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Well It Wasn't THAT Bad...

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Got to see my baby granddaughter.  She is a cutie (aren't all babies for the most part?)  I'm not really the overly obsessed maternal type.  In fact I like them when they are older and you can teach them things but I held her and rocked her.

Chef did launch into some "when the ferals were babies" stories but kept it brief. He did, however, try to "correct" my rocking technique!

Give Me Strength

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We are on our way to see my granddaughter for the first time.   I'm sure Chef will start to recount stories about the long estranged ferals when they were babies....  Argh! 

Chef, in his mind, is a parenting expert, doncha know although he has never non-parented a child past the age of 11. OSS PASed out at 11.

O/T Chef's Orthopedic Surgeon

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IS GORGEOUS!!!  I had to see him for a 2nd opinion on my shoulder due to my motor vehicle accident back in early February.  OMG!

He is about mid forties, blond hair, brown eyes, very athletic and recently tanned from some sort of tropical holiday.   I thought I would just be seeing the PA, however he walked in and I had a hard time talking! LOL.  He immediately ordered an MRI (which my earlier ortho doctor, all of maybe 27 yrs old, would not do; kept saying "there's no way you can injure your shoulder in an MVA")

GRRRRR Chef's So Called "Family" VENT

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6:30 a.m. RING RING

It's Mr. Neutral (one of Chef's older half bros) calling.  He must want something otherwise he NEVER makes contact with us.  But of course!  He has told one of his co-workers that Chef will do a sump pump replacement for FREE!  Thank GOD Chef has the excuse of having recent shoulder surgery.  AND STILL Mr. Neutral pressed him to "supervise" or get involved with the project (a waste of Chef's time).  Mr. Neutral lives in the far end of Girhippoville, about a 35 minute ride away from our house.

cLove Deserves a New Name for "Munchkin"

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now that she's spit in cLove's face and told her its raining:

Some proposals:


1. Traitorkin

2. Princess Feral

3. Benedict Betty


Feel free to add--get creative.  all part of cLove's venting process now that she has been forced to disengage from Munchkin's parenting because her DAH and BM won't do it but don't want her to do it either.

Old Codger Vent

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Ordered an iced tea at a local franchise eatery  (not the big 3).  Maybe it was the fact that the kid who was serving me looked an awful lot like Pumpkinhead (OSS 24).   No eye contact and then "what do you want?"  instead of "may I help you?"

Then one of my biggest pet peeves;  asking "is that it?" instead of asking "will that be all?"

He spun around, poured the drink and shoved it into my hand.  No thank you  or you're welcome.   Nothing. Zero social skills or manners.  No wonder why if managers have a choice between hiring Gen Z or seniors,  seniors win out every time!

Is there something in the water?

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In Girhippoville?  Seems that every time Chef gets a customer in that general vicinity, they do something idiotic or turn out to be bad customers!  For example, one client that lives within a stone's throw of the Girhippo herself, is on a payment agreement and "accidentally" entered a wrong account on the March payment via a Quickbook link. 

YSS18 (HousesHitter) Has been late or absent EVERY DAY

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of the school year.  Looks like the school has just thrown up their hands and have stopped issuing disciplinary referrals on it.   Lots and lots of "zero" marks on assignments as far as the eye can see.  Can't really blame the school district if the Gir is not even going to put forth the effort to see if he graduates.  She probably knows they will just graduate him out of sheer pity.