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When to step in?

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As a step parent, when is the time to step in regarding behavior, teaching manners, rules, etc? I guess what I am really asking about is teaching manners. When do I start making this a lesson we are going to work on with my 6yr SD? Why haven't I already? Part of me feels like it's not my place. Part of me thinks she's still young and there's time to just be a kid and goofy and gross. Let's face it, kids are gross! Part of me thinks it won't take because my SO can be pretty gross himself. 

Toxic ex in coparenting situation

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I am new here and hopefully I've found the right outlet to allow me to vent from time to time and to gain some insight and guidance from those who have been there. 
I've no kids of my own and marrying into my new Family with two stepchildren. A 16-year-old boy who has his own vehicle and comes over when he wants which is nice and a six-year-old girl that we have 50% of the time.  Both are great kids, smart, loving and kind.

There are some frustrations and issues related to the six-year-old and how coddled and spoiled she is, but I'll save that topic for another day.