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Commercial: You can bring your SK's on vacation but why would you ...

Elea's picture

Have you all seen that TV commercial for Las Vegas where the Dad read's the kid a bedtime "story" about all the broccoli in Vegas? I could see that tactic as a useful page from the playbook for Step-parents. Lol

How would you apply it to teens? You're gonna HATE Hawaii because ... ??? Europe is a drag ... Florida Keys? forget about it ...

Update: So I left

RoundIGo's picture

On January 4th, the day his kids were coming for "winter break," even though his daughter dropped out of community College... I left to my mom's. Then the storms hit California bad, and we were texting here and there, we split our finances and I walked away with half, which would allow me to move forward properly. Thousands in the bank, at mom's,  very satisfied and semi relieved to be out of steplife. It was an up and down rollercoaster, dh works from home and we've almost quite literally been together every day for 9 years. Some was not easy.

The lack of common sense is strong with this one

EveryoneLies's picture

Again, my SS is almost 16, on the better functioning end of the spectrum with some flavor of ADHD.

In the past weeks it had been a crazy struggle with this kid. On the one hand I understand that at his age, he wants to be independent and start finding his place. On the other hand, he ONLY wants to be independent in expressing his opinion (not a bad thing) and expecting people to do things his way (not that much a good thing), and not anything else. (Doesn't know when he needs to eat, clean, what kind of clothes to wear, keep losing everything...etc)


SS22 is going to be the end of me!

justmakingthebest's picture

I swear this kid! 

So he recently got his driver's license. He is allowed to drive to and from work (less than 2 miles from our house) and the store (even closer). Other than that he is supposed to get permission and I verify the location, time of day for traffic, ect. He is a TERRIBLE driver and gets overwhelmed very easily. I was really hoping DMV would fail him, but he took the class, took the test and passed it all. Whatever. 

Found SD has a tik tok account

floralsm's picture

The other day SS10 was online gaming with his friend from school. His friends mic accidentally came through the tv instead of through his mic. DH and I overheard his friend saying to SS 'I saw your sisters latest YouTube video and it got taken down, probably because she was dancing in her underwear, it was super wierd'.  

Alright, whose skid is this?

AlmostGone834's picture

This was shared on a FB page I follow. If you're wondering why your skid puts in job applications but never gets a call back, he/she might be the proud applicant who submitted the resume below: 


Work Experience

Honestly, not much because I just graduated but please see below:

Game of Thrones Expert

Binge watched entire series in one weekend

Stared at screen so long went blind in one a TV, 2011-Present

Stranger Things Expert

July 16th, 2016-Present

Watched each season in two days

Hormonal Teen strikes again

CLove's picture

SD16.5 Power Sulk. So, we got into it last night.

I was home on a vacation day, and somehow things came up. And she exploded on me. I just sat there listening while she railed on and on.

Things had been quiet and nice relatively.

And then POW.

Her main complaint against me is that I ask her to do her dishes and not let them sit. And that I get upset if she doesnt say hello to me. And get mad if she doesnt clean up after herself which is why she spends 98% of her time in her room. My fault. Im evil SM.