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Good SD61 News

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Everybody has heard about my dysfunctional SD61 who drives me nuts.  She's disabled and we help support her.   Well, today, she called and I got some good news.  I'm allowing for her lying, manipulation and misunderstanding but.....

Here comes trouble

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My YSS55 and I have an arms-length relationship, civil and polite but that's about it.  He lives out of town and has been separated from his wife for several years altho they arent divorced.  He's an excellent father to 3 daughters and the youngest, 14yo, lives with him.  The 2 older ones live elsewhere and are launched.

OT: Gifts for Older Adults

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This is a public service announcement for anybody wondering what to give an older parent or grandparent.  DH85 and I(77) still live independently in a middle class suburb.  We already have all the things we need or want and, actually, are trying to divest some of it.  I know we are hard to buy for but here are some ideas:

Help me understand this, please

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My SGD, "M", SD61's daughter, texted me yesterday asking if everything was ok with Grandpa, DH85.  I said, yes, he's still his crazy self, lol.  She said her mom, SD61, had told her DH85 only had six months to live.  I told her that was news to me since his oncologist says he will live to 100 and die of something other than prostate cancer.

Were our DHs seduced?

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I typed a reply to Marianne's post about her SD's letter where, among other things, she expressed her wish that DH had asked permisdion to marry Marianne.  It got me thinking.  Why do these SKs believe their dad's were innocent victims of us?

Don't they understand their dad's initiated and wanted this relationship?  I just dont get it.

Just a little vent

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You all know my story with SD60 who has stolen, lied, manipulated and made trouble for years.  Nowadays, I grayrock her so we have a civil and polite relationship.

She came over today to bring something and stayed for awhile so I naturally hid my purse.   To me, it was obvious she wanted to angle for $ from DH, after all, it's toward the end of the month and she doesn't get her disability $ til the first.  Now that he and I have separated finances, that's his problem.  

SD60's excuse

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SD60 finally called DH85 today.  Friday night, we had car trouble, DH told SD to stand by in case we needed her.  We were on the side of a busy highway in the dark for about 2 hours.  DH called her releatedly, no answer and no reply to his messages.  It's been 4 days with no, "Did you get home okay, Dad?"  Today, I told DH I was angry that she hadn't answered his calls or checked on him later.