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How court went

Nymh's picture

First of all - Hooray! Everything went so well! Ok, now I'll let you know what happened.

So my attorney was there to meet me bright and early in the morning. BF said that every time he has gone to court with BM, they have sat in the 'pews' and waited through everyone else's cases until theirs was finally heard. Today, we were the first people in there - and the only people in there at the time. I was relieved that no one was in there to listen to her air her dirty laundry.

Does it ever stop!

missangie1978's picture

Now that we're going for full custody BM is swearing that she's living in a homeless Shelter and not with her ex. That doesn't make sense, why would she ask to have her 8 week summer visitation with SS if she's in a homeless shelter with her other 3 kids and why would she think that we'd allow SS to live in a homeless shelter for 2 months?

Now she's also stating that she's going to move out of state again to her cousins. She is so unstable that we can't figure out what she's thinking.

SS Update

Steamed's picture

It's been a while since I have posted here, just have been very busy with Little League and other things at work, haven't had the time or inclination to put thoughts down until today, but that doesn't mean things are peachy, just the opposite of course, some of the things that have happened recently:

Realtime SM, second wives groups.

Lauren973's picture

Do any of you ladies have local step parent step mom or second wives groups locally where women in situations like ours can meet to talk in real life? If so, are there any resources you can advise for me to look into for such a group?
I could really use a support system in town as I know no one here but my STBH and his ninety y/o landlady. Oh and the nutcase STBX.

IEP meeting today with the ex there...

proud mom's picture

he never came to any meetings before why now!! I have an IEP meeting this morning concerning holding 6 yr old bs back in kindergarten. I am so unsure of what to do and have been told that I can request he be tested late in the summer to see where he is then decide what grade to put him in 1st or kindergarten.

can i get off this crazy carousel?

lmdavi0's picture

talked to bb about our visitation this weekend and sd just 'balled' when she got in bb's car supposedly. dh didn't talk to sd very much this weekend. are you kidding me? i told her 'look, stop picking us apart; dh is a great father and he will never live up to what you want.' and basically we just talked in circles about how dh is not consistent, blah, blah, blah, but yet it's amazing that she fights our visitation every single makes you crazy to deal with her sometimes. but i was hanging with friends and i got off the phone pretty quickly.

I'm calling CPS on BM

missangie1978's picture

for the sake of her other kids. My Fiancee and I had to go to the court house today in order to get copies of all of BMS Domestic Violence Cases and Criminal Cases for our hearing (they are public records). The report she wrote about the ex that she moved to get away from and than moved back in with when she moved back is horrible!

Just some random thoughts

marika's picture

As I read through the site tonight, I realized how many of us have the same story with slightly different players - the clueless DH who either spoils his children and wonders why they are brats or the clueless DH who can't see that we and his children are not going to get along, the BM who should be committed but somehow manages to look sane when she needs to, the SKs who can be charming when DH is home, but who will make us look for the 666 on them the minute he leaves the room.

personal update

Gwen's picture

It's been awhile since I've posted, just felt like spilling out an update. Mediation for DH's increase in custody started in late May, one session, relatively positive as far as one can tell, we think (cross fingers). We are asking for increase from 25% to 50% custody.

BM made up some complaints about communication that mostly aren't true. DH does a lot of research and put together what he thinks is a good proposal for 50/50 time.

Going to court with BM tomorrow - wish me luck (please!)

Nymh's picture

I'm nervous. I talked to my lawyer tonight. He left a message with BF for me to call him. When I did, the first words out of his mouth were "How are you?" And he asked it sincerely. That really made me feel better.

He is so geared up and ready to do whatever it takes to get BM to make a fool of herself. He invited BF to come with us. He's going to call her to the stand first. He's going to bring up old things that she's still pissed about. He's hoping to piss her off so much that she just goes off.