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I’m so mad right now.

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Everyone knows BM is a POS. WELL... she just picked SD (first time this whole summer for a luxury Walmart trip) up in a new car.. and guess what it is??!! A 4 door Jeep Wrangler that I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO BUY FOR OVER A YEAR NOW.

I ended up not getting one last year because I wanted to wait for the newer body style prices to go down (so the 2019/2020s) I should have bought one in the winter but, with the prices now I refuse to buy one and pay 5-8k over. 

Is it the whole generation??!!

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Quick story.

Now SS16 gf is a great kid, we like her, BUT she's high maintenance in their relationship in general. They have been together 2 years. She spends a lot of time over here so we see it. Plus, SS16 talks to myself and SO when they fight. 

Today they are going to this lake area that has zip lines and stuff like that. It's 30 minutes away from our house. SS16 last night texted me and asked what I'm working today. I told him I'm off. He writes back.. "can you pick me and gf up from said place because gf doesn't want to pay for parking." 

OT Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

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So if anyone is familiar with this radio morning show they gave me a good laugh this morning. 

They were reading all these negative comments a listener made about all of them on a fan page. While they were reading them they were roasting her as well and it was pretty entertaining. 

One of the hosts made a comment on how he can just close his web browser and she's gone BUT she is the one that has to live with herself everyday. 

When he said that all I can think about is the HCBMs that have to live in their misery everyday and nothing makes them happy. 

Typical Summer day..

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Typical summer day when I'm outside and see BM and her husband driving by on their motorcycles. 

CAN YOU PLEASE GO A DIFFERENT ROUTE!? There are plenty of different streets you can take! I like to sit outside and don't want to see you in all your badassness! LOLL. 

This time I was actually in the garden picking green beans with SD. She didn't notice them. I was facing the road and her back was to the street. 

SS17’s new job.

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So I talked to SS17 beginning of last week if he would be interested in working for certain soda company. Told him he can get his CDL through them, it's union, the pay good to start etc. He said he would be interested.

I sent a text out to a connection, he told me have him fill out the application online. Did that, he called SS17, set him up for an "interview" yesterday and hired him right there. SS17 said it wasn't really an interview and everyone that walked in and out my connection was like OH he knows missk! Haha.

He strictly got this job because of me. 

When did you realize what you were dealing with..

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Yesterday SO, myself, SD and 2 of her friends were at the beach. (I like to go every week in the summer on my day off)  SO was sleeping, SD and her friends were doing their thing and I was hanging going through social media. I got up went to see what the girls were doing.. digging in the sand looking for sand fleas haha. Joked around with them for a few minutes and walked backed. 

Graduation success!!

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Well graduation was an extreme success. We got there, sat in our seats, SD met up with BM. We didn't even see where they were sitting. We were standing near them for like 10 minutes when we first got there so no big deal. 

Graduation ends. By the time we get out and find SS17 BMs parents were already gone and she was leaving and says "enjoy this bundle of joy." Think SS was getting annoyed. Took some pics and headed to the car. 

Graduation Day! And a quick laugh for the am.

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So here we are today is the day. Well.. last night we weren't sure if it would be today or tomorrow because of the weather...

SOOO! SS17 comes home from work and says this to SO..

"Mom says if graduation is cancelled tomorrow she won't be able to make on Wednesday because she is going on vacation and already had to postpone it a day." 

SO shocked by this goes.... "she really said that?!" 

SS17 replies well yeah and she had the vacation planned. He brushes of BMs comment basically.

SS17s 8th grade letter to himself.

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I'm more then likely going to be full of blogs this week...

So got home from work little while ago and the first thing I always do is start picking up the house. Actually.. let the dogs out lol. 

So there is a bag on the kitchen table with SS17s name. I look in it.. It is stuff for graduation, town logo mask  town logo key chain, wrappers, and a few pieces of paper. 

Curious.. I take the papers out and look.. this is what I find.. SS17 8th grade letter to himself. They must have given the seniors them today. This is what it states: 

This is the stuff I don’t get.. small BM rant.

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So she brought SD for the monthly nail appointment today. Picked her up at 9:45.. home by 11. 

SD calls me at 2:30... "missk can we get our toes done tomorrow?" Me: "sure I'll call and make an appointment." Granted.. SD doesn't ask her but, you know the girl has graduation (8th grade) Tuesday.. why not OFFER to get her a pedicure too. I'll add BM has never taken SD for a pedicure.