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Quarantine almost over.

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Hey everyone! Hope everyone is well in the new year! I took a mini mental break and I'm doing better now. The death of our dog really took an emotional toll on me (and everyone else especially SO and SS16) so had to take a step back. I was crying for days.  I was impressed with SD and how well she took it and SS17 was upset but seemed to get over quicker. 

Well... there go plans for a quiet Christmas morning.

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Well... BM texted SO saying she wasn't taking the skids this year on Xmas eve and she is going to do lunch with them Xmas day. She said she would pick them up at 11 and have them home at 130 when SO gets home. 

The ONE night a year she takes them and she cancelled. Used the boys working till 7/8 as an excuse.. which is a bunch of BS because we normally drop them at 10pm Xmas eve. 

She has plans. End of story. Unreal! 

SO put his job up for bid for the day so he might get it off but doubtful. 

OT (kind of) the little nice gestures of teens.

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Just a quick story of a nice gesture.

So, yesterday two of SS16s friends stopped here quick to see our dog. Whoever doesn't know, she's sick not sure how much longer she has with us. 

When SS16s friends would come over (mainly before COVID) she was always in the middle of all them loving up the at the attention so the boys wanted to say their "goodbyes" to her. I wasn't home when they came. 

Should have known there was a twist.

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Well, for everyone who read my last blog.. BM took SD out two weeks for the first time since august 2019. Oh, and went into our house using my sick dog as an excuse while SO and myself were at work.  She literally has not done anything with skids all year besides taking SS's out for their bdays and SS17 once for pizza. SDs birthday was in April so, BM stopped here in the driveway, brought her Dunkin (only her not the boys) didn't even give her a card for her 13th birthday instead sent SO $100 via PayPal for her birthday. 

Someone talk me off the ledge.

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I'm so livid right now I can't even explain. 

So Wednesday we got very sad news about our 7 year old American bulldog/boxer. She went to the vent because of a lump on her back but, that was just a fatty tumor and the X-rays showed she has a large mass in her lung and stomach. She's had a rough year with cancer... leg amputated last October, a nipple had to be cut in off in may because of cancer so there really isn't anything we can do. She's acting OK. Still eating and happy but, she's been more sleepy. 

Speaker phone.

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First, I can't stand it and same for SO.

SS17 talks fo BM on speaker phone. Every. Single. Time. It's not that often that we catch it but probably like once a month. He has been talking to her more recently though. She doesn't have an iPhone so it's not FaceTime. Regular phone call. 

Now it's not like it's quite's volume all the way up so you can hear the whole convo speaker. 

I am honestly starting to think he possibly is doing this on purpose. SS17 is BM that what triggers this thought for me.

BM and her delusion.

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Well from my pervious blog..SO got into it with BM today. Why? She is out of her mind lol. 

She called SO today to "talk" about SS17 and the vape SO found.

SO said she started to piss him off because she was saying that "she has older friends and they find it very helpful."

SO said I don't care about other people I'm talking about SS17. 

SO’s weakness with SS17

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So tonight is another one is those nights that SO spots a vape wrapper on the boy's floor. 

I was downstairs drinking a white claw not getting involved one bit as he tears apart SS17's side of the room. 

SO comes downstairs empty handed. I say what's going on? SO says what's happening.. I say my guess it's somewhere because if it was actually his "friend's" as he claimed he would be flipping out... since he isn't flipping it's somewhere. SO goes upstairs spots in SS17's pocket.