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Steplife: Drafting Wills

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DH and I are in the process of drafting a will which will establish division of assets and custody of DD in the event of our deaths. We made it clear to our attorney that we do not want to leave anything to SS10 in the event of our joint passing. If we decide to leave SS something, if he doesn't PAS out and maintains a decent relationship with us, it will be handled informally through assets left to my FIL and will only gifted once SS reaches adulthood. My FIL agreed to handle any transaction gifted to SS if that is our wishes.

Wedding Planning in Full Swing

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So last night, we were sitting on the couch and SS10 asks DH "how much was your wedding ring?" Now, since having DD, my ring doesnt really fit anymore and needs to be resized and DH lost his band this winter and we have yet to replace it, so its not like SS saw our rings on and asked. DH, a little surprised by the question, asked why?

SS10 Arrives Today

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DH, DD, and I are at my FIL's wedding today, so my parents drove out-of-state to pick SS10 up for his last two week visit of summer. My parents said it worked out well for them because they have long time friends in the same city that they have been wanting to visit. 

Update: Hospital Billing

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So DH received yet another medical bill from BM requesting reimbursement. This one was for $160 for SS' "OT services." BM's insurance isn't very good - that $160 out-of-pocket was for only 2 visits. I asked DH how long BM is going to continue to seek OT for related to SS' "sensory processing disorder." DH said "As long as she possibly can." SS already started football so there is no reason he can't use that to get his "issues" worked out. 

Hospital Billing Question

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SS10 had his throat procedure last week. Today, we receive a reimbursement form from BM, requesting reimbursement of the $250 deposit she put down toward his procedure. DH had his tonsils out last month and he had to put $300 down toward the surgery - that deposit was applied to whatever insurance did not cover and the rest was reimbursed to him. Is that standard practice? My concern is that we will pay BM, then her deposit will be reimbursed to her and DH will be paying her for nothing. Thoughts?

SS10 Update

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So SS10 returned back to BM's last Saturday. DH had him tossing a football in the driveway so BM wouldn't come to the front door of our new house. She is nosey enough to just barge in and has done so at previous apartments we have lived in, so we usually dont let her near the house. SS gave DH a huge hug before leaving and told him he couldn't wait to come back in two weeks. BM did not make eye contact and did not say anything to DH. 

Jekyll & Hyde

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After my last blog post, SS10 changed his tune and became a perfect angel again. I just don't understand it. He was a terror this weekend; rude, condescending, entitled, superior to everyone. And two days later, he was sweet, well mannered, and considerate. He has been saying "please" and "thank you," he has been helpful around the house, and he has done as he is told without argument.

OT: AITA Neighbor Edition

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DH and I moved into our house a little over a month ago. The community we are in is about 75% seniors, 25% young people/families. We met our neighbors next to us during the building phase; husband and wife, mid-60s/early 70s. They live in FL full time, but come to our state for the summers only. After they moved in, they offered us their packing materials, which we gratefully accepted and everything seemed to be great. 

It Was Nice While It Lasted

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The first five or so days of SS10's two week visit were nice while they lasted. Now he is back to his typical entitled, rude, and condescending self. My parents invited us to join them on a 4 day camping trip to an island tourist destination in our state. Here are the highlights of SS' behavior during this trip.