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Story Time.

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SD16 (17 in a few days) started another small rant about BM last night. She's upset that BM didn't donate to her high school lacrosse fundraiser... she had a month to donate. She told SD that "she would see what she would do." And also she said "I don't have any friends." LOLLL. My family donated the most go figure. 

Anyways... she proceeded to say that BM sent her her whopping $100 birthday money a few days early because she wasn't responding to BMs message in a timely matter. Then BM will start the whole what's wrong with etc. SD doesn't want to listen to her BS anymore. 

BM just won’t STOP.

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For a little refresher... SO and BM have been separated 13 years...they did get back together briefly (aka BM had no man at the time and SO was stupid)  but it lasted maybe 2 months and that was 11 years ago. I've been with SO 8.5 years and BM is married and has been with her husband longer then I've been with SO. She lives 4 miles from us. There is SS20, SS19 and SDstb17 (3 weeks) 

Somethings that really annoy you.

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I'll start with in high school I played field hockey, indoor and outdoor track. My ex boyfriends mom was a physical therapist... so I'm not a complete f'n moron when it comes to muscles. 

SD is NOT an athlete. She tries (kind of but she isn't competitive ) really just isn't. She started playing lacrosse again last year (10th grade) and she hasn't played since she was 9. She played rec basketball 5th-7th grade.

It’s like they live in Fantasy Land.

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So over a month ago SO told me about some kid SS20 plays online gaming with (no idea who this kid is) was coming up and going to stay at our house for a few days.. I asked dates etc SO didn't know just the end of the month. This is the one and only time I've heard about it.. so never crossed my brain again.

Driving home at 8pm from a hair appointment last night I asked what the parking situation in our driveway was and he answered with... not sure what's going on out there because SS20 and friend went to airport to pick online gaming friend. Now I'm pissed.

Just to vent.

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I've blogged about this before but it still annoys me every time... In the last month we have gotten 3 pieces of mail with BMs first name and SOs last name. BM is remarried so hasn't had SOs last name in almost 5 years.. she never lived in this house...their marital house is only a house down (3 number house with one digit difference) but it's been over a decade since she lived there...

It's random junk mail but like wtf.. why. We have the same name so it's not like it's my name spelt wrong by mistake because SO and I are not married. 


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So I have a question for the group. AITA.

Thursday I came down with the stomach bug... pretty bad. So I spent my morning until about 9pm throwing up amongist other things...

I didn't go to work yesterday I stayed in bed recovering...

NOW. SS19 had been in FL with his gf for a week. I'm honestly not sure if he flew in Friday or Thursday and stayed at his gfs house.. she lives 45 minutes away.

SS19 done with BM and SS20 still a nuisance.

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SS19 turned 19 in October. The only time he ever sees BM is on his birthday and Christmas... He has been "done" with her for a few years now. Sees who she really is basically..

He didn't see her on his birthday and he doesn't want to see her for Christmas. He brought this up yesterday. I'll add she didn't attempt really much to see him and didn't gift him anything. Her parents sent a card empty too. They live in town and he hasn't seen them in years. 

*** trigger suicide***

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Just got word someone SOs knows (more then likely) committed suicide. Early 30s going through a divorce (we think that was finialized) and still dealing with custody. 

Just awful. His kids are very young 3 and 1. Not trying to cast blame... but the ex wife is HCBM.

SO is pretty upset about this... him and said person have done side jobs together.. SO knows his dad from work... SO really liked him. SO saw him last week at work... I think he is thinking he could have done something... We don't have full details yet but...

Terrible situation all around. 

OT. Just annoying.

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I'm really on my last leg. SS20 has a gf and she's always here. I honestly couldn't even pick her out of crowd because they just stay in his room but she's always here. I'm over it. I'm over all of it.

We are suppose to be getting rid of skids not having more people in the house. 

EDIT: SO if I say anything.. "they are quiteeeee we don't hear themmmmmm..." OK you idiot they are just doing it quietly and the thought is disgusting... she's here till like 2am some nights. 

Months of this and I literally don't even know what she looks like ...half by choice.