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Last blog about my mother ..the drama queen

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After I told mother to knock off her shenannigans...she took to facebook.  ***insert breathing exercises here*****

Woa is me...I found out who I can count on and who I can't.

Woa is isn't much better than yesterday

Woa is m....sometimes your enemies are the ones you love the most.



I ended up calling her and telling her stop with the facebook crap.  Neither myself or my sister are her enemies (although at this point you are driving us to that) and that only she can help herself out of this mess.

Update to AITA my mother

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Well, I had about enough of her shenanigans....and let her have it today.

Asked her what exactly she wanted me or my sister to do about there situation?  Like what...her response..I just want some sympathy.

Ok....we have given you sympathy....yep my Dad is not easy to live with...but what exactly does us giving  you "sympathy" look like....there is a difference between sympathy and wanting us to solve the issue and or side with you againg my Dad.  Not gonna happen...she didn't have a response to that one.

NSMR...but am I the @sshole here..its my mother

halo1998's picture parents live about an hour away from me out in the middle of BFE...I'm mean they live out in an area where they are surrounded by corn fields.   They moved to this midwest state from the great city of Wind on the lake.  When they moved there they wanted land...glorious land.  I tried to tell them..yea living out in the boonies is fun for about 5 minutes...until you have to have your gas trucked in and drive 30+ minutes to get ANYTHING.  I had BTDT while living in another corn filled midwestern state. money MonEEEY.....oh Beaver must need money

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Ah nothing says hello weekend like a message from the Beaver.  **insert eyeroll**


I didn't get to claim GWR last because he aged out at 17.  Therefore, I am claiming SD this year.   You got the first year that GWR wasn't claimed and I get the second year, so this is my year.



MMkkk...there Beaver.  

DH's response

Please provide proof that you didn't claim GWR last since he was 17 and you were/are still receiving child support for him as a dependant.


Beaver's response

A Beaver Chronicle...Christmas Edition..bonus starring The Village Idiot (my ex)

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As part of my holiday Beaver update....Beaver asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas but didn't buy them any of that.  Ok..I get sometimes money is tight..but why ask if your not going to get anything for them.

DH however was not suprised....Beaver is apparently nortorious for her crappy gift giving. I had to laugh as my ex..the Village Idiot is also the worst at gift giving.

Lets start with the Village gifts from him included..

Just funny and I think I bit my tongue in half

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Beaver works in a hospital.  Beaver I'm guessing will have to get the COVID vaccine.  I asked SD if Beaver had gotten the vaccine yet.  Nope....and Beaver doesn't want to get it because it makes people special needs. took all I had not to respond..

No worries there SD, your mother is already special needs.  It won't harm her in the least. tongue has bite marks....

GWR also doesn't want to get the vaccine either....Darwin can kick in here at anytime for either or both of them.

Merry Christmas Eve..Happy Holidays.....

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Hope everyone is having a good (or as good as can be) holiday season.

Congrats to justmakingthebest on her SS acutally getting on the plane. I would have bet my paycheck that kid didn't get on the plane.  Christmas miracle I suppose.

Cheers to everyone else on surviving the next two days of stepdome.  I'm sure most will deal with exchanges and psychotic BM's and their bbaaaaaabbbbbyyyyss.

Cause and it really that hard to understand...for my skids apparently

halo1998's picture skids do not get the concept of cause and effect.  Its not that do a...that causes b to happen.

This is especially true for grades and their Dad's attitude toward them.

DH is very big on getting decent grades..not all A's but A's and B's.  He believes that is doable and if you need help we will help you or get you help.

I don't think this is an unreasonable request.

My skids cannot get that 

Cause:  do not do and/or turn in work

Effect:  you receive failing grads for those assignments.

Cause:  do not study for a test

Thanksgiving Dinner with a side of COVID

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why yes..please....UGH NO...........

So we scheduled our Turkey day dinner for the friday after Thanksgiving. 

1.  SD wouldn't be at our house till 2 p.m. on Thanksgiving. Gotta love that split the holiday crap.

2.  My kids would be at their dads that day.  Their Dad is alone and they wanted to make dinner for him there.

3.  Friday is my moms birthday. We would celebrate Turkey Day and her birthday.


Ah what is the saying..the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.  Yep...we are on the road to hell...