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Dh actually stepped in

Lifer33's picture

After last week's sagas I knew things would only get worse, yes bm certainly upped her game. We were due to have ss 10am Saturday. 9.50 we get a text saying hell be very late due to a sleep over. When he finally lands past 12 he happily announces bm let him/friend stay up until 2am. Wtf. Oh and boy does it show. Acting like a drunken clown he's so tired.

Tale of two kids...

halo1998's picture

 DH has two siblings, a sister and a brother.  Sister in law...really nice person, good mom, etc.  Been marred for almost 20 years and has two sons, nephew number 3 and 4, ages 14 and 12.   Both nephew 3 and 4 are good kids and are doing well.   Brother in law..ugh straight up sh*t show.  BIL is a drug addict and his drug of choice these days are oxy and meth.  Oh joy...his estranged wife is no better and is running the local drug den in their little town in the midwest.   BIL has done so many drugs that he has fried his brain.  He is now exhibits many neurological tics and is disabled.   s

Vacation? But will it really be

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

So it is less than a week till bf and I are to be going on vacation? I put a question mark because we are waiting on the last and highest ranking man in bf’s command to sign off on whether or not we can travel states away back to bf’s hometown. Due to COVID-19, we did not get to take our trip we had been planning in August to visit his dad back home, but now the marine corps has loosened restrictions some so we wanted to go see him while we could, but it could take until Friday to have the papers either signed or denied. Sigh. So frustrating.

Whiff of sulfur? Spidey senses are tingling

futurobrillante99's picture

Just tonight, when I was getting gas very near my house, I notice a car matching the description of XH2's car in the grocery store parking lot across the street. It stops before exiting the parking lot - it waits a bit. Then turns in the direction of XH2's house. He lives only about 1.7 miles from me.

He drives a pretty popular vehicle, so it might not have been him, but I've been seeing some strange activity on social media that has me on high alert for him to try to make contact.

I was mad and said a "wrong" thing about my SD. After that he distanced himself from my BS. I'm at a lost!

MikaLinda83's picture

Hi, everyone.

I'm glad to find a place where I can explain myself without being judged. 

My DH has a daughter, 9, and she is very, very strange.. The first time we met, she hidden herself between her father's legs, didn't talk to me at all, when her father asked her to answer one of my questions "What do you like to do, honey?", she started to cry. It was frustrating. She was 6 at time. I felt I did something wrong, but my husband said I was an adult, she didn't know me, she was a kid, she was scared, it was a stressful situation. Ok, I accepted that.

Enmeshment Because Dad Can't Feel the Parent/Child Bond - What do You Think?

Evil3's picture

Something just came up when I was responding to a PM. I've picked apart and analyzed the enmeshment of a major mini-wife dynamic for years. I've always wanted to understand it and other Sparents who have been affected by the dynamic really want to understand it too.

SD20 update (Runaway for those who know my story)

notsobrady's picture

Well this whole situation has REALLY backfired on SD20. She has officially pissed off DH. He wants absolutely nothing to do with her. Although I feel we've been down this road in some way, shape or form in the past..but here we are again. GMA lit into her as well. DH has gone as far as to say that he does not want her listed as a beneficiary that I am now to receive everything and he prefers MY BIOS to have her portion as they have done more for him them she ever has, according to DH. 

I am just like Huh? Where you been dude? She's been manipulating you for YEARSSSSSSSSSS!

Who else wants to start smoking again?

1dad4kids's picture

I haven't smoked in like 8 years. But for some reason when I'm pregnant and our court proceedings are coming to a big event (which seems to be only during pregnancy) I wish I could smoke. I remember the calmness I'd feel sweep over me when I used to stress smoke. 

Lol. Just dreams. I won't give in but being pregnant sure is a bummer when you have a little extra stress in the home. 

Any advice for custody hearing

kd622's picture

The lawyer has been hired and we go to court in 2 days. DH has 2 of BM family members that will be speaking on his behalf stating what a train wreck that BM is and how SS is neglected while living with her. I am also scheduled to speak however I don't know what I am going to be able to add. I don't know what goes on at her house. Any advice on what i can look forward to adn what may be asked of me? BM doesn't have an attorney