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Well.. we are hoping BM will be at her "new house" for the summer time soon (probably 3/4 hours) away from here.. could be more since we don't know exactly where in the state it is. She works remote and her husband works for the school system. 

Anyways... even though she's not really a "problem" but the emotional turmoil she has created within skids leaves us to deal with it.. 

OT (kind of) GUHCBM in the making??

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It's interesting what step life does to our brains...

SS18s high school GF broke up with him a week after she went to college last year (30 minutes from us so not far) because she started hooking up with some other kid. No judgement SO and I assumed that would happen... I just thought it wasn't going to be that quick.

Anyways.. she BROKE his heart. I think he still might be off because of the breakup BUT he has had a few "GFs" in between.  

SO went to get the mail an hour ago... 

Why was one of SS18s shirts in the mailbox... hmmmm.....

SOs comment about his nephews fiancés family drama.

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Who knows! The stepmom might be here so this is a temporary post but had to get it out. 

All the info we have ever heard... nephew's fiancé mom (sounds like PAS) her from her dad for YEARS. Blamed the dad for divorce etc etc. Come to find out the mom was the cheater.. nephew's fiancé has been on bad terms with her ever since.. it's been about two years I would say.

Sunday was her bridal shower. Mom wasn't there. Stepmom/SOs SIL threw the shower for her.

Update on “you want to spilt it with me?”

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Well.... BM didn't actually buy it for her... why?? We think she didn't want to spend the $17.40 in sales tax on top of the cost of $275.

Now yesterday SD told SO that she was still trying to find it cheaper and if she was going to "spend" that money she would have gotten her something more sentimental. Aka some cheap thing on Amazon because let's not forget... she asked SO to split this ONE cost. 

Today.. She sent SD a text saying not to tell the boys since they never got that kind of gift from her. Then she Apple cashed her the $275.

“You want to spilt it with me?”

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The lack of brain BM doesn't have is actually mind blowing. She texted SO asking if he will spilt the "million dollar stick" with her for SDs birthday soon. 

Here are the facts. The lacrosse stick is $275.. not a million.. a little pricey ok. BUT!! BM doesn't contribute A F'N THING TO ANY OF HER THREE KIDS LIVES!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING! 

This triggered SO. He responded with I just spent $800 on driving school for her. BM responded with "does she know this lol." LOLL??!???!?? Wtf. 


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I know (from reading) a bunch of you have been there. We are going next month! It's one of my friends fav places so we booked in a specific area and I have certain tips from her. It will be our first time. 

Looking for fav places for food drinks etc. Going for 3 nights and  luckily getting there early 10am our first day.  Thanks! 

Quick update.

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SD has spoken two words to me since my birthday fiasco. (She asked if I needed the hair straightener) SO talked to her and he brought it up to her in the car Wednesday when we picked her up from school but she STILL didn't apologize directly to me and just played it off. I didn't say anything. 

WELL... BM picked her up from school Thursday and dropped her off for lacrosse practice. THIS IS A FIRST IN YEARS! She was with BM from 2-5. SO isn't sure what they did etc... BUT...

Another birthday another disappointment.

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Well not sure why I'm surprised. Friday was my birthday. I'm not really big on my birthday (it wasn't a new decade just 37 lol) but still.. it's your birthday. I worked.. SO put new speakers in my car on Thursday. 

Anyways.. I left early Friday morning for work (615am) so none of the skids "saw me" before I left. SS18 wasn't even home stayed at a college. 

Well... I just jumped to noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm. Not even a text message from any of them.

OT. Gisele on co parenting with Bridgette

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Clearly BuzzFeed isn't a source of "news" but this article is hilarious. So far from reality.

My favorite line from this article is this..

Tom and Gisele welcomed their children Benjamin and Vivian in 2009 and 2012, respectively. And now, she says her experience co-parenting Jack with Bridget is helping to inform how she will navigate custody with Tom post-divorce.

Another day another fight.

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**I typed this in my notes on my phone. Not sure why the spacing is far apart lol**

So it’s been two weeks since major blow out 2.0 with SS19. Honestly more like major blowout 783636.0 


Few of my key favorite lines to start this blog with humor..


—insert every name calling— 


Also SS19 always runs to room and it’s us yelling up the stairs to him while he is in his room yelling back because he cowards.