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OT - New Mattress

justmakingthebest's picture

DH and I are going shopping this weekend. Does anyone have a mattress that they love? I realized that mine is 10 years old- which is probably why my back has been hurting (I'm not just old! LOL). The one we currently have is a hybrid and I loved it, but there are so many options!

  • Sleep number
  • Purple
  • Tempurpedic
  • Standard
  • Hybrid
  • To flip or not flip

The list goes on and on! Has anyone bought anything recently that they love? I figure before we go throw down a few grand on a bed, I should check with the best group ever!

Aww...Beaver had a parent teacher conference for GWR..

halo1998's picture

So So cute...a parent teacher conference for an almost 19 year old.  DH gets notified of everything GWR attends high school in our district.  GWR doesn't lool like he will graduate from High School here in May because he is failing a required English course.  So Beaver had a parent teacher conference with the teacher that is failing GWR.  I'm sure it was a pity party session for poor widdle GWR and why he can't do her course.

Follow up to “here we go again”

Zenmode's picture

You guys are absolutely right. This is feeding the narcissist OSS ego. He's the one that has "issues" that HE refuses to deal with through doing the work and seeing someone on his own, so, once again the whole "family" has to be involved with him at the center. 

 This is some extreme dysfunctional behavior on ALL of their parts my DH included. Thanks for helping me see it. Now I'm pissed. 

The million dollar question

Wicked stepmo.'s picture

Why am I with SO, why do I put up with crazy SKs and BM?

No he doesn't have a magical penis LOL! I learned a lot about myself and what I want in a partner after being married to a malignant narcissist.

I had what I thought was the most amazing relationship ever following my divorce. Only to find out I found the same man in different sheep's clothing and ended up with a covert narcissist. I ran as fast as I could when I started seeing the red flags. It was one of the hardest things for me to do because I was addicted to the man like a drug. 

Valentine’s flowers and husband thinks he is smart!!

WonderWoman00's picture

You guys can laugh or relate whichever lol my husband was adamant that I loved lilies for a flower.

I'm guessing he second guessed him self or wanted to make sure he was right because he did that stupid Facebook valentine quiz that everyone is doing. Not even sure if this is a question but he asked my favorite flowers and I said Daisys!!! Meanwhile I also said I bet you though lilies since that's all you get. He goes on about that lilies are so beautiful and that they are my favorite lol I literally tell him it's quite apparent you were not at our wedding and YOU love lilies.


Not sure how to continue with relationship

suzieq13's picture

I am new here and hoping to get some advice.  DH (60 yrs old) & I have been married for 3-1/2 years now.  His son was 22 when we met, still living at home, no job, no responsbilities, no life.  Doesn't drive, didn't go to college, didn't get his first job until 26 and thats a part time job hanging clothes up at a store.  He claims he's got anxiety, depression, etc...  He litteraly lives in his room, he eats in there, sleeps all day, except when he has to go to work, and then comes out 10 minutes before he's due in to shower and get a ride from my DH or his mom, since he still doens't dr


7 months now with no step daughter visit

Mamabearof3's picture

I have reached out. Let kids draw picture and write her letters twice. No response to me or them. Gifts letters and such in mail even. No reply. Husband and I text happy birthday and we loved her. She said thanks love you too to him no reply to me. I’m glad it’s less drama and no headlice but even my husband has said he doesn’t really have a bond with her like I do so he doesn’t have much to miss when I mention missing her. First couple months were a stress relief but now it just sucks. I hate the drama and the alienation and the lies she’s always hearing about me especially.

SS12 driving me bonkers!

yougotthis's picture

I have 3 SKID's. SS13 SS12 and SD 8. 

SS12 has a lot of issues. ADHD, aggression, behavioural problems, and I belive he has ASPD. This past long weekend was brutal! 

We have them half the time and that week could not have gone by any slower. The kids seriously needs to grow the f*ck up cause his 8 year old sister has already surpassed him in maturity. I know ADHD kids are behind in maturity, but sometimes he reminds me of a f*cking toddler. 

To myself - to my sanity

LastUnicorn's picture

I’ve tried. God knows I’ve tried. There are certain things in life one is not cut out for, and this is one of them. This is my story, and I plan on using this site as the only place I can come and be honest with my own feelings and my roller coaster of emotions. Perhaps one day, after a few years I’ll come back here and smile or cry about what I now consider the most stressful and hardest part of my life: Step kids.