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It's That Time of the Year Again!!

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This goes out to all the poor, suffering SMs who have to put up with skids visitation during the holidays:

Sung to the Tune of "I'll Be Home for Christmas"

I'll be gone for Christmas
You can count on me
Please say "NO" to skids in tow
And horrid smells of pee

Christmas eve won't find me
Where the ferals scream
I'll be gone for Christ-mas
If only in my dreams

Paper Tiger Alert (UPDATE)

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So since YSS stb 16's "warning" he received from school on 11/27 about tardiness and truancy, came in late again this past Tuesday and has skipped school altogether yesterday and today.  So he's bascially AWOL for most of this week.  Don't think this kid is going to make it through high school EVEN WITH his IEP.

YSS stb 16 Describes Himself

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on Instagram as a "ball of depression"


Of course you're depressed having been spoiled all your life and never hearing the word "NO."  Instantly jaded just like SD20 who is also "depressed"    Yeah if you're handed everything in life, what do you have to look forward to or say you've personally achieved?

Bet starving kids in other countries aren't moping around "depressed" since they have to worry about much bigger things such as clean drinking water and their next meal or lack of it.

These snowflakes are unbelievable!!!

Paper Tiger Alert!

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So YSS stb 16 receives yet ANOTHER discipline "warning" from the Podunk NY School of  Below Sea Level Standards, Budding Felons and Underachievers  that if he continues to show up late for classes he'll get. . . .


Drum roll please......


Wait for it......


DETENTION! (which he skips anyway and the detention skip shows up in his discipline folder)


Update To I Did It!

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Well, as predicted,  the "Special Education Committee" totally failed to address Chef's concerns that I expressed in a letter to pointing out the fact that none of the skids have EVER been parented and this is the real reason for their failure to keep up in school.

In fact, they sent a letter DROPPING the standards for class attendance and any kid who doesn't come to class for an extended period of time no longer needs a Doctor's excuse.

Despite Crater Grades

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YSS stb 16 is on the football team.  Seriously?  Wash, rinse, repeat.  Same thing with SD20 and to a lesser extent OSS.   All three skids were allowed to get involved with oodles of extra curriculars despite epic failing grades.  Reminds me of the definition of insanity.

Another "way to go, Girhippo"

BTW Chef has heard NOTHING back from the "special education committee" on my letter that handed the Girhippo's ass to her.

Not surprised.  They'll just deem Chef a "meanie" and continue the track record of failure to launch.

O/T Partner Dieting

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How do you get your partner to go on a diet with you?  Chef knows he is getting overweight and it is effecting his energy level as well as giving him joint pain.  He has a very physical job and if it werent for that, he'd be twice the size he is now.   

I had GERD so I went on essentially a Paleo/Keto diet and lost over 30 lbs.  Chef never said a thing about it.   Instead he keeps bringing home pizza and pies.  I'm not at my goal weight yet but I cant help feel Chef is trying to sabotage my efforts.  I have a rather sedentary job as a sys admin.  I've also started a piyo class.

What Will You Do

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when CS ends?  I write this as Chef goes out the door on his Sunday/CS job (The Gir routed CS through CSEU 13.5 yrs ago although Chef NEVER missed one cent of CS on his own) therefore CS needs a shill job to pull CS from.  They won't except that it gets paid without an income execution from SOMEWHERE.

Speaking of Infantilizing

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I don't recall being 20 years old and desiring to go back to the 6th grade hijinks and shenanigans.   That is EXACTLY what SD20 posts about on social media.  "I wanna gooo baaaaaack" and up pops a photo of her and the couple of friends she had  in 6th grade making funny faces for the camera.   Although I SHOULD have been fantasizing about my younger years as by then; I was two years into a bad marriage with a baby on the way.

YSS stb 16 Is Doing Spendidly in School Two Months In

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Failing Math, English, Science and Global Studies.  He DID get an 88 in "Varsity Chorus" however.


Received several detentions for skipping school/class, failing grades and failing to make up any work.  Of course he skipped these detentions!  Way to go GIR and StepDaddyBigBucks!!! 

Here are the usual lowlights:

Does not use classtime wisely.

Science Lab work is not up to date at this time.