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“Shut up” pranks.

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Not sure who has seen these but, one parent and child prank the dads by telling the "moms" to "shut up" when asked to do something. In the link I posted two of them are step moms pranking the dads. I really enjoy all the dads reactions. 

I figure some here will appreciate the dads reactions to skids telling stepmom to shut up.

Amazon delivery

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So this isn't even a rant or a vent, just a sad delusion.

I get home from work today and SO tells me that SD13 told him that BM wanted to get her some school stuff. So I say like clothes or something? He says no pens and pencils. (We have bought them everything already. They start Tuesday) 

MOTY Award.

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So everyday I call SO when I'm leaving work. (We don't really text too much) I call him today, he tells me BM is taking SS17 out to eat because.............. drum roll...........


She will be in the area and thought she would ask. I laugh.. in the area??!! She lives 10 minutes away!! So, SO asks SS15 if he is going out to eat with BM. He says no. SO asks him if she asked him.. he goes no... Me: she didn't even ask SS15 WOW! SD13 Isn't home she's at my uncles with her BFF (his stepdaughter) 



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Well, vacation was an overall success. Our cabin was awesome. We went white water rafting and that was a total blast!! If you haven't done I suggest you do lol. We swam at waterfall, and even fed a bald eagle with fish SD was catching. It was an amazing experience! 

Sunday night before we left I did lose it on SS17. I was running around all day getting stuff done before vacation. Grocery shopping, cleaning the house, packing etc. SOs nephew was staying at our house to watch the dogs so I wanted the house clean. SS17 was asked to clean the downstairs bathroom....


How you know vacation is around the corner.

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Well we go on vacation next week m-f at cabin on a lake/river 6 hours away. Our original plans were a cruise that clearly got cancelled. 

So what happens now... BM starts contacted the kids more now then she does pretty much all year. This is a trend of hers. Same thing the last two years. 

OT phone contacts.

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This may be a little off topic but, it kind of annoys me in a way. 

I have a ton of contacts in my phone because of work. Most have first and last name or first with the company the contact works for so I can keep track of who they are.  All my close friends and family are just their first names.  

Example, I have 15 contacts in my phone with SO's first name but, I have him as just his first name. 

The apple doesn’t fall from the tree

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So I'm outside relaxing enjoying this nice day as I don't get to do often. This is my first Sunday off in about 7 weeks. SO will be home around 3, SD13 is with my uncle's stepdaughter (they are BFFS), SS16 is working and SS15 (golden child) is hanging doing his thing.  So I have time I figured I'd share the wedding picture story. 

Small rant

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So this is going to be a quick rant.

BM and her husband are full fledge bikers. I can't stand when the drive by our house on their motorcycles. Like come on. There are different ways you guys can go to where you're going. 

SO and I were outside on our deck.. and oh look! BM, her husband,  and someone else riding on by. Can't stand it. The fact that she does ZERO with the skids is why it pisses me off even more. 

I need a night out.