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Father’s Day inconsiderate plans

JustanotherSM17's picture

2 posts in one day ! lol well this technically is not a post about my SK but more my SIL. I have had a rocky relationship with my MiL and SIL but as of late, things have been pretty smooth. That was until today! A few weeks ago SIL asked me when we would be celebrating DD4 birthday. I told her that although DDs real birthday is June 21 we would celebrate that Saturday which is June 22nd most likely early . I know that her daughter ( DH niece) has a birthday close to Father's Day and DDs birthday but I don't know when her actual birthday is.

Medical bills question

JustanotherSM17's picture

Hello all! It's been a while but all has been well over here! Therapy with DH and myself is going really good! Things with SD 14 has improved but she has not really been over since after Easter. One weekend she was sick and the next time she had a sports ball to attend but things have been good with SD and BM has been quiet. Except for today. SD was just over for her weekend and she has become enjoyable to be around, she plays well with her siblings now and starts conversations with me to my surprise! But of course BM has to text DH if he is gonna help her pay for an urgent care bill.

The End?

CLove's picture

HAHA, no, not really. I loved that caption in Flash Gordon, but dont love that I am able to use it in my own story.

SDNow18 Princess Powersulk, turned 18 and then the following day went through the graduation ceremony. As Husband and I were toasting the end to child support going to BM, and the end of all the potential for drama, he let slip that Toxic Troll reminded him that he missed a payment a few months ago, and that she is expecting it this new month sometime.

Introducing Myself

sighnomore's picture

I have been stalking this website for 2 years.  Finally, I got to courage to open an account and try to find help with my troubled blended family.  More specific, the stepson from hell.  I worry everyday that the next fight about him will be the one that ends my marriage.

So allow me to introduce myself.  First let me say I have really found solace in reading your experiences.  I look forward to connecting with fellow suffering stepparents.

Our First Week With SS12 Has Ended

CastleJJ's picture

BM picked up SS12 today. She was wearing a sweatshirt that said "wifey" on it, almost like she is trying to remind us all that she is married to GF. She was decent to DD2 and told us that DD is talking a lot more, which is true. After 5 years of promising, BM still isn't taking SS to Canada after a pick-up. We live an hour from the border. But she is driving an hour in the opposite direction of home to take SS to her old college stomping grounds... again for the millionth time. I am starting to think Canada won't happen like many other promised things in SS' life.

I'm so over SS20's B.S.

NotMeAnymore's picture

A few months ago I thought I was safe from SS20 moving back in to our house. Since some time last year SS20 was saying he wanted to move back in from his BMs house which he lives in since he left at 16. A house he left to despite custody agreements in place because he wanted freedom, no chores, pot and to be treated like a MAN... fast forward now he wants to move back in here because maybe the happy times have ended at the other house. He thinks that in our house, he will be pampered and catered to... because my SO is full-blown Disney.

DH finally setting boundaries with SD14 and BM!!!

Dogmom1321's picture

SD14 had an 8th grade dance this evening. BM went shopping with SD last weekend and they bought a dress together. I think DH agreed to paying for half of it? Not 100% sure if he ended up yet or not. 

Anyway, last night at dinner SD14 reminded DH that the dance will be Friday (today) and that BM will be dropping off the dance. DH asked for details, what time, etc. SD14 then told DH that BM also wants to take pictures after she gets ready. DH said "Well I know where she won't be taking pictures. NOT here!" 

I've lost my shit!

back2life's picture

So, oh wow I gotta write to get this out or im going to go ballistic. Yep, its official, I have lost my shit!!! I cant recap much cuz I cant even think straight right now. But sd17 has been a pain in my ass and in my household since I married dh and moved in here 2 years ago.  So we have mental health issues with her. But as I've been reading true north saga I am fully aware of the extra layer of bullshit thats piled on. Is there a problem... yes. And we have spent 100s of 1000s of $ addressing it.