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OT -DH family not including me...

CLove's picture

So - perhaps I am being overly emotional about this ch!t.

DH has a big - very big famiy on his side. And I feel like the entire time I have been ignored, and blocked out, over 4.5 years. Like an appendage, a wall flower. I only go to gatherings and the occasional dinner. But I have been to pretty much EVERY gathering. And its the same thing, always. They get into their cliques. Its all about them. And what an awesome, loving family they are. Ive never been engaged in a conversation, I have tried many times to engage them in conversations, only to be ignored.

GAL convo update

justmakingthebest's picture

DH had his talk, about an hour and half talk! Good news is the GAL agrees something is going on and he promised to talk to SS and make his recommendation for spring break before our deposit is due! DH said he felt really good about it all. He told DH that short of abuse there is no reason for SS to not come with us. He also said abuse would need to be proven especially with all the documentation we provided about BM!

Feeling defeated

Ginger_SM's picture

So, we get a text from our Attorney saying we have an agreement but... of course there is a but.. BM has always purchased round trip fare. Apparently even though we purchased ours according to the CO we are automatically assumed to adjust our ticket. 

My thought is why should we have to pay the fee for adjusting ticket dates when we bought ours according to the court order. Especially when our income doesn't have the wiggle room hers does. It almost feels like our Attorney is shutting us down and siding with her to an extent. 

Officer didn't see any threats

I love dogs's picture

During the home inspection. DH said he is sending a report to the DA and will tell the CPS worker the same. DH told him that BM makes no coparenting effort and he can't just be dad when it comes to SD's issues at school. Oh, and the complaint was him yelling at SD- nothing about punched holes in walls as BM claimed.

First Autism, Now Cancer...

Mystic18's picture

Super quick summary:  SS 11 moved in with us in June due to severe behavioral issues and made our lives a miserable hell.  Broke things, holes in the walls, screaming profanities, all of it.  DH has taken him off the cocktail of 6 different meds he was on and that helped with his aggression.  He is eligible for medicinal marijuana in our state and has just finished week 2 of that.  Even I will admit, it's a huge difference but since it's only been 2 weeks, I'm not sold that his newfound peace and compliance will last, especially since...

Give BM $$ for OSS car??

ITB2012's picture

OSS mentioned at dinner (DH not there so just me and the kids) that his car repair cost $4k! On a used car with 90k miles that BM bought him without consulting DH though it was part of their decree that they had to agree on vehicles. And now they went and got both axels replaced...which sounds suspicious to me. And DH informed me he kind of agreed to pay for some of it! But that he’d have to talk to me first (great so I am the only bad guy here). Yet DH informed me he thinks he should pay some and it’s his decision and don’t we benefit from the kid having a car.