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He replied.....

Parrotmom's picture

So after having this enormous black cloud hanging over me for what felt like an eternity H replied to SD message. A firm but fair, this isn't going to be a walk in the park message, making it clear he has other commitments she needs to except before anything can happen but also saying he is willing to try to rebuild thier relationship if she can except what he has said. That was yesterday....... She hadn't replied yet! 

Knew This Would Happen Pt. 2

CastleJJ's picture

I posted a blog last weekend about a fight we had with BM. BM is trying to withhold and interfere with summer visitation with SS9. 

DH received an email tonight from SS' football league that SS' tryout is next week, which is well before DH's parenting time which means that DH will have SS for two two week blocks as originally scheduled with no interference from BM. 

DH emailed BM to beat her to the punch and allow him to confirm the schedule without allowing room for manipulation or changes. BM agreed but... 

No shame

bananaseedo's picture

OK OK, I know back in the day when girls got pregnant out of wedlock they were shamed w/out mercy, it was extreme....and now these days we have the opposite, they are applauded and celebrated and show excitement when an unmarried 20yr old couple winds up pregnant.  If you remember anything about my SD she is attention seeking to a fault and LOVES receiving accolades and tons of presents.


Ursula's picture

So the ice cream truck just came around. My husband got SD ice cream and nothing for our DD. F-ing a hole. I said something to him and he was like I didn't know you wanted her to have one. He didn't even ask. I didn't know he was getting ice cream at all. My DD noticed and was like why didn't I get an ice cream? I'll be taking her out for dinner and ice cream tomorrow night and leaving idiot husband and SD home. Wtf. 

Another oh duh

Jcksjj's picture

Another realization about the situation regarding SIL and SD: this is the exact same thing she did to both her ex husband and the friend she lived with after. Got mad at them and all of a sudden started claiming they were abusive. 

Makes me wonder if she's the one pushing BM to take SD fulltime and get all the welfare, since that's the same thing SIL did.

Advice on Switzerland Friends/Sort of steplife

CLove's picture

Greetings and happy Monday, hope everyone had a great weekend.

Something happened this weekend and this morning that really made me think.

"Am I the A$$hole here" kind of thinking, Tell me, please.

This weekend was mothers day, as we all know. It came up in casual conversation, that DH didnt wish Toxic Troll "Happy Mothers Day" this year. Im like "you wish her happy mothers day previously? What about happy birthday? Merry Christmas?"