't need since Awesome son is serving a deployment until April overseas.

Now my parents have been religiously shunning me for a good two decades.  2 months ago my father decided to call me and tell me what was happening which normally I never get a call from them.  And before all this happened he adamantly refused to see me when Awesomeson offered to visit taking me along.  Which upset Awesomeson.

Nucking Futs!

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So Chef is ALWAYS asking me to look up biz contacts for him and text him the info so he can call them.   He NEVER saves any numbers to HIS contact list...  Why you may ask?

He actually takes PHOTOS of contact info on biz cards!!!  So we were driving back from Buffalo and I have his phone.  He tells me to look at his photos in his gallery and call that number or to scroll through the hundreds of random, unsaved to contacts phone numbers in his recent calls and look for that specific number to call.