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Question About "Bad Boys"

paul_in_utah's picture

G'day fellow STalker, 

So I have been wresting with this one for a while.  What is it, exactly, that makes "bad boys" so irresistable?

As a bit of background, my current situation mostly revolves around SOD (Significant Other-Daughter"), the TPP ("Trailer Park Prince"), and SOD-GD (Significant Other - Daughter's GrandDaughter).  TPP is the biological father of SOD-GD.

Doing something not so nice

Crr18's picture

I normally am not a mean or vengeful person. I want to do something not so nice but need to see if I should or if it is beneath me and would be like I have no class. And since I am leaving anyway I want to get a point across.  BM did the thing again as I am sure most people have seen my post where she is not going to talk to SO anymore and in less then a week she is texting everyday .  I want to text her and say does your DH know you text your ex everyday and what is it you want from him that you can't just make a schedule and quit the daily communication.

Sigh...the HRO did not stop the harassment

Jcksjj's picture

It's been a week since FIL got the restraining order served to him and already we've gotten another message from the uncle who had no previous involvement. 

This one said he heard DH was a piece of work labor day weekend and that he will be funding all efforts to make sure he takes care of his daughter (financially). Ending it with "I hope you have deep pockets!"

He wants to live with BM

Hastings's picture

Not a shock. DH has seen it coming.

So, SS11 is on BM's health insurance, so she lets DH know his half every quarter. She hasn't billed him in more than a year, despite DH asking. Today he talked to her and pushed her. She finally admitted SS has said he wants to live with her and they've been working on it. She's been holding off on billing him in case SS lives with her.

No connection

Crr18's picture

I am just wondering how may of your SOs  if having always been in their childrens lives seem to have no connection or bond with them and Don't really seem to know much about how their own kids feel about things or things they actually like and don't like. Plus SOs that are uncomfortable with the kids when they are around but will do anything they can to see them?

Taking bets, how will BM react

1dad5kids's picture

Well, I affirmed my affidavit today and The StepDad's lawyer said he'll either send it in to BM today or tomorrow.

Unfortunately SS12 is with BM this week..

Taking guesses on her reaction 

Best case scenario: she contacts me directly freaking out and says nothing to DH or SS12.

Likely scenario: she contacts The StepDad, his new GF, my DH and tells SS12. Will also probably post a vague inspirational quote to social media. 

I should note:

RIP Disney Parenting... Finally

daisydiamond82's picture

Oh boy. What a week and change it's been in our house. So, two weekends ago SD10 had Covid and BM refused to take time off work to keep SD at her house to quarantine. My SO had to take her to his parents' house (they are away on a trip) to quarantine and try not to expose himself and by extension me. It ended up working out and SD is recovered now and neither of us ended up with Covid. Thank goodness. SD had a lot of time at BM's last week so we didn't see her much but SO and I had a couple discussions about SD and her behavior lately.

Should I read it?

justmakingthebest's picture

DH never deletes texts. His texts with BM go back to 2011. His phone is maxing out on space so we decided to download them all and create a PDF incase he needs it for court. We already have screenshots of the important stuff but this is everything for 11 years in one 1300 page document. 

He told me I can read it if I want to, he volunteered to send it to me so that I can read it.