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aww Beaver doesn't like SD's homecoming dress...shocked..not shocked

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SD is going to homecoming with her friends.   She asked that DD and I take her for a dress.  She asked nicely and well DD loves to shop for dresses so we went.  I did ask SD point blank if this was something she would like Beaver to do since its a "mom" sort of thing.  Sd replied that no..she didn't want Beaver to take her for two reasons.

1.  Beaver's taste in clothing sucks.  (I agree with SD..Beaver dresses like a cross between a 80 year old women and a homeless person)

Second Verse ...same as the first...My Motto for SD and GWR

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Ah....hear that ..that is my deep breathing.....*breath in .....breath out**** and I find my peace.  

Both my Skids have high aspirations...but very in crater levels of ** motivation/work ethic.   We have seen what GWR has done with his life...barely graduating high school ( he was pity passed in most classes) and now works part time as a cashier and lives in Beaver's basement. 

Fall out of GWR..aka SS's great lets text Halo shennaigans.

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Ah...recap GWR decided to txt Halo since he can't text DH.  That did not go well for GWR ....after he accused us stalking him and then was insulting to Halo.  That earned GWR a ceast and desist message from Halo or face further consequences. SD told Beaver that we showed her the message and my response.  Ah...rather than being a parent tell GWR to knock it the eff off..she told SD that seeing DH triggers poor little GWR.  


Uh...ok WTF....

you me and 37000 others..yep that's stalking a GWR aka SS tale

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****insert sarcasm here*

In the time of Covid but before the great lock down DH and I purchased tickets to a concert in a distant land. This distant land was a city 3 hours away from our fair city.  During the great lockdown of 2020 this concert was postponed to 2021.  Time for said concert has now come........oh happy day...

The light at the end of the CS tunnel...

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As we all now GWR..aka SS has aged out of the child support system and Beaver has suffered a reduction in CS to the tune of $600 per month.      

Now for the last 11 years I have been supporting our family despite not receiving any CS for my two kids and paying just about all of my children's expenses on my own.    DH was too busy paying Beaver her CS and alimony, the marital debt and of course attorney debt since they were in court almost every year.

I'm....BBAAAAAACCCKKK. vacation recap and other odds and ends

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After a 10 day vacation to VA to AZ ..I'm back.

Vacation was good ...our only issue was not the kids but DH.  Good lord that man cannot navigate.  He also tries to take over planning the vacation with absolutely no idea of how to plan and make sure everything is taken care of.  DRIVES ME INSANE.  

The Beaver Zone….(insert twilight zone music)

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Cue Rod Sterling's voice.....

'You are about to enter another dimension.  A dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.  A journey into a wondrous land of imagination.  Next Stop.......THE BEAVER ZONE 


Imagine if you will a time when parents cater to their kids and the kids run theirs lives.  This is story of GWR aka my SS and his large fury rodent of a mother ...Beaver.....or so they thought....


I need the riddler to explain this riddle to me

halo1998's picture I have to hear from SD about how Beaver has no money....she is broke, Beaver doesn't have enough money for a vacation.  Beaver doesn't have the money for cable or internet.  Beaver doesn't have money so don't flush the toliet more than a few times a day.  (We found this one out when SD stopped flushing over here...WTF...and we told her NO YOU FLUSH HERE) .  Beaver doesn't have the money to take the dog to the vet.  

 SD isn't complaining so much as trying to figure this riddle out for herself.

If you have NO money why do you do the following:

DD, DS and the trip for their Dad..the VI...and my involvement

halo1998's picture two kids, DD and DS have wanted to take their dad for a small hiking trip since last year.  Enter covid...and yea that didn't happen...till now.

Father's Day and the Village Idiot's birthday is coming up and they planned a 2 day hiking trip paid for on their own.  

DS went to book the cabin that DD found and his credit card kept being denied.  MMMkkk.....DS is calling his bank but meanwhile cabins that are pet friendly are being snatched up at a fast pace and they were afraid they would lose the cabin.