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I go to a specialist about once a year and in doing so I have to drive past a mall that has a particular store that we used to frequent when the three ferals were visiting.

First of all I can't believe we drove that far to get to the store.  The endless amount of gas wasted driving the brats around was incredible.  I just want to shudder when I drive by there.

Just UGH!

UPDATE: UGH It Never Ends!

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UPDATE:  He wants an opinion for his GF's countertops after she received a couple estimates with conflicting advice.

Whew!  At least it wasn't a repeat of last year.  But still we never get anything reciprocated!

As I might have posted before, Chef's oldest half brother   borrowed $900 last year.  He did pay it back, but I had to "remind" him that his self imposed due date had passed.  He acted perturbed that I mentioned it at the time.  He gave some story about changing banks which really didn't hold water.

Speaking Of CS...

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I put in a purchase offer on a burnt out duplex that Chef wants to rehab and get operational. 

The current owner bought it a year ago at a county tax auction.   She just wants to turn it over to us as she discovered property management is not for her.  As a side note, her daughter is one of my tenants.

We are paying closing costs etc.   My attorney did a title search and come to find out, there is a $7K judgement levied against the property, the former owner (before it was sold at tax auction) that the county failed to reveal.

Tax Rant

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As you may know, NYS CS goes to age 21, period.  On the state income tax form they have a teensy speck of a crumb for NCP (most biodads) that pay CS in full.   Well the credit only goes to when the skid turns 18!  IT-209 is a rip off as it is.... basically a pat on the head for dutifully being extorted the entire year.  Not making the "credit" go up to age 21 is ridiculous!

I Survived!

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The 10 day road trip with Chef for the most part went well.  Other than Chef's big tantrum in the beginning on the actual Mardi Gras.   He admitted he was gassed and he asked me if I had a hangover the next day which was sheer projection.

I said I did not.  He calmed down after that.  Got angry a few days later because I put ice directly into a cooler instead of bags of ice.  Sorry but my family always put the ice directly into the cooler not leave it in bags.

As Predicted

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Chef had a tantrum.   We were at a Mardi Gras parade and we went to a bar for a few drinks.   Chef claims that I "got drunk, said mean stuff and was hitting him."  Um no.  He had just finished listening to a Bill Burr routine about women hitting men the day before and some how projected it onto me.  Somehow I was managing to catch lots of beads with my left hand (I'm very right handed) so I was definitely not drunk!

Somehow we got on the topic of bad behavior as a kid.

Wish me luck!

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I'm going on a ten day road trip with Chef!  Usually something doesn't go to plan that is beyond my control and he will blame me for it. 

Hell sometimes something goes wrong that he specifically CAUSED and he will blame me for it!

Will be like riding with a giant toddler.  Give me strength.  He has yet another burned out house rehab  project lined up for next year so he'll be obsessed with that and the one he is working on now.  YIKES!

Who Does This?

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Posts EXTREMELY unflattering photos of themselves on social media?  Occasionally I stalk the feral's social media posts because I'm still trying to casually figure out if the HousesHitter YSS20, has moved out of mommykin's house.  Which would be the FINAL emancipation event and no more CS (CS goes to 21 here).

I must preface this by saying that Chef's feral's are extremely unattractive with the small exception of SD who looks the most like Chef.  The boys are bone ugly Girhippo through-and-through.

Whose BM is this?

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Once in awhile Chef and I visit a local watering hole near our rental property.  Apparently it has been bought out by nrw owners-- partners.  The new bartender was EXTREMELY loud, baudy with intimate, pornographic details of her stripper past and sex life.  To the point where it was downright embarrassing even for Chef who is a heavy duty construction worker.

 Probably early forties, bleached blonde but with a heavy smokers voice. Going over the top for tips "Honey" "Sweetie" etc.  Truly awful.  Reminded me of some of the BMs on this forum like "Meth Mouth" etc.

Paging AlmostGone

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I am on a few landlord forums and one account from CA sounded a lot like LI and SkunkApe.  Lots of entitlement out there!

"One of my tenants just learned her rent has been optional during the pandemic, so says the News. She informed me that at 49, she's done with working for a paycheck, then having to spend it all for things like rent.