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Visit with SS11.5

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As mentioned in my previous blogs, SS11.5 came to visit for the long President's weekend. We were planning on taking SS11.5 and DD2 to visit DH's family across the state. Well, I came down with the flu and was DYING on Thursday. I had the full aches/chills, high 102/103 fever, congestion, etc. When DH picked SS up on Friday, I told DH to take the kids and go for the weekend and I would stay home and rest, sleep, and recover. It seems like SS has enjoyed his visit with DH, DD and DH's family. DH has kept me in the loop via FaceTime. I have slept, ate, slept, taken meds, and slept.

BM Suddenly Being Nice

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I have been on Steptalk for several years now. I found this site during our high conflict custody battle in 2019 and have been here ever since, across 2 different accounts. If you have followed my story, you would know that BM has always been super high conflict. She has always refused DH any additional time with SS, acts like DH isn't an actual parent, always claimed that SS wasn't comfortable to be with DH, played games of chase to hurt DH, etc.

Visit With SS11.5 Almost Over

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Our half of Christmas break with SS11.5 is almost over. It has been a pleasant visit overall. He has been polite, said "please" and "thank you," has helped with DD2, and has helped around the house. The good news is that SS' smartwatch has stayed in the same spot since the first day he arrived. He hasn't touched it and it has stayed turned off. DH and I are thankful it wasn't an issue this visit. It didn't stop BM from having frequent communication though. DH picked SS up last Friday, BM called Monday (Christmas), she is calling again tonight, then she picks SS up on Saturday.

SS11.5 Arrived

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SS11.5 arrived yesterday. He has been a perfect angel and settled back into the household with little issue, despite being away for 5 months. He has helped with chores, been wonderful with DD, and not made a fuss about anything. 

It's Been A Minute

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All has been quiet on the BM/SS11.5 front. SS got his braces last month and DH has fulfilled the initial portion of the financial obligation for that. We will continue to pay our portion monthly for the next 18 months of treatment. You could tell BM was extra nervous about getting her money, despite that we have never not paid, because she sent several emails and the reimbursement form was riddled with notes from her.

Overscheduled SS11.5

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As many of you know, SS11.5 has always been over scheduled in our opinion. BM has him in sports year-round with maybe a week gap in between - soccer in the spring, football in summer and fall, and basketball in the winter. These sports practice 3-5 days per week, with games every weekend. This doesn't include extra off season training or camps. SS was also taking foreign language private lessons up until recently. 

The Dreaded Braces

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BM emailed DH tonight that SD11.5 needs braces. She has scheduled a consult with an orthodontist recommended by her friends for later this month and will contact DH after to discuss finances. I have been dreading this since BM brought it up last year and I have a feeling she will demand a second set later in SS' teenage years. Does anyone have recent experiences with skid braces? Price? Insurance coverage?

The Only Trigger Left

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As many of you who have been following my story know, I've been in steplife for about 11 years. I met DH when SS was 10 months old. BM and DH dated on/off again in high school and into college, BM falling pregnant with SS at 19. The only thing that has been consistent with BM since then is keeping DH away from SS as much as possible.