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SD's baby

Sia's picture

Well, SD had her baby yesterday....Derby day here. Dh only knew because he called the local hospitals because I had that feeling.... Sure enough she delivered at 5 a.m. So, with my encouragement, he went to the hospital. I did not want him to go by himself, but since all of our friends/family were already at the Derby, (sad day by the way) I was of course the only one available to go. I REFUSED to go into the hospital, but instead opted to go to the top of the parking garage to enjoy the beautiful, yet very windy, views of the city with my boys. They loved it, it was "cool" to them.

just venting

sixxnguns's picture

So precious FSS had his birthday last week and BM invited Fh's sister and his parents, but didn't invite FH...he was hurt and angry but I told him to let it go....It was his weekend to visit this weekend, she sent him here unbathed and smelly...FSS told us he hasn't taken a bath in 2 FH put him in the bathtub and his underwear were filthy, and I mean like he doesn't bother to clean himself up after he goes to the bathroom...

Well, we didn't have to call the cops....

steppie1999's picture

but when we arrived to pick up SS and SD last night, SS got right into car but SD went around to DH's side of the car...she was dressed in her raggedy "visitation" clothes but told DH that she "thought she should have the choice of whether she wanted to come or not" and that there were a lot of things that weren't "fair" when she comes to our house..DH told her that for one, she can't give him notice in the driveway at pickup time and that she needed to come because there were some things that needed to be discussed after the last time she was here and that it's something that can't be igno

BM was served with my adoption papers yesterday

TheSaneOne's picture

I guess you can say I am preparing for the worst. The atty said we should go the adoption route first - then if she contests we can go the termination route. Worst case scenario - she has to pay child support - hopefully adhere to drug testing and supervised visitation. Best case - she would sign the consent realizing she isn't a part of SS's life.

Are you kidding me?

Nymh's picture

SS is here now. BM dropped him off while I was at work. I came in and saw that he has more medications than usual. However, these are meds that were filled a long time ago - one was filled in 2006 and one was filled in 2007...meaning that she didn't take him to the doctor, she's just treating him with stuff that she had lying around left over. One of them is already expired. This is what she sends for us to use. BF informs me that BM is picking SS up on Monday morning on the way to his doctor appointment.

Am I worrying for nothing???

steppie1999's picture

Well less than 2 hours until it's time to leave to pick SS & SD up for the weekend. Still haven't heard a word from phone or regular mail...of course, there's still time as DH doesn't get off work for another half an hour and I know that BM wouldn't call until she knows he's off work because the cell phone number that she has is mine....not that I'd answer if it were BM but it would go against her act of pretending I don't exist...LOL

SS hasn't been to school all week - a rant

Nymh's picture

First off, let me start off by saying that last week was Spring Break, so SS didn't go to school at all last week either. If you read my last blog, you saw that SS had an anxiety attack on Monday morning and his mom didn't make him go to school. Last night, BF was telling me that BM is dropping SS off today for visitation (which means that she's doing something recreational again this weekend...she never drops SS off unless it's on her way to go out of town). He then starts off with, "BM says that SS is still coughing and feeling puny..."