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Some things never change (like BM trying to ruin Christmas)

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Both SDs spent the night last night and did huge "slumber party" complete with games, crafts, snacks, etc for DD as her Christmas gift. It was incredibly sweet and super thoughtful. This morning, YSD (18) left to go to BM's parents, about a 90 minute drive. The weather was horrible and YSD narrowly avoided an accident on her drive, so BM texted OSD (20) and suggested she wait for it to clear up before she headed there too.

Joke’s on me I guess

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I thought we made it through thanksgiving without any drama, but I guess I was wrong. YSD didn't come to dinner, which I was frustrated about, but her relationship with XH is still fragile from the Taylor Swift debacle in the spring. So I figured she'd just decided she would prefer to hang out with her boyfriend and I didn't give it much more thought. OSD did join me, DD, XH, XFIL, and my parents. We had a lovely evening.

OSD update

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After several days of insanely nasty messages and phone calls, OSD calmed down and apologized to XH for her behavior about the apartment co-signing, which he graciously accepted. But then she proceeded to post all over her private IG stories about how XH and I don't care about her, how we've never cared about her, never provided anything for her, etc etc. All 100% lies. I found out because my best friend's daughter is friends with OSD and she saw everything and told her mom, who told me. I hesitated to tell XH, but I did and he was beyond livid.

Not surprisingly….

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OSD managed to rope YSD and BM into the drama surrounding our refusal to co-sign for an apartment. This included both of them calling and texting XH nonstop, bringing up every perceived injustice they've experienced over the last 15 years.

OT: my parents are divorcing so my mother can date?!

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Y'all, I am not handling this well. Will definitely be talking to my therapist, but in the meantime I know I can count on honest feedback here.

My sister told me today that my mother is divorcing my dad. Apparently, she told my sister in person last weekend and is planning to tell me when she visits tomorrow. Her reason? Because she feels like she has wasted her life, and she wants to date. Sister tells me that she already has a profile on a dating site. 

Happy OSD update

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It's a big week around here. DD8 is the lead in a theatrical production that opens on Friday. Pretty much every moment of our Summer has been taken up by rehearsals, voice lessons, and at home practice and it's been very exciting. In the past, DD experiencing something like this would cause both SDs to feel jealous and act out in various ways to try to get XH and I to pay attention to them. So much so that when DD got the part, I almost swore XH to secrecy because I didn't want to deal with any lashing out from my SDs.

BM Logic part 2 (the one where BM is the MOTHER)

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So…. now for the truly absurd part.

OSD graduates in May and was accepted to a handful of universities, but desperately wants to attend my alma mater. Please note that I had no influence over this - since my SDs were 2 and 4, we’ve taken them to sporting events a few times a year and of course they were “fans” until they were teenagers and were too cool for it. OSD has only come back around to showing interest again over the past year. So I genuinely never expected either of them to go there and OSD came to this decision of her own accord.