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I don't want our son to be like the stepchildren

tigerstepmama's picture

As our son is growing up I can see a dangerous trait in myself. The background is there're so many behaviors of the stepchildren that I hate so much and now when our son starts just a tiny bit to go in that direction it drives me crazy I get so much angry. The bad thing is I might put it too much on my son, since I stay out of parenting/disciplining the stepchildren, whenever they misbehave (to my standards) I just think to myself, I won't never let my own child behave like that.


Adult SD is a hot mess

HolyBucketsIt'sCrazy's picture

Not even sure where to begin. Been with SO for 17 years (yes, I know...17 years is crazy, but I honestly don't want to get married). Have SS30 who has issues, but he deals with them and is kind and respectful when he visits. And my son who is 19,  has an apartment, is 98% financially independent, and helps us around the house and with yard work.  And then there's SD26.


christmas surprise

hlr2019's picture

my husband and i were talking about how the holidays happen at his family's house since my family lives far away. he was telling me how they have christmas eve at his dads and christmas morning at his moms since they have been divorced for quite some time now. he then goes on to tell me that his ex (the bm) will be at christmas. so i told him i didnt want her there and so we talked to all the appropriate people and they were all ok with it. we tell the bm and she gets all upset. she should've known that things would change when he got together with someone new. he feels bad and i don't.

SD9 becoming a preteen.

SecondGeneration's picture

We both knew it would happen, BM made the mistake of being a friend first and a mum second to my SD9 and is no suffering the consequences.

The positive thing is BM is communicating very well with my DH, both in regards to positive and negative aspects of SDs behaviour. But BM is starting to struggle, SD is getting very verbal. They are having shouting arguments almost daily, SD point blank ignores her BM, wont get out of bed, generally being difficult, etc. 

BM's family might be worse than she is

ladybug3's picture

DH texted BM a few days ago to ask if he could take SS to his mom's house this weekend. MIL lives almost three hours away, so DH decided it would be a good idea to get BM's permission before taking SS there just in case BM decided she wasn't okay with it while he was already at MIL's house. Just to make things easier. 

Things We Weren't Invited To aka Missed...

thinkthrice's picture

but I didn't:

-Pumpkinhead's (OSS23) so-called high school graduation where he passed with an average of 65 (precipice of failing)  He is the ONLY skid who didn't get on the "Ferality IEP" train

-Animal Torturer's (SD21) so-called high school graduation where she passed with an average of 55 (ten points BELOW failing because she got a speshul Ferality IEP)

I won't bemoan my absence at the Houseshitter's (YSS one month away from 17) farce of a graduation either if he doesn't get expelled or drop out before than.  He too has a Ferality IEP.

Over involvement and unnecessary drama

Eliza86's picture

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 10 yrs. We have a very fun/loving relationship, but it’s being tested. We currently live together for the past year. His ex-wife  is VERY manipulative. I have and want NO relationship with her. Every chance she gets, she mentions me negatively whenever communicating with my bf or his family. Their 19 y/o daughter was going through some anxiety issues and his ex says it’s because of me. She says the daughter is going through this bc she needs her dad more involved in her life but he’s too focused on me. My bf is involved in each of his kids lives.