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Kid Art and BS

BettyRay's picture

The school art show was this week. It wasn’t as bad as last year. Although I think I’ve mellowed. I feel sad for FH. Yet again BM collected all the boys art pieces and didn’t offer any of their artwork to FH. And yet again the boys ignored us.

I feel it would be easier on the boys if BM would at least acknowledge us by saying ‘hello’ – her ignoring FH sets the tone for the boys.

Need advice...SS is coming and dread is consuming me!

StepG's picture

I am not dreading the fact that SS is coming I am happy to see him. I am dreading seeing him walk in on his bottom lip. See BM calls H at 6:30 this morning to very rudely inform him that she will be dropping SS off tonight. She is so hateful all the time. Well very few and far btw are the times that she drops SS off. H usually does all the transportation. Anyway whenever she does bring SS she grills him the whole way over here about coming and how awful we are etc. essentially make SS feel bad for coming and dreading the situation cause of how his mom will act.

another frustration

bellacita's picture

dont ask me why i looked at the parenting plan again last nite...probably bc it was sitting on top of my laptop (thanks FH)...but the holidays are so screwed up in my opinion. before they had a rotating holiday schedule, meaning one yr FH would get certain holidays and the next yr he would get the other. when they went to mediation, mediator came up w a rotating split holdiay schedule. when they were ironing it out in court, we said we like the rotating holidays as they had been. BB came back and said she did too but liked splitting halloween or something. whatever.

I got a promotion!

Nymh's picture

Just wanted to let you guys know that my workplace offered me a decent package and I took it. I'm having to drop out of school (again) to go back to work full time but that's OK. I've been wanting this position for 18 months now and like BF said, sometimes you have to leave to get what you want Smile

Conflicted & Confused....

hangingin's picture

Yesterday our son (10) spent the day & night with a friend, and while I was on the computer last night, I over heard HD on the phone talking with SD, telling all about his day, yada. yada.... Sooo, I went into the living room and sat down and point blank asked him why it is that he can talk to his kids (SS-25 & SD-22)and I feel left out because he's not telling me anything?

H is so angry that he actually cried last night!

StepG's picture

So H went to pick up SS and his 2 step sisters for our weekly mid week night with him. I cooked salisbury steak, mashed potates, corn, and cressent rolls. We ate about 5:45 or 6. Those girls ate more than my H who works physical labor everyday all day and has big appetite at days end. SS ate a lot as well but not as much as the girls.

I feel so sad for my husband

kathleen's picture

We're having a birthday party for my daughter on the 14th. She'll be three. She wanted her sister, my SD to come and paint faces. I emailed SD and asked her if she would come and paint the kids faces. Her response was that that is Father's Day weekend and she already has plans. What with her mother's boyfriend? I want to cry for my husband.

BM can't read a map

smurfy1smile's picture

BM lives about 66 miles north of us. Its pretty much a straight shot up a highway, 70 mph all most all the way. So BM emails this evening, asking if BF could pick up BS at another location - stating its 20 miles closer for him. Wrong, its more like 60 miles from us (more east than north) and then we would have to drive another 30 plus miles on the freeway (totally different route than we take to BM's house) to BF's parents house where he has his parenting time because BM will not allow him to take his son to our own home, claiming its too far away from his mother. So how is this closer?