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Boundaries with BM

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

So I have posted on here a few times about my “friend,” the SM who gets a little too involved in contact with BM, stirs the pot with BM, and doesn’t always think about how the actions she wants to do towards BM really could hurt not only her DH’s custody case, but also really the SD. I was torn about posting about her again because from the last one I had come to the decision from everyone’s feedback to not spend time or energy on the drama when she has not taken the advice I have given in the past.

Well isn't that nice?

classyNJ's picture

SS17 had a virtual graduation. DH and I watched at home while SS17 watched at DBDB house with SS22 and her family.  They went out to dinner afterwards to celebrate.  DH gave him his $500 check a few days later. Easiest high school grad ever.  

Turns out tomorrow is the LIVE graduation.  Yup.  Broke the class down into different times.  Kids walk on the field, sit and listen to the same speaches from all speakers that were done virtually, walk up, grab their paper and get to have one person on the field with them. 

You miss what, exactly?

SubstituteMommy's picture

SD9 has been out of state on her summer visit with her BM for two weeks now. She was supposed to stay for two more weeks, but now it's three because her BM got coronavirus and I'm adamant that SD stays away from my kids as long as possible.

She called last night and sounded annoyed. She was being short and unfriendly, as though someone forced her to call. Anyway, her dad was like, "I miss you," so she insincerely replied, "Miss... you... too."

I don't believe in karma, but...

ladybug3's picture

BM got rear-ended while sitting at a stoplight after dropping SS off to DH. The damage wasn't serious, she's not injured, but the person who did it drove away too quickly for her to get a license plate. I will never understand why she feels the need to share things like this with DH, but sometimes I'm glad she does so I can laugh at karma kicking her in the ass ROFL

BM sends SD approved menu before visits

SeeYouNever's picture

My sd12 has not visited our house since last October a couple weeks after I gave birth to my DD. My daughter is nearly nine months old and SD is finally planning on accepting an invitation to visit. Of course this was all masterminded by my favorite sister-in-law who always tries to triangulate between my husband myself SD and BM. I guess that's more than a triangle! Anyway it looks like SD is finally going to get her Christmas presents. both my husband and I have texted her recently asking about when she was going to come visit but she does not answer us.

I know it is the age, but omg so many questions

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

For the last two weeks SD has been asking SOOOO many questions. I know it is the age since she is about to turn 4 at the end of this month and it is good she is curious enough to ask questions, but omg it is the repeated questions that have already been answered that is frustrating. For example:

SD: What are we doing today?

Bf or I: We are doing x,y, & z.

SD: Then what?

Bf or I: Then we are doing x,y, &z.

SD: Then what?

Bf or I: You will find out when we get to that point.

SD: What are we doing today?


pjillie88's picture

I decided a few months before marrying DH that I had to disengage because I absolutely HATE his children and it was consuming me, changing my personality and spoiling my spirit. I even stopped buying their favorite groceries - cereal, waffles, etc - and I only buy necessities and DH and my favs. I don't feel guilty about it because I have allowed myself freedom from the hideous people they are, I didn't create this mess and it's beyond me to "fix" them. SS15 is a bumbling, awkward IDIOT, and practically everything out of his mouth is total nonsense.


We won!

day.drmr76's picture

Contempt hearing today because BM will not send SD to school (recommended by her school and therapist to have a structured, learning and social environment to work on her deficiencies of social probs) on our days we drop at school she promptly picks her up at the start of her parenting time. SD needs authority figures redirecting her, teaching her etc and she loves school and her friends. Besides being around her mom too much is sadly not good for her. 

Grief and PAS

Iamwoman's picture

There doesn't seem to be a single book out there about grieving the loss of a child through PAS.

If I'm just blind, please throw some titles out for me!

DH has decided that skids are far too alienated for him to succeed at any type of relationship with them. If he tries, he is "doing it wrong and is a horrible father / not supportive / etc." If he doesn't try, he is wrong there too.

Arrogance or Ignorance?

EveryoneLies's picture

I tried not to complain too much, and kept my mouth shut since summer break started and let DH deal with SS13 most of the time. I can't help today because my eyes are rolling so hard. I feel evil and wicked but again since I didn't make any snarly comments at home..I think I'm entitled to roll my eyes and complain a bit here.