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A New User - I think that this is a great thing!

FlaminMama's picture

Let's Bring you up to Speed

Okay so the jest of it, I very much dislike my husband's ex wife. Really it has nothing to do with the fact that she is the ex, more to do with the kids and the stupid things she does. So I am starting a journal and letting you decide am I over reacting or is she seriously demented.

Husband is still checking up on 20 yr old SS

Sweetie's picture

Even after I am still miffed, and annoyed about the MD stuff. And wrote the letter and put it in the drawer. I am thinking that I am going to write a short note to my SS and let him know that 1. Here's the picture of your GF and you when you visited a month ago, 2. your Dad was injured on MD weekend but you never called,
and 3. by the way, your dad is still checking up on you and found out that your name isn't on the list of attendees for the TDY you told him you were going on to Denver next month. In fact, he checked twice, just to be sure he wasn't mistaken.

Junior Prom

smcpaw's picture

My daughter has her first prom this Saturday. She is a junior in high school and is very excited about going to her prom. My boyfriend's daughter is also going to the prom (her boyfriend is a junior). My boyfriend received a phone call from his daughter telling him that everyone was going to be at her mom's house at 6:00 p.m. and if he came fine and if he didn't fine. He is upset at the way she presented her "invitation".

...husband is a child too!

happy mom's picture

I have to start separating my clothes from the main laundry stack we have. My husband puts all the clothes in the dryer and does not even hang up the delicate clothes... AGHHHH!!!!! Most of my clothes have shrunk cause he is suppose to hang them and not put them in the dryer! I feel like screaming...he is just another child that I have to mold, he is giving me a headache. I have enough duties as it is, working full time, a mom 24/7, he doesn't watch my daughter or do anything unless I tell him to. I just have too much to do and I don't have time to baby my husband.

When stepchild is sick?

happy mom's picture

Just wondering how everyone's else's situation on this topic. Everytime my stepson is sick, he ends up at biomom's house no matter if it's our weekend. Why is that? Just like he was sick this past weekend, biomom called on Sunday and I was not home but husband was and stepson. I came home and husband told me that biomom picked him up because he was sick. I was like what, why? I feel like she can't trust us w/caring for him. My husband don't care much if she picks him up. I don't get it?

Wasting Talent

Sweetie's picture

Well, it's been an interesting weekend to say the least. Nothing remarkable has happened in regards to any progress with my stepchildren, but again I'd be holding my breath until I'm blue in the face. Kind of like someone who's on a ventilator in a vegetative state, moreless. My husband flipped out yesterday and made some stupid comment to me yesterday again about helping me out with the dogs. I have not been using the pool for a month now since I have open ulcers on my hands from dermatitis.

Just getting it out

Sherrylyn's picture

I have dealt with all sorts of medical stuff all through my life. That's what I do, deal with stuff. It's no wonder my parents stopped having children after me. On the light end I have allergies and asthma, and they only rear their ugly heads in spring and autumn. But did I really need to have a brain hemorrhage at 18 months which gave me a brain injury that caused me to suffer with epilepsy since. Then there was the brain surgery when I was 11 years old. That was a delight, total paralysis of my right side?, sounds great.


Sweetie's picture

Well,it's been an interesting few days and I am still trying to figure out what to do about my fifteen year old dog. I really don't think his problem is organic, much more than I just think that at his age, it's just payback time, and he is becoming evil and demented. I can't seem to get ahead of him at all. And you wonder why people have cats and put them in bags. Maybe that sounds ill, but I am seriously saying my dog is driving me up the wall with making these messes on purpose. It's actually gotten so bad, that we've even twisted his name into a nickname of "Goldi-Comet".