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BM and DH Texts, texts and more texts

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The texting always initiated by BM has been going on for months.  Even the therapist told DH to stop responding.  He has not.  If he doesn't respond oldest SD texts and wants to know why he hasn't responded. His phone is glued to him these days, never was before.  I can't sleep at night.  He wants to know what is wrong.  How many times can I possibly tell him to cut her out of our lives.  He responds that it will calm down after the upcoming wedding.  I notice that he is not telling me that it will stop.

Called DH’s bluff

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DH again says you should go to the dinner with me and support me.

I said when the skids begin to treat me with respect and are not rude to me then I will go.  I said besides they do not invite me.  
I asked if they included me in the invite knowing that they did not.

DH says he will call and ask if he can bring me.  I said OK, make the call.  DH says I will.  I said call now so I can hear.  Then he says well dinner is at 5:00 knowing that I work until 5 and SD is 2 hours away.

I am sick of doing this dance.


Here we go again

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Skids were invited for dinner at our house.  DH couldn't get an answer and we needed to go to the market.  While we are at the market he got a text that they weren't coming.

DH is so concerned about mending fences.  How are you supposed to do this when you graciously invite them for a meal and they can't be bothered.  
Well I guess the skids and BM came up with a plan.  They invited DH to one of their houses for dinner.  I am sure BM will be there and I am equally sure that I am not invited or welcome.