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Our First Week With SS12 Has Ended

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BM picked up SS12 today. She was wearing a sweatshirt that said "wifey" on it, almost like she is trying to remind us all that she is married to GF. She was decent to DD2 and told us that DD is talking a lot more, which is true. After 5 years of promising, BM still isn't taking SS to Canada after a pick-up. We live an hour from the border. But she is driving an hour in the opposite direction of home to take SS to her old college stomping grounds... again for the millionth time. I am starting to think Canada won't happen like many other promised things in SS' life.

SS12 Arrives Today

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SS12 arrives today for his first visit of summer break. He will be here for a week, then return to BM for a week, then return here for 3 weeks. DH is completing the 8 hour roundtrip drive as we speak to pick him up. 

All has been mostly quiet on the BM front. She did rush SS to the doctor over a bug bite two weeks ago, concerned he had Lymes Disease (again hypochondriac). Nope, it was nothing more than a mosquito bite. Otherwise, just a few school updates here and there. I'm grateful that nothing earth shattering occurred between scheduling our visit and now. 

A Little Shocked By SS12

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DH FaceTimed with SS12 tonight for our usual twice weekly call. SS is in the middle of state standardized testing in school and told DH he just wrapped up English last week. DH asked SS what the English portion entailed. SS explained that there was reading, comprehension, and a writing prompt about whether class participation should count toward a student' grade. DH asked SS where he stood on that topic. SS said he felt it shouldn't and outlined his reasons.

Still No Summer Dates

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If you've followed along with my story, you know SS12 comes for a total of 4 weeks in the summer. It is supposed to be in 2 two week blocks but per our stupid CO, BM can break that down into whatever increments is needed for "sport related conflicts" as long as we maintain 4 weeks/30 days total. Oh and the CO gives BM up to one week before SS is scheduled to arrive (day after the last day of school) to make any changes. 

Toxic MIL

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DH's Mom (My MIL) is toxic. She reminds us exactly of BM. DH doesn't have a relationship with her outside of seeing her at extended family functions and a text on birthdays/Christmas. MIL constantly blames me for this, instead of acknowledging how her own behavior led to this type of relationship. 

Exactly What I Thought Would Happen Happened - SEEING RED

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DH received the dreaded football email from BM tonight. Exactly what I said a few blog posts ago would happen, happened. In her email, BM outlined that she has spoken with the coach and other parents with kids who have played junior high football and there will likely be optional Sunday practices. She highlighted that while they are optional, they will likely impact SS' position and team (A team versus B team) based on his "commitment" to football during those optional practices.

O/T: Toxic Job

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I posted a few weeks ago about my toxic job. As background, I loved my job until last Fall. I thought I was going to stay there for years. I had a great relationship with my manager, had a great relationship with my team, and felt content in the day-to-day. Well, I was "promoted" last September. I use air quotes because it was only a $1,500 raise, but double the workload was added to my plate. I didn't want this promotion, but couldn't I turn it down without losing my job. It was a "company restructuring effort."

See A Fight Coming This Summer

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SS12 has been playing football since he was 5. BM made this her hill to die on to prevent additional long distance visitation, citing that SS couldn't miss football in the summer to be with DH. The courts agreed. So, per our CO, we are entitled to 4 weeks of summer visitation, which is SUPPOSED to be exercised in two 2 week blocks, but the CO gives BM the power to break it up, if it interferes with sports. The CO states that DH HAS to accommodate it, no choice. So unfortunately, BM has all the power to dictate our summer visitation and we essentially have to agree. It sucks.