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Well SD will not be attending any normal 4 year college

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In addition to the abismal grades..her SAT score came in...980.  That will not get her into any traditional 4 year school.  Just like DH has been saying.  I feel for DH..he is a smart man for the most part (except for relationships..he has no clue on those)....and to have two kids that are well...dumb as a hard on him.  Neither skid got any of his brains....they are both just like Beaver.


So...SD's best bet is community college and then maybe transfer.


Wow that was first with DH.

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My steplife has not been easy by any stretch.  15+ years of constant drama from Beaver and the skids.  Its been never ending. For awhile we were in court with Beaver every year.  In fact in 15+ years we have only been out of court for the last 3 to 4 years.  

On Saturday..I had enough of the drama between DH, SD and Beaver and well just with life in general. I ended up go off on both DH and SD.  

Halo hit her limit of bs for today or shall I say tired of drama everyday

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Today sucked @ss and I'm tired of living in freaking drama.

Sd did go to the Dr for the "hurt" hip.  Diagnosis was a pulled muscle or maybe a sprain.  Nothing they can do about but take advil to reduce the pain and inflammation.  NO SH*T REALLY YOU DONT SAY.  So a $100 bucks and five phone calls from Beaver to figure out SD isn't dying of bone cancer or some sh*t.

SD has the injury

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So..for the last few months SD has become quite compromised healthwise.

We have had..

1.  Sinus infection..which required two different antibiotics and multiple trips to the Dr.  Why...because SD didn't think she "needed" the wasn't a sinus infection....blah, blah, blah..  MMM..hmmmm...once she actually took the antibiotics and finished them...magically the sinus infection went away.

Well that was an uncomfortable conversation and other updates

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DH and I were discussing the what is going to happen in the next year.  Dh has gotten a job off and is waiting for the final paper work and will start on April 1.  Woohoo on that front.

Dh is down to 13 months of cs left for SD...and he was discussing what we were going to do in the next year.

Still chugging along here....Dh is still unemployed

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ugh...makes things rough around here.  We did have a good weekend in NOLA....a trip we planned and paid for before his job loss. However, DH really needs to work on his health...I'm 4 years older and I walk rings around gets a bit frustrating when he needs a nap because he is wore out.

My main gripe is still this..

16 years and Beaver is still petty af

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16 years into this...and Beaver still is petty af.

SD..,as a normal 16 almost 17 year old likes to spend more time with her friends than her parents. Go Figure....

However, SD does not drive yet..she is scared to drive.  I get it and I had both kids scared to drive but I taught all three two and SS..aka GWR...and all are good drivers, etc.  So I can teach SD but its a NO so far.  Not my kid not my problem..and I don't play Uber for her.  DH handles all of that now....(therapy is WONDERFUL for pointing out to him SD is problem..not mine and I'm not her momma)

Anyone else feel like they get punished for their DH's previous marrage?

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I noticed this when we first got together.  I always felt like either consciously or unconsciously DH was punishing me for what Beaver did to him.

Beaver was very dismissive of DH and very self centered. (She still is these things) Their marriage, etc was all about her. Its still about her when she enagages with DH .  DH would kiss her big fat beaver tail and went above and beyond for her.  He would do the household chores, cook, etc because despite Beaver not working, she would not do those things.