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Update to talks with SD and DH - unexpected (and sad) outcome!

missginger's picture

So last Wednesday I blogged about the conversation I had with SD16 in front of DH. Quick summary: She was being very negative and uninterested in so many things. I was kind of pushing her that night about some things and I am sooo glad I did. (And yes DH was a douche that night trying to shut me up. Now he is realizing that it was good that I did). 

Another MOTY Moment REVISED

thinkthrice's picture

Just received a letter from the Houseshitter's (YSS17) school stating that they still have not gotten any immunization records nor any up-to-date records of immunization for said Houseshitter. According to the letter, this request went out several times including just before the beginning of the school year in September. And no, the Girhippo has no religious objections or conscientious objections against immunizations...this is pure laziness and neglect. All the while she tells other parents how to parent their children for a living!!

Dad's estate 3/4 of the way done

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Hey we had a little progress on the Alaska Properties of my Dad's estate.  My PR sister used a personal representatives deed  to put 1 of 4 properties in her name, #2 in my name, #3 in our little sisters name!  This is great news!  it is finally recorded and no one can take the daughters Alaska properties.

STalk trend?

Iamwoman's picture

Within the past year or so, it seems as if STalk went from being mostly populated by SMS who have decent spouses but the spouse might be a Disney parent, or might kowtow to BM a bit... to a place where we are now mostly populated by SMs in ABUSIVE marriages or relationships!

Is this a generational thing? Are younger adults simply more abusive to each other? Or are more people not recognizing signs of abuse and simply think it's step-life?


Toxic Family splitting us up

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At a loss and so very sad and lonely. I have been with my GF (partner) for three years. We get on just great but her family (mother and 2 daughters – ages 23 and 12) have just gone out of their way to make things as awkward for us as possible for us. The youngest SD’s behaviour has just been appalling, dangerous! and at times just plain weird.

Someone is pushing the One Big Happy Family narrative...

momjeans's picture

and I suspect it’s my MIL.

Skid has been gone a good 10 days and I’ve noticed our young bios have been mentioning BM’s toddler with her current husband in conversation, as if they know him. 

Someone’s pushing this “Skid’s half-brother is faaaaaaamily” narrative, post skid’s visit. And given ALL the drama and BS behavior from BM, past and present, why is this okay? 

I mean, I know it’s okay to MIL, but why in the world should this be okay with me?

I guess I’m looking for ideas how to tackle this, because it has my nerves frazzled.

I am exhausted.

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Hi everybody,

this is my very first post so I would like to describe my situation...hoping to find a place to vent and people that can understand me.

I am a 21 years old woman married to a 24 years old man who has a 2 years old son with his previous wife, and he has full custody of the child, even though the child still sees the mom from time to time. The child is staying in our house for a month and then go to his mom for a while.Problem is, I have to take care of him during the day because my husband works and cannot afford a daycare.