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A Soon To Be StepMother's Tale

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I'm seeing an AMAZING guy BUT he has a child(ren) from a previous marriage/relationship

The child(ren) are absolutely spoiled.  Both he and the BM are extremely permissive

My guy says he's afraid of losing his child(ren) to the BM and that "kids come first."

He also says that "I'm the adult" and I should know better

We only fight about the child(ren) and the BM who he jumps to answer her phone calls.

It seems he's at the BM's beck and call but he says it's for the child(ren)

I'm thinking of (moving in/marrying) this amazing guy

Another MOTY Moment REVISED

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Just received a letter from the Houseshitter's (YSS17) school stating that they still have not gotten any immunization records nor any up-to-date records of immunization for said Houseshitter. According to the letter, this request went out several times including just before the beginning of the school year in September. And no, the Girhippo has no religious objections or conscientious objections against immunizations...this is pure laziness and neglect. All the while she tells other parents how to parent their children for a living!!

You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up!!!

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The Houseshitter (YSS17) received yet another disciplinary action; this is the 11th disciplinary action so far this year:

       Description:  "Today YSS wore socks that had pictures of Cannabis leaves on them. Mrs. English Teacher pulled him aside, reminded him of the dress code and ask that he at least roll the socks down so that it is less obvious. YSS begrudgingly complied"   (probably rolled them back up as soon as class was finished, no doubt)

Below Mediocre

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Speaking of mediocrity.... the Houseshitter (YSS17) is failing every.subject.except....

Drum Roll please..



In the beginining he was even giving VC a miss but now since it's the only subject he's passing, he's focused attention and is pulling off 90s in it.

(insert MASSIVE eye roll)

Walked in on An HCGUBM convo

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Lady was bragging about how she will continue to withhold visitation AND seek that he never has any visitation.  She just won 100% custody of her DD.  Apparently biodad/her ex-husband has been and is paying CS all along.  She just wants him to be a wallet.  He has objected a few times and she moved the court date around on him so he wouldn't get notified in time.

They are all among us!!!!