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SS is claiming abuse

Chijayray's picture

So SS15 came home almost 2 hours after curfew last night, so his dad took away his video games. This morning SS came into our room to take socks when he's not supposed to be in our room at all!! So I spoke up for myself finally and called him out on it. I asked him what he's coming into the room for and he said he's taking socks so I told him NO you aren't allowed to anymore because we don't have any left after you've taken them all. Then his dad comes into the room and let's him HAVE IT!! told him to stay the heck out of our room and to respect our house. It's about time!!!


A complete sh*t show

Step-girlfriend's picture

My SO and I got back from an amazing, glorious, 12 days in Italy, where neither of us wanted to come home, to a complete sh*t show where I now hate my job situation so much I've started applying for new positions, my SO's Job got extremely stressful, we are both on edge, and to top it off we have skids for 12 days in a row, and it's all just a bit much. 

Turning to the Darkside

Iamwoman's picture

YSS11, who has always been the more "normal" of my two skids, has suddenly decided to become evil.

He was the one who, up until two weeks ago, tried hard to please. I taught him how to walk, run, ride a bike, ABCs, read, not be afraid of the water, swim, play soccer, cook, give gifts (not be selfish) and more. DH has taught him how to use the toilet, fossil hunt, snorkel, rope climb, use tools, roll a sleeping bag, pitch a tent, and more.

SD's visit with DH

Daisymazy2's picture

SD, age 17, had a meltdown where DH had to call the police.  She was admitted to the mental ward of the hospital for a week or so.   For a little over a month, she refused to speak to DH until last weekend. 

She was going to an open house at a local college and requested to have DH pick her up afterwards.  SD told DH that BM said DH was going to pay for college.  DH had to tell SD that it wasn't true.  

A little early but Thanksgiving

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

So this morning I had a thought, I was like I wonder if thanksgiving weekend falls on our weekend to have my bf's daughter since according to bf he got thanksgiving, but only from 8 am - 1 pm... Well guess what it does, so now we run into a what to do? My bf was considering not taking thanksgiving this year since the amount of time he gets is unreasonable for the holiday and we are supposed to be 4 hours away at my parents. He should get the temporary custody order today, there was a delay because of the judge's schedule.

Pictures pt 2

Jcksjj's picture

I know I'm probably the only one that finds this that amusing, but I need to say it somewhere.

The aforementioned "princess" pictures in the previous blog did not get much attention on SILs Facebook page. Probably because most people dont want to look like weirdos for liking them. MIL, like I suspected she would be, is upset about this and just commented "There should be no less than a million hearts for these pictures!" And went through and put a "heart" on each individual one instead of just on the post like yesterday. 

I'm dying here *lol*

Jeepers Creepers! I didn't say that!

Kmommyof388's picture

Welp everyone is up in arms about something I said that was taken the wrong way...i understand halloween is big deal for kids and adults alike..i said I didn't want to do all day trick or treat and  scary movie night with skid and my kids cuz the type of things gumb allows him to watch are too violent and scary for my kids..were talking rated r scary Michael Meyers new it movies type what skid and dh and apparently his whole family(for some reason)  are telling me i said now halloween at all meaning no trick or treat no movies I can't win!

I feel so judgmental.

Left out mama's picture

So this morning my sd8 is eating her flintstones gummies... and the sould of her chewing sounded so gross to me. Yesterday eating ceral she had to make all kinds of sound effects... why am I so grossed out and annoyed by her eating!? 
she usually does pretty good about not eating with her mouth open but she is then noisiest eater! 
It sounds so petty but I feel really cranky today and needed to vent!