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Yucky little BM update

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BM is only on my radar a couple times a year since my SDs are both adults now. But every once in a while, a little tidbit of info will make its way to me that either makes me laugh out loud or shake my head in disbelief.

Well, I was having dinner this week with OSD and she shared that BM has taken to using the "n" word in everyday conversation. OSD was rightfully horrified, but she told me that she thinks it's just another indication that BM is completely losing it mentally. I bit my tongue to stop myself saying that BM has always been totally bat-shit, but between this and BM's behavior at Christmas and the conversation we had about her ruining past holidays, I think OSD is drawing that conclusion on her own.

What BM does or says makes no difference to me anymore, thank god, but I do feel for my SDs that one day this woman is going to be their children's grandmother. I cannot even imagine!


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Yup Batchit. Just like Toxic Troll BM over here.

We should have a "shes so crazy...she blanks" thread.

I have contributions that would make your head spin... Biggrin