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No card, no present for Fathers but boy could she shop - Updated

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UPDATE - DH aka MA  got notification that SD has ANOTHER package arriving here.  (SD has crap sent here since we live in a house and not a condo with communial mailboxes).  SMH..... the ever evolving saga of this episode we find DH realizing that SD could shop for herself but couldn't shop for him.  

****Wait for my suprised face*****

So..Sd on the Saturday before Father's day went to the mall and bought makeup and clothes for herself.  Nothing for dear old Dad..aka Daddy Warbucks to her.

Then we find on Tuesday...SD got a package...yea I opened it cause I'm nosy af....its a freaking corset.  Yep...she bought a corset...(ooff...that gave us some images we would rather not see).  Regardless.....she ordered the thing on.....SATURDAY. 

DH....he is an the freaking poster child for he will be known as MA...for Mr. Avoidant.  Now I came home on Tuesday after work (I work 2 days in the office)....and found the package and opened it. (yea bad).  I saw really....

I told DH I would not be contributing her education...since she has decided to become Beaver and not buy presents/cards etc for anyone but themselves.  NOPE..not going to do.,  MA got real quiet and when I finally asked wtf was going on with him, his response was  (now I will say this progress cause before old MA wouldn't have said anything)

MA..this is situation with SD is really hard and I'm having a hard time.  When you come at me too..its really hard to deal with.  I appreciate that you have my back and that you are upset for me...but I have a hard time dealing with all of this.  I will deal with....I'm not going to avoid it like normal..but damn this is hard.  I just feel like SD is now going to be just like GWR..aka SS and will stop talking to me.  I'm ok with that..but its still hard.  

That was alot to say for MA..normally he would say nothing..and just withdraw from me, etc.  So..ok...that is better.  I dropped it at that point since MA needed time to process

SD was supposed to get with MA this week to pay for her tuition...surprise surprise we have not heard from her.  MA is like oh well..she needs to drive this some...and I cannot be doing everything.

But damn y'all....I'm guessing SD will move in with Beaver full time her soon...

MA and I do wonder..why now all of sudden is Beaver so interested in SD.  She couldn't be bothered with her for the last 18 years (SS is the golden child).  I think....Beaver needs someone else to cover her income short fall from CS ending so she is ramping up her interactions with SD so she can have her live there permanently and then charge her rent to cover the the CS ending.  (SS already pays 600 per month to live in the basement of 1400 squarefoot area)...and we know that Beaver's mortgage payment is $650 a month I think Beaver is trying to get SD to pay $500 month to cover the rest of her expenses.  Just a guess though.


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I think you have Beaver completely pegged. She may also encourage SD to get student loans/grants and then urge her to spend the "windfall" on fun stuff. Ugh

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She told SD.."I won't do that..I don't want to be responsible for your school debt" and we won't fill it out because it is useless since we make way too much money.  So..unless SD lays out a year and can prove she is on her loans will appear.  But I would not put it past Beaver to tell SD to get a full time job and then proceed to "help" SD spend her money.  

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Is Beaver so stupid that she doesn't realize that filling out a FAFSA doesn't obligate her for SD's college loans or other expenses? (No, don't answer . . . of choose she's that stupid).

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she's circling the proverbial drain and it's only a matter of time until we all hear that giant sucking sound. I'm a bit of an ass so I'd innocently say "I thought my package was here and opened it and was shocked to see it wasn't my order. I guess it's your school supplies?" then walk away humming that famous Donna Summer song "bad girls"

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and I told MA..when SD asks where the rest of the tuition money is..I'm going to say..

i don't know there SD...ask Beaver....I'm sure she has the money since she stole yours. 

I so want to say..

Here SD here is your corset.....let me know what pole your working to fund your education


Here is your corset....what corner can we find you on again?


Hey SD..i thought this was my package..but alas I see its your new work uniform.

yea...I can be a giant BIOTCH when I want to be....hence why MA HATES to fight with me.  He shows up with a knife to a battle of wits so to speak...and even he agrees he cannot top me on the sarcasim or snark.  (I work really really hard to NOT say these things or the other sh*tty things that go through my head...therapy is good)

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I consider my snark a good character trait. My ability to think it instead of saying it is a struggle. 

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Once she realized it would be work and she would have to go all day...I think she soured on that.  I also think Beaver is chirping in her ear that she could "do something else"...what that is..who the eff knows.  

I did tell MA I thought SD was dragging her feet and didn't want to go.  MA is ok with that..but if she doesn't go to school..then she won't move into our condo.  That is the rule for the you access to the college/school school./trade or whatver..then NOPE.   MY DS lives there but has his education (degree in Econ from a very well known school) and pays us rent.  DD lives there till August when she leaves for her master.  She lived there 4 years while in undergrad and still paid us rent...(less than her brother)...from her part time job.

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and working on her school registration..she is here in our town at THE POOL.  Yep.,..she is lounging by the pool..she isn't working or anything...just lounging by the pool.  


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Me too....but its the gut that is going to hang out that gets me.  (SD is not a small person....alas both MA's family and Beavers family are BIG people and I'm not talking tall..Beaver herself is morbidly obese).  So....yea....there is that.

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If she doesnt want to go, no good wasting your, DH"s, perhaps BM"s or the government's money.  I know the alternative future of living with BM is a grim outlook but all you can do is hope she will mature at some point.

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DH never gets anything beyond a text "Happy Father's Day". Well that's what happens when you pick The Skunk Ape to be the mother of your children. They turn out just like them. 

Filling out the FAFSA doesn't make the parent responsible for the education but it does allow the government to calculate any aid and student loans they will be offered. The loans are not the parents responsibility either, only the student's.

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of the freaking FASFA web page..and old Beaver there has had to fill out for her endless college experience.  SD however doesn't know goes right along with...

Beaver told SD she can't have her social security card because its illegal for her to give it to SD.

Can't make this crap up...

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Let me get this right. In Beaver's mind it is illegal for SD to have her own SSN card?  Time to call the police and report it stolen and give Beaver's name.  

I would.

ETA: On further thought, this reeks of Beav ripping off her own kid's identity. I would bet dollars to donuts that she has credit in his name.  I would run a credit report on his SSN if I were you and your SO.  When it comes back that SD's identity has been used to get credit, press charges on Beav.

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on SD's credit across all 3 credit reporting agencies.  We got credit reports from all three for SD as well to see if anything had been opened.  Nothing yet but if Beaver tries it...we will be notified.  But yes..that was my first thought that Beaver was using SD's credit.  I wouldn't put it past her at all.

Yes...Beaver told SD that she couldn't have her SS card because it was illegal to give it her.  SMH...poor SD is pretty clueless and believe that line of BS...that is until I told SD..IT HER CARD....PERIOD.  Beaver has no right to keep it from her.  I also pointed out..we have SD's passport..SD knows where it is at and can access it at all times.

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I think I'd be extremely blunt even if I knew it was pointless, " Do you want to do something with your life or are you going to be an eternal loser?"

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because I already pointed and MA..are the ones that support her and her endevours.  I have pointed out....look at your brother..he sleeps in the basement of your mom's with his girlfriend and two cats.  Your Dad predicted that would happen..and look it did.  Do you want that to be you?  

And here we yep I guess she does want to live in the Beaver Den that looks like hoarder house..paying for the Beaver's expenses.

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Beaver sits home all day cooking up ways to get money.  When you don't have a job you have a lot of time on your hands.

SD is on her own, if she is letting Beaver screwing her, it's on her.  You just stop the $

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Is now officially Beaverette!  Beaver's mini me.