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BM Picked Up SS

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Well BM arrived to pick up SS at noon (even with the terrible weather and driving conditions). She arrived at noon on the dot. DH took SS to the exchange point and said SS appeared nervous when he saw BM. DH said BM could not even look DH in the face, stared at the ground the whole time and said nothing. 

Nope... Hell Didn't Freeze Over.

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DH monitored the weather for BM's state this morning at 5 a.m. It stated that travel was severely dangerous, almost impossible with 8 to 10 inches of snow possible. Well guess who is on her way to pick SS up as we speak...

I should have known it was too good to be true, ultimately just another game. BM is going to be spending 8 hours on the road in this blizzard and would rather endanger SS's life than give DH more time.

Did Hell Freeze Over?

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So SS is with us for the long weekend. We see SS 6 weeks per year on a long distance schedule. BM called DH right before pickup on Friday, telling him that she was going to be cutting visitation 3 hours short due to the possibility of a snow storm. DH told BM it was unreasonable to make this decision 3 days in advance since weather can change. DH told her that he would evaluate the weather and let her know today if he supported the early pick up or not. 

How Convenient

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So yesterday, I posted a very angry blog about BM using sports to alienate and basically telling DH "eff you" in an email last night. See my other post for more info on that. Essentially, BM is using sports to deny DH his summer parenting time. BM made a huge fuss in court about sports being a "huge part" of SS's life and that his sports should be priority over DH's visitation. Because of this, the judge ruled that DH had to move his parenting time around to accomodate SS's summer sport obligations.

How do you all cope?

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I am not new to steplife. I have been with DH for 8 years, married for 2 years. SS was 10 months old when DH and I met. BM is classic NPD. See my previous post for more back story. I have witnessed BM's verbal and emotional abuse, complete disregard for boundaries, and use of false allegations, lies and antics as a means to win first hand. I have watched her use SS as a pawn in her sick games and I have watched SS suffer in the process. I cannot fathom anyone wanting control so badly that they are willing to hurt their child in the process, weaponizing them against their parent.

Why Does It Still Bother Me/Surprise Me?

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I had to delete my previous account due to giving away too much identifiable information. I have been with DH for 8 years, married for 2. DH has SS8 with HCBM. They were never married, dated during their late teens and conceived SS when BM got off birth control and tricked DH. BM dumped DH after finding out she was pregnant and the games began. She immediately raced for sole custody and hefty CS. BM is classic NPD. DH and I got together when SS was a baby and he had been split from BM for about 2 years.