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Ours Baby and an invasive BM

Jmariel8's picture

Okay so here it goes. I’ve been with DH for four years, I have a SD11 and a SS9 and we just had a baby two months ago. From the moment I told DH I was pregnant it has been a nightmare. The entire pregnancy was spent talking about how he would never forget his first two especially his son. Every time I wanted to talk about the coming baby he would change the topic to SS9.


Test Blog.

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Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the propositon that all men are created equal.

Now we ar engaged in a great civil war, testing whehter tha tnation, or any nation so conceived, and deidcated, can long endure. We are met hereon a great battlefield of tha twar. We have come to ddication a peortion of it, as a final resing place for those who gave their lives that the nation might live. It is altoghether fitting and proper that we should do this.

Am I alone in these feelings?

DaintyPower's picture

I don't care what others say, step-parenting is NOTHING like parenting your own child (at least in my experience). 

New here and looking for a group that understands this sentiment. I am struggling with being a stepmom and all that goes along with it.

Let me start by sharing a little of my story.


I actually left...a rant

Stellarejbmom's picture

In the last three and a half years, I left the house overnight with our 3 year old. The father of our daughter  and I got into an argument.  It all started because I was hesitant on picking up his boys at circle k because he didn't want to deal with them or their bs. He started saying how I never help with things nor his kids. A couple of years ago, I used to pick them up the fall of 2019 semester. I would have to drive approximately 100 miles each day, five days a week, to pick them up from school and drop them off at their dads house.

2.5 Weeks Out from SD Visit

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

So naturally, BM is trying to be extra nice and overshare information. As if DH forgets all the shennigans from the past 6 weeks between spring break and summer, plus the 7 months before that. SD who hasn't texted a word or returned a phone call since she got back to BMs 6 weeks ago, magically texted both DH and I some emojis on Saturday one time after we asked SD if she got our audio message during our video call. The message was just congratulating SD for graduating kindergarten.

Clove update - Steplife Dormancy (NOT) *edited*

CLove's picture

(Edit: Well, like a dummy masochist, I poked into SD24 FF insta account, which I do occasionally in down-low  mode to make sure that she is "good" or at least "doing ok" because then I know we wont get the texts - rather husband, cause shes blocked on my phone - and saw what I always dread.......... and saw a post with a picture of SD24 Feral Forger smugly sitting in a hospital bed with the tell tale bracelett and that smirky smug smile I hate.

Who’s life is it

Crr18's picture

I wanted to post an update. Most of you know how much aggravation I have been thru with all the dysfunction . SO has gotten a ton better. He doesn't run the kids around as much, he hasn't talked to BM onthe phone in about a month .He told her if the kids need something they can call him themselves.It is only texts and he only responds if they are actually something he needs to respond to. He started to make her pick up some of the sports running with SS. If there is something I want to do and it is only on a day that there is sports he will go with me and miss the event.

On The Topic of Narcissistic BMs...

CastleJJ's picture

We talked to SS11 tonight. According to SS, BM left to visit her parents in our state last Wednesday and did not come home until this afternoon. BM told SS that he was not allowed to come with her and that he had to stay with GF. This means that SS spent 5 whole days (plus Mother's Day) with BM's GF. This is the second year in a row that BM has given up SS on Mother's Day. And of course, you know since BM drove right by our house to visit her parents, we would have gladly taken SS for that time -- BUT heaven forbid because it's Mother's Day and BM's time.