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Happy Mother's Day!

1dad4kids's picture

Happy Mother's Day to the Stepmoms and Bios! I know we all have mixed feelings about whether or not Steps should celebrate the parents day, but we always have. SS12 has been with us every Mother's Day since he was 2, at least for breakfast. We've always had the morning to enjoy together. Today BM is working late so she is picking him up afterwards. Which like technically is against the CO but DH isn't an asshole and I get to enjoy all 3 meals with SS12 today so I'm happy. 

Mother’s Day.

MissK03's picture

Today is the day!! All the GUHCBMs have been waiting for!! Either they don't want their kids or the need to be shown they are MOTHER!! With a few varying scenarios in between.

So I just wanted to wish all the bio moms, step moms, cat moms , dog moms, any mom a Happy Mother's Day. This day can be very challengeing for a lot of us here for all sorts of reasons. 

Hopefully everyone enjoys their day!! I got new hiking boots from the dogs. :) 


This might be a long one!

stepmomnorth's picture

My stress level is through the roof and I am borderline having a panic attack.

I stage 4 cancer, and so far I've had 2 chemo treatments. On Thursday I had a surgery on my chest to insert a Port a Cath, to make my chemo IV treatments and I am still recovering, mobility etc. I've been trying to sit around and rest/recover..

Please need help - MIL dramatic lies & drama to SS

Caroline2b1211's picture

I was wrinting a few days before that SS wasn't happy there, and has no center of interest. 
And i may know what makes him behave like that, for a part. 
Yesterday he talked to me, and asked why and for how long he will be punished from phone here. 
I explained that it was not a punishment, but that he is not allowed to use his phone here because MIL use it to make drama, and because we want to live in peace and enjoy his stay here. 

Please help me

PB's picture

Can you believe that he just sent me a text to say lets talk tomorrow, so we can separate. 

Is it him to separate from me?! haha that's a joke! 

He a** instead of solving the issues with Sd 7/24 and starts to work like a man he wants a separation from me?!

What should i tell him girls? I'm angry, sad, upset at the same time, dont know what to do or what to say....

Don’t want to be more involved

Popstar's picture

Despite 24 years with husband I still have no bond with his daughters as they have been completely monopolised by BM. Basically DH has allowed this to happen because he wasn’t a family man in his younger years and was very ambivalent about wanting kid. However he did step up when divorced by way of maintenance and weekly contact to which I was also involved.

Parasitic Vampire: Need ST Input

StepUltimate's picture

Divorce update and request for your insights/suggestions:

It's become evident STBXH isn't done taking, taking, taking like the lying entitled vampiric parasite he is, was, and always will be. He's got multiple divorces under his belt (all THEIR fault!), while I am untrained and inexperienced in this "community property" arena. 

He's lying about numerous assets & I don't know what to do or say to my attorney. I am not going to lie, and my disclosures were 100% based in truth, with exacting documentation to back it up. 


I’m just being petty but I need to let it out.

EveryoneLies's picture

2022 has been very busy and stressful, to add on top of the stress we have to move because our landlord plans to move back. We were able to find a home very quickly and start to plan things around, and DH told SS stb 15 today that we will be moving soon.