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Why is it these Egg Donors always want their DD's to grow up fast?

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I just don't get it...they always want them to be grown so fast.

In Beaver's case...

Kept  piercing SD's ears starting at 18 months...despite the fact that SD's ears did not like earings and we had multiple infections.

At the age of what 6 or so...wanted SD to wear false eyelashes for first communion.  SD kept pulling them off...but seriously why?

Episode VI...Return of the SD

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**Big Star Wars Nerd here****  Scrolling across your screen

As we left SD had been plucked from school as she was exposed to COVID. Take by the evil force known as Beaver she was kept in the Beaver layer for an indefinate time while the forces of light...aka Dad and Halo were place in quarantine.  SD now returns to the light after 3 weeks in the dark Beaver den...........

After three weeks (two week of plague jail and one week of spring break)..SD has returned from Beaver's


Today is the day.....GWR is now 19

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and all of Dh's legal responsibility for him has ended.  Still waiting to see if Beaver filed anything with the far nothing has shown up as filed.  I will keep watching for the next two weeks....

I'm letting DH deal with this on his own and he will talk about it when he is ready ...or not.  

to me I'm down and one to go in terms of taking away Beaver's gravy train and power trip.

Get your popcorn and watch the show....GWR has been up to tricks

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GWR has about 6 weeks left of his senior year.  He is barely pulling D's and I think that is just because the school wants to be rid of him.  Also we are t-minus 3 days till Beaver's child support is cut in half due to GWR turning 19.  Gotta love a state that says...yep don't care if graduated high school or 19 the gravy train ends no matter what.

So....what do we receive yesterday...a ,letter in the mail from school about GWR.  GWR has been suspended from school for 4 days. What for you ask....inappropriate comments on social media.  


NSMR....Two enter covid quarantine...only 1 leaves

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MAN FLU.......I'm dealing with a case of man flu.

Obviously both DH and I have covid.  Needless to say we both feel like crap.  However, DH is oh so much worse than I am..(he isn't)...he has no fever, a stuffy nose and a slight cough.  Me on the other hand...running 102 fever, coughing like I've been a smoker for the last 20 years (non-smoker here)...and sporting a nice eczema breakout (it happens when I'm sick due to my body trying to fight off the invaders..unfortunately my body thinks my skin is an invader.

Thanks SD....she brought covid to our house

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and now we are all positive.  SD came from her mom's with a stuffy nose that her mother said was allergies...I should have known better since we call SD ...typhoid SD.  She bring ever communicable disease from her mothers house...EVERY SINGLE TIME.

NOw for me and biggie we work from home, order our groceries from a delivery service (I did this before pandemic..I'm lazy) and order takeout.  DD and DS..not so much..  Both their jobs cannot be done at home and now DD has to go fully remote with college for the next 10 days.  


Raise your hand if you saw this coming..Yea DH and I did

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In the 20/21 year of COVID.  SD's school (which is in our district) went to a hybrid model.  One week in week out.  There were some intermixed times when it was 100% remote but never 100% in school.  Except for now.   SD's school district decided that starting last week all kids would be in school 100% of the time.  No more remote...THANK THE HEAVENS...or what ever diety you choose.  SD and remote do not work well.  She is not a self starter at all.

SD..I wasn't born yesterday

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SD is usually the QUEEN of bumwear.  The other day she rolled to school in fleecy christmas print jammie pants and t-shirt with paint on it.  ***rolling my eyes***

Ah but today she has on a cropped zipped hoodie that seems to be worn every day and underneath it a copped cami that she brought from Beavers with some jeans that she has.  Now..the only reason I know she has on this cami (which at 14 years old would have been F NO for me) is because I saw it the other day when I did laundry and I saw it under the hoodie when she lifter her arms up when she got home today.


NSMR sort of ..DS update and GWR update..

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Well I had a sit down with DS and DD regarding their living situation. Specifically, DS trying to hold over DD's head she got the bigger room (bigger is a strong word..we are talking maybe 10 feet.)

To recap:  DS was given the options of 

1. Shutting up and have a nice free place to live.

2. Move back to his Dad's.  (which already knew from DD that wasn't an option either...even the VI knows its time for DS to fly out of the nests)

3.  Move out on his own...get his own place and pay rent, etc.


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This kid and that is term is used lightly since he is 22, is STILL BIOTCHING about having a smaller room in the condo that he pays no rent for.  He currently thinks he should not have to pay half the utilities since he has a smaller room.  You know the whole $100 bucks a month he has to pay

We are having a coming the Jesus meeting tonight...because I AM SICK OF HEARING THIS FROM HIM.

Oh the horror he has a smaller f'n hoo there kid.