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Does your SK ever try to make your kids jealous?

NotSoStepStepmom's picture

I was sitting down in my room this morning after finishing the morning routine (packing school lunches, doing the dishes, etc.) earlier than usual. My youngest kiddo came in to ask me something and SD trailed behind. As I sat and spoke to my kiddo, SD kissed my cheek over and over again and stared at my kid with a stupid face as if to say, “You’re talking to her but watch me kiss her the whole time. You can’t have her undivided attention!” She has done crap like that since she was 4 years old.

Spidey senses and automobiles

ITB2012's picture

We got a car when DS got his license as a car that they all could use (since OSS was just a few months later and DH talked to BM about it being a shared car with the skids since it's in their decree they have to agree on vehicles). Back then, a few months before buying the car, I asked DH about a car in BMs driveway (I was in our car when we dropped skids off after some trip). He and the skids said it was BMs for winter driving to far away work functions. She had an SUV but wanted to drive a smaller car during the winter? That didn't make sense.

Disengagement with One Skid While Building Relationships with Others

ChamomileTea4Me's picture

It's the Monday after visitation weekend and time to decompress!  SS11 (SS10 had a birthday) and SS15 were here for the weekend and it was actually pretty darn good.  For the first time ever, SS11 asked MR.


Not my problem

Kristymac's picture

so, school has been in for exactly a week now, my SS has missed 2 days the first week. This is the 2nd week and he is still in the bed. That’s 1 day missed this week. Sorry i’m Not sorry. Your 18 and can do whatever you want! I’m 40 and I choose to not enable him anymore.

I am such an awful SM!! NOT!!! He can get his ass outta bed and get on the bus.

Visitation - Tales of MIL's crap

ProbablyAlreadyInsane's picture

Drop off was on Friday. DH was working, so I handled it.  Which typically is no big deal.  I drop the kids. Psycho hardly says a word. Then we're done.

Not this week though. Why? Because MIL doesn't know how to keep her nose out of EVERYONE's business.  Why is it at her house still? Because we moved it short term, MIL PROMISED to but out of things, so we mvoed it back. Bad. Idea.

She's so freaking loud!

NotSoStepStepmom's picture

I spent all day today cleaning and I just sat down to relax a bit before I start making dinner. My SD is so freaking loud. Always. She is always loud. She's almost ten and she squeals and screams around like a five year old. She does it a lot when we are in public and she smiles and looks around to see whose attention she is getting. My DH and I both call her out on it, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Pinkleton Divorce: The skids chapter

Pinkleton's picture

this is some shit. Stbx won’t communicate with me except in text. Okay whatever. I spoke some peace yesterday and blatantly said, “it’s more complicated for us to avoid eachother like this than just be civil. I’m not bitter or angry anymore because it won’t change anything. We just want different things in life and it’s not working together.” He responds with telling me the only thing he is upset about is that I never asked if I could say goodbye to his kids. i Told him if he wants to sit down together and tell them, that’s fine with me.. but I don’t know what to say to them by myself.