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I’ve got a SO problem...

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Okay okay okay. I need to preface this post by saying generally, this week-on has not been that bad. SO largely has shown he wants to work towards a harmonious home. He doesn’t tolerate the kids outright disrespecting me. By and large he has my back. He understands that I want everyone to be happy and well adjusted. He usually is able to come around to my logic. 


For the love of all things holy I am about to lose my mind when it comes to food with SO and clan!!

You can't fix stupid

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EDIT: Wow I did not expect so many negative reactions to this post. I thought people on here could read it, laugh, and move on with their day. That's what I would do. I am not asking for advice in this blog, don't expect me to want to read yours. 


BM struts around like she's God's gift to mankind, so I take secret pleasure when she falls on her face. Which is a lot. This past month she did something so stupid that I have to share. 


You guys are so judgmental

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It’s not even just on my posts it’s a lot of people’s. For a place that people come to vent there is a ridiculous amount of backlash for it. Just know that not everybody wants to put you down for having emotions and being a person in a tough situation! Just because you’re having a rough time and an even harder time dealing with it doesn’t mean you’re a horrible person. Vent away and don’t let the judgmental people stop you from expressing yourself.

Father's Day question/update

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Aren't Father's Day and Mother's Day the worst when you're a SP? I'm the one whose BM contacted DH about buying a laptop for SS23 to go back to college and take online classes. We haven't seen or talked with SS23 since he came for Christmas. We learned he secretly married his gf a few months ago, and when DH found out about a month after the fact, he called SS23 to talk and left a VM and got no response. I sent SS23 a FB message congratulating him and no response. (I also clicked to follow him on Instagram and have since learned he's blocked me.)

I should have slapped the daylights out of her!!

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Well, for a second there I thought things were getting better around here. I have made a lot of progress with the stepdaughter who is now 13. Mostly just with things like picking up after herself, shutting her bedroom light off B4 she falls asleep, keeping her shoes off the furniture, little things like that. After the way she treated me a while back I almost hate this kid. Like, I am realizing she is not the person I thought she was and it scares the shit outta me that she is only 13 and is that fake.


And so it begins/continues (ditching of dad)

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Tonight I worked late. It is typically an all-kids night. I get home and YSS is there but no OSS. So, being polite (since I've gotten backlash for not caring), I ask where OSS is. DH says he doesn't know. And that he had expected OSS but OSS didn't show, he had to call/text OSS and there's no reason (no work or event) but that he just wasn't coming, and he's 18 so he is an adult and can decide.

To which I said "ok." And I went about my night.

My baby girl got engaged!

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My brother's eldest (Niece 25yo) got engaged this evening.  Her fiance is a great guy. 27yo.  They are both successful in their careers, she works for a pre-IPO logistics company and he works for an oil company.  Both have finished college.

I am very excited for them.

The pics they shared of the proposal and post proposal smiles, the ring, etc, etc, etc... look like they are out of a Bridal magazine.

Beautiful and happy young people are what is right with the world.

Her Uncle got a lump in his throat and a flare up of leaky eyes when I got the message.

OT - child or adult

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Another post got me thinking... Do you consider 17 years old to be a child? A 17yo can drive a car, hunt, and hold down a job. A 17yo can join the military and fight for his/her country. A 17yo can be tried as an adult in a court of law. 

But do you consider a 17yo to be a CHILD?? Childish, sure. But a child?? Thoughts.