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2021 Edition of Christmas Present Ghosting Staring Beaver and SD

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Ah..yes...tis is the season for empty boxes...err I mean promises.

Every year Sd has a Christmas list for our house and one for Beaver's.  Oh cool...Our house is the bigger ticket items and her mom's is the less value items.  I get it...we have more discretionary income than no problems.

Every FLIPPPING year Beaver flakes out and doesn't get SD the easiest of items.  EVERY YEAR...Christmas has been renamed by me..the season of empty promises and boxes..or Christmas gift ghosting season.

See that...its the smoke from DH's dreams for SD going up in smoke

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DH's dream of SD going to college just burst like a firecracker on the 4th of July.

SD took the PSAT in the results.  **POOOFFFF*...went the college dream.

SD got a cool 800 out of 1520 on that bad boy. Sigh...any and all hope of SD going to a 4 yr college just died.  

Was Halo not really.  Its been me that has worked with for the last 10 years on her homework..and ...well there is a light on and no one home in that girl's head. 

The blame is strong with the Beaver

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Happy Holidays everyone...uber busy here in Halo I work IT for a global shipping company.  Yippeee......usually this time a year its a slow af around here..but ah...shipping delays, ramp ups and general covid shennanigans have left us busier than Santa's elves.

Ah...onto the Beaver...

SD has never been good about keeping her things nice and undamaged.  The drive me nuttier than a fruit cake..but i don't have to pay for the replacements, etc so I just grit my teeth and move on.

The latest...SD has broken not one but two laptops in the last 6 months.

Well its Friday and I like a good laugh

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What is sometthing funny your HCBM/BD has said to you or about you??

Beaver - that I'm just DH's flavor of the month. 

Let see....I've been that flavor for the last 170 months. Do I get a gift card or something for being the flavor of the month that long. 

The Village Idiot......that I must have peed around the toliet..not him because he has expert aim. 

MMKaayy......still have no words for that one.

Share your best woe is me I'm a single parent tale from your HCBM or HCBD

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Another Blog got me thinking about Beaver's woo is me narrative.  She has had several over the last 14 years but the best was..

Beaver Narritive

Woe is beaver.  She supported DH while he went to school and get his degree and just like that when he graduated he dumped her and got with The Whore (that would be me).  She tells this to EVERYONE she meets.  


I should not let this annoy me but oh it does, it so does

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GWR....(the Great White Rapper)...aka SS, who has determined I am the source of all of his ills and wishes me nothing but misery used my dental  insurance before I canceled it at the beginning of the year.  He used it to get his fake tooth to the tune of 3k.   (GWR has a tooth that never it was missing) WTF...there GWR.  I'm nothing as I have been told repeatedly by both GWR and Beaver but you can use my dental insurance.  I happened to be looking at other claims and found that gem in my paid claims for last year.

Take the Long Road.....take the long road

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This seems to be SD's motto and words she lives by.  Because SD refuses to listen to anyone regarding anything and take the long road...EVERY SINGLE TIME.

ah.....once again I am happy not my circus not my monkey.

I have written before SD has some bad skin issues.  She sees a dermatologist about it.....on DH's dime.  Despite hearing what she needed to from a professional.  (ya know someone that went to school upwards of 8 years)...she listens to Beaver and Tik Tok.  Ugh.......

Take a small sabatical from everything...but I'm back

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I took a small break from all things internet, except for work.  I needed a digital break for a little while.  I have worked at least 3 weekends out of the month for the last 3 far as as computers/email, etc I was burned on the digital world.  (I'm in IT for my profession so my entire day is on the computer solving problems/heading off problems).

The Storm that is my life has now been upgraded to a tornado

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So...I went MIA since work decided now would be a great time to have issues.  That resulted in Halo working this weekend to move things around.  The lucky part..the people I had to work with are great and all have fantastic sense of humors so it makes the work go quickt.  This in contrast to the people had to work with two weekend sense of humor but a HUGE sense of entitlement/superiority.