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Shout out

bb35's picture

To all you Stalkers stuck in lockdown/quarantine/your own personal hell with skids: I salute you! 

We are in lockdown with full social distancing here. We decided to have the skids stay with BM rather than have them go back and forth because we don't trust that she will self-isolate. We will be in lockdown for at least 4 weeks (likely much longer based on how it looks like it is going in other countries). 

Step parent disaster

Nbk0rj5's picture

Hi i am new hear. I found this page when looking on google for advice articles. I need advice/thoughts. I am dating the love of my life. We should of been together years ago but let's just say it wasnt the right time. We finally come together and he finds out 3 months before he got a stripper legit stripper pregnant. I accept it I have a child of my own and I love him. Thinking I will be an amazing step mom. Well... this little boy is now 2 and he is beyond a terror. The mother lost custody when he was 1 but the damage was done. He is extremely delayed, and cries all dam day.

BM's too busy

NotThatTypical's picture

School here closed it's physical location a week before spring break which ends today. They extended the closure. When they first closed the kids were given paper packets to do. They were given more than just one week but told to just do just the first week. The idea being that if the school was closed for just a few extra days they would have what they needed. Since school reopening for the semester is now in question the school went ahead and moved everything online starting tomorrow. Every day the kids will get their work and have a deadline to do it.

Mom brag

Chmmy's picture

Can I just brag about my 25 year old son real quick? He said , "Mom, Im not afraid of getting sick. Im afraid of giving it to someone else, like M (his girlfriend) who could give it to her patients who are 75+."

BM's hours cut in 1/2

ksmom14's picture

Info: divorce decree says 50/50 parenting no CS either direction. 7 years ago when this was established BM couldn't hadle 50% so BM and DH agreed he would keep skids, and BM would get visitation every other weekend. They also agreed she would pay $700 a month for CS (even tho this was at least $300 less than what the state would set). They wrote up their own agreement, both signed it, and filed it with their other divorce documents even tho its unenforceable because its didnt get signed off by judge. Things have been fine and status quo for 7 years now.

They lied about me

Irenekay's picture

this could a long story because so much went on but I'm going to sum it up . My step kids mom tried to put a restraining order on me and she made her daughter 11 yrs old lie about me in court on the witness stand that I grabbed her by her neck with my arm to get in my car. But the judge denied the restraining order because there wasn't enough proof . Mind you I would never ever put my hands on a child I have two kids and I don't discipline like that plus I have known my step daughter for 5 years and I have been nothing but kind to her .


OT - Emergency averted

TheAccidentalSM's picture

After trying to order wine online from what felt like everywhere, including department stores, my local independant wine shop came through.  Not only did they take my order but they delivered it 3 hours later.*biggrin**dance4**biggrin*

While we are on lockdown, I've been trying to support local businesses.  The great speedy services I've been getting from the local convience stores, delis and now the wine shop have re-inforced this position.


Pouting YSS

SM12's picture

This past week has been trying for sure. Stuck in quarantine with DH and YSS13 part time.   I am used to having a lot of alone time while DH works but he is off work during this two week period.  Ughhh

This last week We had gone to the store and made sure we had enough food to get us through a few weeks.  We bought two gallons if milk.  We Wednesday evening when we went to bed we had 1 1/4 gallons of milk left.   Thursday morning we had zero.  YSS has drank the 1/4 gallon and left the entire full gallon of milk out in the counter to spoil.  Ughhhhhhh