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No. It’s not just your skids.

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I have a huge trigger when it comes to todays youth. Their sense of entitlement and lack of manners.

SS17 has his friends over often and it's not like one or two.. we are talking 6-10. 

None of them barely say hello. It's so frustrating. I just got home from work, let the dogs and they are playing volleyball in the back. So SS17, 3 male friends and 3 female friends. No one.. not even SS17 says hello. Instead the look at me (from a distance) like I don't belong. 

Mother’s Day.

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Today is the day!! All the GUHCBMs have been waiting for!! Either they don't want their kids or the need to be shown they are MOTHER!! With a few varying scenarios in between.

So I just wanted to wish all the bio moms, step moms, cat moms , dog moms, any mom a Happy Mother's Day. This day can be very challengeing for a lot of us here for all sorts of reasons. 

Hopefully everyone enjoys their day!! I got new hiking boots from the dogs. :) 


It’s been awhile and a sports question.

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I haven't blogged in a bit. Nothing really going on to be honest. SD decided to grow her nails out so she ripped the fake ones off. Last time I blogged was 1/8/22 and that was the last time BM took her and saw her. SD has a dance Friday maybe she will throw them on for that not sure. SDs birthday is coming up so she will see her for that reguardless... 3 months.. she's gone longer though soo **shoulder shrugs**

OT Thanks for the reminder.

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I just got a text from SS17s GF's mom. It stated to remind SS17 to order his cap and gown it's due Friday! 

Who does that? Do you guys remind your step kids/bio kids parent/stepparent to take care of stuff? LOL 

She is really nice BUT she raised a complete PRINCESS! My guess the GF had something behind that text. 

Quick BM rant.. What else is new..

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BM took SD to her monthly nail appointment... the only thing she does and I was curious if she was going to do something else today so here's a back story.. 

Well.. SD got her first period New Years day... if some may recall BM told SD little over a year ago that she BETTER tell HER first and NOT missk when it happens!! 

Well SD yelled to me that she needed help because she was pretty sure she got it. She did. Now.. SD is a little late to the party as she will be 15 in April and I had been prepping her for at least 2 years for this.. 

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Hope everyone here on StepTalk has the best Christmas possibly for them! 

So far not bad here. We got up did presents. SO had to leave for work at 8:50am. Skids left for BMs at 10:30, I went SOs brothers 1st ex wife's house for breakfast, just got home and have to clean up and start prepping for dinner tonight. 

BM doing her part.

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Well she's been quite for the most part recently but she likes to spike up in the winter. 

Today she decided to text SO an automated voicemail saying that SS18 and SS17 are due for physicals. 

THANKS BM!  You haven't taken them to doctors in 10 years and SO gets those same voicemails like he told you last time.

OT my sound petty but I’m blogging about it

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Ok going to make this quick. Not step related. 

We frequent a local bar (where SO and I met) and A LOT of people SO works with hang out there.

There is the couple (they are always in a group) who are there often that SO works with.. SO has not once introduced me to them. They hang out with one of his best friends and the girlfriend (who works for the same company as SO and dad was a "legend" in the company) always gives SO a hug.

BM new job?

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Ugh been so busy but wanted to blog about this quick! 

So Wednesday SD has BM make a nail appointment (she has homecoming today) for Thursday. You guys know the only thing BM does every month. 

WELL! SD says to SO that BM made an appointment but SD needs a ride to her house because: "she got a new job and can't leave early now."  Like what??!!?