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My Tenant Is a NCP BM!

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My upstairs apt is rented out.  These were the best of the lot.  They're married (he's stepdad and is the breadwinner), she gets her 11 yr old daughter on the weekends.  

Was over their painting the downstairs apt and heard her kid galloping across the floor.  LoL.

As long as they pay their rent... 

Can't Make This Stuff Up!

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The HousesHitter  (YSS stb 18) is trying to break into the dog walking business. 

1.  He's an animal torturer (not as bad as his sister but still)

2.  He's high all the time so there's NO WAY I'd EVER hire him to walk my dog

3.  Covid lockdowns are still going on here in NY and most people are walking their OWN dogs



O/T Chef Continues To Try And Learn Guitar

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First hats off to Chef for taking the doctor's advise seriously.  He's made it for 7 weeks straight!  He looks great!  Is exercising every day, cut out drinking, is getting me into the act, snoring greatly reduced.

BUT he is tone deaf.  He'll play a chord incorrectly and not instantly realize that it's "off."  I have practically perfect pitch and can tune instruments by ear.  As soon as I hear a dissonant note, it sets my teeth on edge.  He does practice in the garage must of the time but when he practices near me it just drives me crazy. 

O/T My Last Work Seminar this September in Nashville TN

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Our county can't afford to reimburse me for this conference.  There is no charge for the conference itself but there is the transportation and accomodations which i am footing myself.  The CIO started to give me rhubarb about it saying that it will "look like" the county is paying for it which they will not be.  He finally saw reason. 

I've driven through TN but never stopped there.  Any advice? Travel tips?  Will be there a week and the conference takes up three days.

Yet ANOTHER Pet Escapes from the Animal Torturer (SD 21.5)

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The Animal Torturer has posted in her social media that she has lost her cat.  She posted her address and phone number (scary as it is about 10 min away by car at most from us) so I'll add that as a number to be blocked on my phone. 

I can't COUNT how many times the ferals and the Girhippo have gone through pets like a revolving door.  They soon take off due to mistreatment, neglect, being dropped off at the shelter after they "tired" of having the pet. etc etc.

Periodic RED FLAGS Posting for N00bs

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1. Does your man allow co-sleeping with his children? (aka the kiddies routinely jump into bed with him at night)

2. Does he have to lie down with them to get them to sleep?

3. Do the children seem somehow "stunted" socially? Do they have poor hygiene habits, eating habits, bedtime habits?

4. Does your man subscribe to the "one big happy family" model? (expects you to love his children as much as or more than him)

5. Does your man have the "inability" to say no to his children?

6. Do his children seem overly "hyperactive" to you?

Chef the Zealot

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Chef has an all-or-nothing type personality.  To recap he received a health scare about 4 weeks ago and has been doing extensive fasting and exercise ever since.  Went cold turkey off the booze. 

He is like the person I know when I met him!  His personality has remarkably improved to say the least;  he's lost about 35 lb so far, is not snoring and actually is great to be around.

He says he feels so much better right now but the 3-mile forced marches every other day are killer!  Lol

O/T Hopefully Have the Upstairs Unit Rented Out

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With Covid, I was starting to worry if there would be any applicants at all.  Then they started flooding in via several ads I had put in  (, etc)  Now this is what you would call a B-C grade area.  All of the applicants had criminal records, single moms, foolish crap on social media, etc.   Some of them complained about their current landlord (big red flag for me), one lady tried to have a friend pose as her former landlord (yeah this ain't my first rodeo), one woman called with FIVE KIDS for my 2 bdrm apt. 

The Pet Daddy T Shirt Was A Hit!

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Chef very much enjoyed the pet daddy t-shirt for Father's Day with a customized cartoon that looks like three of our cats with their names.

Also my BIOS and their spouses got Chef prezzies as the stepdad.

I would just like to add that I hope his actual spawn, the Girhippo and her BM as well as all of his family members that sided with the Girhippo rot in hell forever.