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SD62 Vindicated

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Well, I was wrong.  SD62 did not take DH's $500 bail refund.  The 3 of us went to the Courthouse today and they cut a check for it while we waited.  They said, "It should have been mailed" but who knows what happened.

SD told me DH kept saying "just tell me the truth, you cashed it, right?". So, anyway, it ended well.

She didn't look good at all, is having multiple health issues, hands shaking.  DH was in raptures, "My 2 favorite people!". Altho she and I were lukewarm, he insisted on going out to lunch.

On and on.....

A difference of opinion

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We were doing our quarterly financial discussion yesterday.  I reminded DH86 that when he passes,  I will no longer be able to subsidize SD62's shelter expense since it's coming from his Social Security which will stop.  I often tell him this, hoping he will discuss with her so she can begin to plan.  He doesn't usually respond.

SO GLAD I didn't answer the phone

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SD62 called this morning, wanted $40, allegedly for cat food and litter.  DH 86 said no but he'd have it tomorrow when he gets his allowance.  Flash forward to this afternoon when her daughter M, called me.  I decided not to answer so she called DH.  She was incensed because SD62 showed up in an incoherent form at her brother, K's work.  K is manager of an upscale restaurant.  She was asking for the wrong name, her brother, T, who lives out of town.  She wanted $60.  Apparently it was a bad situation and security escorted her out.  She sped off, hitting an officer's car.  The police were in

SD62's Legal Probs, part 2

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Well, we were all wrong.  SD62 did find her way to the courtroom at 9 Tuesday.  DH just spoke to her, I had already seen another vourt date in March.

She says this was a preliminary hearing.  She liked her public defender who she had not met in person.  I believe those are facts.  Then, we veer into what might be the "SD Spin Area for Dad" section where the lawyer said, in effect, it will all go away and don't worry.  Uh huh.

Just an update, guys.  I could hear her voice and she sounded subdued.  She will be here tomorrow so we will see.

SD62's Legal Probs: A Quiz

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SD62 participated in a credit card scam almost 3 years ago.  She's been dodging court ("They never let me know!") and it's been continued many times.  Finally last year, a warrant was issued and SD62 was arrested in October during a traffic stop.  Due to overcrowding and her promise to appear, she was released but never appeared.  She was arrested again last month during another traffic stop and jailed.  DH86 had to bail her out with $500.

What these Daddeees think

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%You've heard me rant over and over about SD62, her thefts, her lies,, her jailings, her last catastrophic stay with us when she stole from us and scared us with her weird, dangerous druggie behavior.  We':ve been subsidizing her living elsewhere for the past 6 years and it's been worth every penny not to have her here.

I admit I can't forgive and forget and probably have PTSD.  Every time she comes over, I'm nervous.  She calls DH86 when she needs $, has car trouble or anytime she can't handle reality.

SD62 in Jail Again

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In October, SD62 went to jail for an outstanding warrant.  She had participated in a credit card scam with 2 men a couple years ago.  The case was continued time again with SD62 not appearing.   So in a traffic stop, she was arrested and went to jsil.  We got the frantic call then, with a request for $500 bail, but due to overcrowding and SD62's promise to appear, she was released before DH86 had to post bail.  She got a court-appointed lawyer and told DH86 it was all over.  I was tracking it on and could see it was NOT over.

The Organ Recital

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Mercifully, SD62 cancelled her Christmas party last night due to her illness.  I'm sorry anybody is sick (DS and wife are sick, too) but the relief was apparent in everyone I called about it.

SD62 called today.  There was a 30-minute  recital of all her ills, what the Dr said, what the hospital said, about all her ailments.  in between, she interjected some non-medical problems she's having.

I hate to feel so insensitive to suffering but talking with her is so draining.  Just a rant, sigh.....