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O/T Possible Pregnancy Complication

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Over the weekend, I felt off. I was nauseous, weak, fatigued, and just felt downright crummy. I'm 33 weeks pregnant, so I chalked it up to normal third trimester symptoms. I mean what pregnant woman in the third trimester doesn't feel tried and blah? On Sunday night, I developed itchiness on my abdomen. I have lots of deep, red stretch marks there so I googled it and it said it can either be due to the stretching skin or it can be a condition called PUPPP, which is like pregnancy chicken pox, and its a rash that develops on your stretch marks.

Our week is coming to a close

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Our week of Christmas break with SS9 is coming to a close. SS' uncle (BM's brother) will be picking him tomorrow afternoon. Honestly, I am ready for this week to be over - the planning, the entertaining SS when he's here, the increased interactions with BM, the visits from everyone who wants to see SS; frankly, it's all exhausting. I actually didn't do much with SS this visit; I stayed mostly disengaged and let DH entertain and parent him. Plus, with SS finding out I'm pregnant, he has been a little distant, which is fine with me.

SS9's Phone Call with BM

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So BM and GF called SS tonight. SS walked into his room and shut the door to take their call, but he was talking super loud, so we could hear almost everything. BM said "what's new?" and SS9 goes, "three things. 1. DH and CastleJJ gave away our cat, 2. They bought a house and 3. CastleJJ is pregnant." Didn't take long for SS to dive deep into our household happenings. SS then got all cocky and put us down for rehoming our cat and BM and GF were encouraging it saying that we have had our cat for a long time and it wasn't fair to the cat.

Spoiling Santa Pt. 2

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So, I posted last month that SS9 found out about Santa. DH and I suspected that BM told SS just because this is our second Christmas ever with SS and we suspected that she wanted to try to ruin it. Today, we took SS on The Polar Express and it stops at a cute rural town full of Christmas activities. SS loved it! SS9 asked for a picture with Santa, which DH thought was odd since SS no longer believes. DH happily obliged and took a few pictures of SS and Santa. After we were done, SS became a little emotional and said that he really wants to believe and wishes he still did.

SS9 Arrived Tonight - Baby and House Update

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DH picked up SS9 today. During the 4 hour car ride home, DH called me and we told SS about his baby sister. It was clear that BM and GF didn't say a word because the look of pure shock on SS' face was genuine. He smiled but also looked like he was about to cry; almost like the reaction you sometimes get when you give a child a puppy and they are just so overwhelmed. DH didn't push him and I didn't either. I just let him know that when he visits us in March, he will have a new little sister and DH gave him an ultrasound to look at.

O/T Rude People

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DH and I went out with friends tonight. We went and had a nice dinner and then went to Target to pick up some white elephant gifts for DH's work Christmas party tomorrow. One of our friends has a degenerative bone disease, so he fractures easily and he fractured his hip last week, so he walks slowly and with a limp. Me being 7.5 months pregnant, I also walk slow due to a huge baby bump and sciatic nerve pain. 

Gifted and Talented

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So I've addressed this on the blog before. BM, while completely narcissistic, is actually very smart. I'm talking book smart only, but absolutely zero street smarts. BM is extremely calculated and manipulative in her personal life and is always 5 steps ahead, which has been obvious in her coparenting relationship with DH and our court battle.

Welp, Cat is Out of the Bag

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DH talked to SS9 tonight as usual. Everything was good and SS is so excited to see us in 3 weeks. About an hour after the call, BM emails DH requesting a change in the visitation schedule for February 2022 to accomodate SS' basketball schedule, which we received today; we are supposed to have SS for President's weekend every year per the court order. This works out better for us because my due date falls over President's weekend, so if baby came that weekend, SS would have likely been staying with my parents that weekend anyway. 


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SS9 is set to arrive in exactly 3 weeks for our half of Christmas break. I am 28 weeks pregnant with our daughter. I am so nervous to tell SS9 about the baby and I know this news will cause BM to ramp up her drama since BM will feel she is losing control of DH through SS, since there is another child in the picture. We are also telling SS about our house when he is here. It is in the process of being framed so he will be able to go tour it, even if it is only studs. I know he will be happy about the house.