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Communication, part II

Irene H.'s picture

I've written before about this, but here's a recap: My DH's ex will not speak a word to me, but leaves her kids with me, even when DH isn't here. We have 50/50 custody. He was gone a lot on fires over the summer, and then for a week long hunting trip at the beginning of the month. And she kept to the custody schedule, even though he wasn't here.

Grown SS(40ish) is always bringing ME and MY kids up when he has “issues” with his dad.

Zen mode's picture

This has been happening more and more regularly. He seems to have this fantasy that DH and I are having family get togethers constantly with my kids. We aren't. We see and interact with his kids much more than mine. They even live closer. Even if we DID have my kids over for Sunday dinner every Sunday what's it got to do with him? I have begun to suspect he's extremely insecure and even jealous of my GROWN a kids.

The final countdown!!! This brat needs to go!

Ashleytenorio17's picture

Omg I swear my SD11 has the be the most bratty entitled little girl I have met ! First she thinks every in our home is hers and she lives there like full time! She comes and completely takes over my BS9 desk ( we he does school online ) she said it's not fair he gets his own desk first of all... my son can never have anything of his own because it has to be hers too! Yesterday I heard him fighting with her because she had his mouse and he wanted to use it and she was saying it was her mouse too!!! I wanted to be like wtf with you!

All of this has left me jaded

1dad4kids's picture

Sometimes I wonder if it's a blessing or curse to have found this site. 

Everything BM does now, I assume has an ulterior motive. I never react optimistically anymore. Not only that, things that used to get me excited (either happily or energetically towards a cause) with her are now blase.

Oh BM agreed to something for once?

Meh. I'm sure there's a reason behind it to benefit her. 

Oh BM is irrationally freaking out about something and now we look better for court? 

Meh. I'm sure the bias judge will side with her anyway. 

Financial and responsibity rights

Drjk10473's picture

I became a stepfather in 2015 and all seem pretty good in the beginning. Obviously there were some disagreements or clash of opinions but overall it seemed minimal and manageable. Over the years though it seems it has gone to the point where my opinion and how things affect me financially and responsibility wise are less and less important. It seems that my partner makes decisions that can or do affect me without asking me if it's ok.

Yep I'm still here

Chmmy's picture

My 4 step kids live with us full time. Oldest SD21 is at college. It's hard to Nacho when they never leave but I do my best to only get involved in things that directly affect me and my household...which is almost everything but I pick & choose my battles anymore. I have bit my tongue for weeks to keep the peace. I now have discovered that SD18 and her boyfriend 21 that mostly lives here 6 nights a week and is alone in the house when SD goes to work...anyway they shoplifted from Target. It makes me uncomfortable that they are here alone often or worse he is alone with me.

BF's Toxic Son 3

Soniki's picture

Soooo not really sure how to get on with SS's GF. He always makes excuses for them not spending time with me and BF, her apparent anxiety with meeting new people (they've been together for 3 months now and she comes to stay over every weekend) they spend the whole time in his bedroom, even eat in there). Please read previous blog posts to understand my relationship with him.

But everytime I'm away seeing my family, him and his gf conveniently manage to spend time with my bf. I've barely said more than hi how are you to her.

OT - my sister is being abused

Merrigan's picture

My sister and her husband are currently separated after 17 years together.  They have two teenage kids and one adult skid.  They live in another country from our family, but close to her in-laws. Since the separation, he has escalated by breaking into her house and attempting to steal from her. She originally told us (our sisters) that she was just trying to block him from stealing her phone and computer. Today we found out that he "put hands" on her and she's covered in bruises.

“You WILL say thank you to MY WIFE!”

SubstituteMommy's picture

Due to distance learning, there are times when supplies need to be picked up at the school for projects and assignments. My SO's work schedule makes it impossible for him to do any of that, so it's always me. Yesterday, I had to go to the school for SD10. I got home and she grabbed it, laid everything out on the kitchen table, and went on her merry way. Each time that I have picked anything up for my own kids, I have always been thanked for it. SD though? Of course not. Not even once.