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Awww..we have another little Idiot....aka spend spend spend

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SD......age 18 has a partime job.  For graduation MA got her a hotel room in a sunny state down south on the ocean.  He paid for the room and airline tickets for SD, her friend and DD.  (DD is going since she is 23 and can get the keys to the hotel room).  

Ah....the only thing MA told SD she had to pay for we her food and entertainment down there.  Ah...coool....

To get ready for said vacation SD has spent the following:

$50 on a pedicure

$150 on a manicure/nails

$100 on false eyelashes

I'm not the same person...

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that is MA's mantra of late.  Cool...I can see his is trying to be different since his extra-curricular activies were discovered. What MA fails to realize..I am ALSO  a different person.  After finding his years and years long extra-curriculars changed me...along with therapy for complex PTSD.

MA does not like the new me all that much at times....I no longer sweep his crappy behavior under the rug. I won't light myself on fire to make him happy anymore and I no longer blindly trust him.  Trust but verify buddy...that is where we are at. 

So about SD and MA...I have made some decisions

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Thank you to everyone that resonded etc...


Here is what I have so far...

1.  I will give MA the last 3k for her cosmetology school.  It will be a gift and I will not look back. I have the money so its not a hardship.  This way I can wash my hands of them both and know I tried to do my part.

2.  I will take the darn hamster and put it into the spare room where I can feed it and not look at the pig sty.  That way I will no longer have to see SD's room or have MA deal with it.  Plus the hamster will get more sun in there.

No card, no present for Fathers but boy could she shop - Updated

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UPDATE - DH aka MA  got notification that SD has ANOTHER package arriving here.  (SD has crap sent here since we live in a house and not a condo with communial mailboxes).  SMH..... the ever evolving saga of this episode we find DH realizing that SD could shop for herself but couldn't shop for him.  

****Wait for my suprised face*****

So..Sd on the Saturday before Father's day went to the mall and bought makeup and clothes for herself.  Nothing for dear old Dad..aka Daddy Warbucks to her.

Father's of profound disappointment and a question

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SMH....depsite me telling SD a few weeks ago to stop throwing her father over for Beaver, SD still throws DH out with the bath water to see Beaver.  Now on Thursday SD sent DH a hi how are you...but just the beauty school wants their down payment so that i can register.  (mmmm.....really).  That is the only message DH gets from SD..meanwhile...SD facetimes with the old Beaver 5 and 6 times A DAY.

Tale of stinky laundry.....ooff....and I mean STINKY

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Ah..SD....she seems to following in her mother's footsteps....

SD's room at our house looked like a nuclear bomb had been detonated in it.  Generally, I just close the door at this point..and try not to be wigged out about the state of the room.   Now, I have told everyone leave your crap all over the common areas and I will throw it away if not picked up after I asked you too.  BTDT...and several chitlins have lost their stuff over the years. The smart ones learn to pick up their crap, DH included.  I do not like clutter or mess....