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Awesomeson got a copy of his fav childhood book for DGD.  I stupidly gave my bios' copy of that (rare I might add) book to Chef's ferals and never saw it again as it left my doorstep.  This was before I disengaged.   Those brats never picked up a book and were never read to.

Probably destroyed it or was thrown away. 

Odes to StepDADS abound; StepMOMs? Not So Much

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While visiting my DIL and DGD this weekend over in the Buffalo area, yet another local news story pops up about how an SD (3 in fact) bought her stepDAD a classic car that he had his eyes on.  She goes on to praise her stepdad and someone who "stepped up" (overused cliche alert) blah blah blah.  And yes her bio dad is still living.

In fact, all through social media and YouTube videos are stories such as this but you'd be hard-pressed to find it in the reverse.  HMMMMM I wonder why?? (rhetoric tags OFF)

O/T? Men and Travel

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So planning a weekend with Awesomeson, DIL and granddaughter.  Chef is going to help Awesomeson do a major electrical job at their house (60 amp to 200).

Awesome son has used his points to get us a free hotel room while the electric is off for DIL, DGD and me.

"Athletic" Skids

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If you know my backstory,  it was always Chef's assertion that his kids were athletic because HE was.  LOL   

They actually inherited the Gir's genes (clumsiness) who was in colour guard and that was it.   They were entrolled by the Gir in every.activity.under.the.sun including a wide array of sports.  All were merely social events for the ferals and an opportunity to showboat to the extreme... and NOT for athletic ability...only for sheer clownery and attention seeking,.

NCP Biodads and Court Costs Observation

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Being on this forum for almost 16 years now by my count,  I've noticed a trend with NCP biodads and court costs.   They can spend oodles of cash on attorneys yet it all seems to be for naught.   HCGUBM's still rule the courts and are taken as saints in front of the authorities.  PASing continues on unabated and the HCGUBMs are never ever called on it.  Some HCGUBMs get quite bold and literally break the law but the courts look the other way.

I Hope The Girhippo WINS!

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As a refresher, the Girhippo is trying to emancipate YSS (18.5) " prematurely" for unknown ulterior reasons as our wonderful State goes to age 21.

According to her written statement it does not look as though YSS is emancipated under New York State guidelines.

She has almost always gotten her way in court so I'm just hoping the Magistrate by some divine intervention will let her have her way.

Unlikely though because New York State likes its Federal kickbacks to the CSEU.  The Girhippo has been on the CS payroll for 17 loooooooooooonnnnnnnng years as of 7/27.

Anxiety Dreams

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Although I am on HRT, which has been a godsend for quality of sleep so far, lately I have been getting those nightmares where you try to accomplish something and you can't even do something simple.  


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Chef went to the attorney consultation today.  He will be putting in a motion to dismiss the case based on a non emancipation event.  He will be sending the financial information directly to the attorney for him to hold AND the virtual hearing will be held in the attorney's office with Chef present.

As much as we would love to stop paying CS,  the Girhippo's wackadoodle request to "finally cancel" Chef for good is just too crazy for even New York state courts to accept.

AAARGH!! Attorneys

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So Chef spoke with his previous attorney for the April 2019 emancipation of the animal torturer (SD) and after sounding confused for a few moments he said that he cannot just file a motion to dismiss based on non emancipation event...that he still has to attend the virtual hearing and submit financial documents.

Check Mate!

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Chef and I have decided that we are going to have our attorney file a motion to dismiss this request by the Girhippo because it obviously does not qualify as an emancipation event for New York State. 

And it may be an Insidious way to get into Chef's personal business.  It would be funny if this results in the HousesHitter finding out that indeed she does receive child support for him and that the Gir was lying all along, as well as her entire family insisting Chef is a deadbeat dad.