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kind of step related kinda not - sort of a rant.

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These stupid tik tok dances....if you can call them that.

Ugh...ok my 2 kids are not into social media.  Neither has the book of faces or snapchat.  One has the *gram but only to see other pictures, she posts nothing.  Both agree not worth the effort and neither one wants their personal life on display.

SD...ugh another story, snapchat, the book of faces, the *gram, tik tok you name it.  Drives me batty (trust me there isn't far to go) morning the kid (she is 14) had 1,234 messages.  That is text messages in a single night..WTF...

How to lose 14K+ in a few easy steps..a B* chronical

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Hello all...hope the weekend was good to everyone.   Good weather here, yard work completed and s'mores made on the fire pit.


Here is how you lose 14K+ in just a few easy streps.

During the course of our courtship and marrige DH has had 3 custody/child support battles and 3 parenting plan modification.  Yep..its been a long 10+ years.  At one point it seemed we would be in court every year...lucky us.  It's the gift that keeps on giving.

The Dramatic conclusion of the Vi and B* unholy union

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In yesterday's episode of the Twilight Zone...we find out that VI (my ex) and Beaver (Dh's ex) have started dating. Jerry Springer is now on speed dial and we wait to see how this unholy union progresses.  To recap, VI is a narcissist and we supsect Beaver of being at the very least a Boarder Line Personality.  So...this union should be interesting as each is out for themselves.  

We wait to see what happens like people watching a roadside accident..

You are now entering the Twilight Zone.....A VI and Beaver tale

halo1998's picture have now entered the TWILIGHT ZONE...

Cast:  VI - the Village Idiot aka my  EX

           Beaver:  aka my DH's EX

          Beaver Sr..aka Beaver's mom

So not long after the VI was arrested and spent time in an orange jumpsuit and subsquently lost his bid for full custody, Beaver reared her ugly face and filed for full custody.

Of couse she did...*rolling eye**

ok..lets introduce you to my EX - AKA the Village idiot

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While my DH was dealing with his private hell..aka The Beaver..I was dealing with my own private hell...aka The Village Idiot..aka VI

There is a saying that every village has an idiot..with The village idiot lives in a village (it is legimately called The Village of Xxxxx) and he is there idiot, hence The Village Idiot.

Tales of the invisible birthdaty/xmas presents...A B* chronical

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Birthdays...things to be celebrated and usually an occassion for a gift.  

At our house, kids gets a birthday present, usually of their choice with in reason, a cake or whatever yummy dessert they would like and they get to pick where we go out to dinner.  

Example:  SD turned 14 a few weeks back.  She received air pods from DH and I, had fondue instead of cake and chose sushi for dinner.  DD and DS got her fairy lights for her room, some makeup brushes, fake nails and some body wash/lotion.


Pretty good birthday.....SD was happy.

The case of the missing toddler jogging suit..A B* Chronical

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In the beginning there there was only one set of clothes to clothe the skids.  Bags would be packed and would be with skids as they pass back and forth.  Alas, DH realized he would only receive the clothes that were too small, stained or just plain fugggglly.  He began to buy his own clothes and finally told the Beaver...keep the bag I have my own clothes.

Tale of SS and the magical floating dollar bills

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I have seen that my SS is not the only skid to pick up the lovely and lucrative habit of ...stealing.  

Ah yes.. stealing andage old profession..and my SS is no different.

It all started years ago when SS was about 8 or 9.  My memory is shot today so I can't remember how old SS was at the time. \

All of our kids got money from the grandparents for birthday's etc.  There are various types with money, those that save every dime, those that spend every dime, those that spend every dime and then some and then those in the middle, save a little spend a little.