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Freaking ignorant....

tankh21's picture

So....DH took OSS to the emergency room a few weeks back and BM showed up there and started drama because apparently my house is dirty or I don't wash my hands when I am cooking meals...LOL....Any way, the kid just threw up in a parking lot so I told DH that he needs to just take him to an urgent care clinic. Well of course he didn't listen and low and behold we get a bill from the hospital yesterday and $1900 is what DH owes. I just laughed and told DH that maybe next time he will listen to me and that a kid throwing up doesn't mean an emergency.

"take your kid to work day"-here we go...

iamlosingit's picture

As predicted...DH is all in a snit because Thursday is "take your kid to work day".  He is already starting off all wrong.  He never gave BM 30 days notice that he wanted to do this, and also got the dates wrong.  He though it was Friday, which he thought was perfect because we have SS this weekend anyway so he can just pick him up and bring him home with him after.


Update on SD19 moving in...husband always to her rescue

Happycamper's picture

SD had asked DH to move in with us this summer. I told him that was a bad idea.I told DH my feelings on everything. I have never been allowed to "parent" the skids when they are over...down to asking them to pick up a dish so I know this would be bad. SD19 does NOT like to work. She is a lazy child.  He sort of "tabled" it for now. I literally haven't even been around SD19 until this weekend. We picked her up to hand out with us. It ended up being a disaster for me. First of all, we are hoping to move in the near future to another state.

More counselling

DHsfamilyfromhell's picture

So I have asked my DH to go to counselling again which he has agreed to. Commication has never been easy between us, I am going to have a his family his problem approach from now on, so as long as it doesn’t affect my two little girls, it’s his business. If he wants to put up with bad treatment from his family of origin, and his grown up children that’s his problem.

I’m so happy...

Ashleyg1994's picture

I could really just burst! The complete turn around my BF has had since we talked is amazing. I took a step back from SD. Not a huge one but enough to show BF that I wasn’t mommy and she neede him to be her daddy. It’s been amazing. Literally so good. I saw him just go in and play with her for like 2 hours and they took a nap together this weekend. It was beautiful. I don’t think BF was raised in a hands on, show your love household so it’s hard for him to be that way with his daughter but I can see my family and my raising having small impacts each day! 



Self control

ProbablyAlreadyInsane's picture

Super short... SD10 walked up to me. She was watching one of her favorite shows. The lady on the show and her husband have the same names as Psycho and druggie. She sat there then said “so that’s why she told me that they’re basically like them...”

Took EVERYTHING in me not to say “well they are criminals... So it’s fitting...”

(quick recap. Not just calling them criminals. Illegal drug use, both have been caught stealing before, she got fired for stealing narcotics, and now they’re both employed at places known for not drug testing.)

SO and CBD

Dontfeedthetrolls's picture

Friday SO’s mother gave him some CBD oil and a vape pen. I’ve been skeptical about all the hype for CBD and maybe it’s placebo but I’m sold. He was using it Friday night after the kids got to bed and off and on Saturday and the change for him was amazing. He slept without any issues and for the first time in I don’t know how long he didn’t get sick at all for the day. Then Saturday I found out our city was doing some random event and wanted to go with the kids so SO decided to really push the possible benefits.

Nothing is changing-- SS20 Getting all this off my chest

always_anxious's picture

I have to vent and get this out. The tension is building. 

SS20 is getting to me. He's getting to SO. SO hasn't said or done anything except to complain to everyone, BUT SS20. SS20 is acting jealous of BS6 and his entitledment is making him moody. He has this idea we are supposed to just endlessly supply him with needs.