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Let's talk about the bedroom

robinray's picture

First of all I'm not interested in talking about the details of anyone's sex life. I would like to talk about how, in this very complicated life we all seem to be living, you work out time to be with your significant other for intimate time. (Not just bedroom gymnastics)

This is a challenge for myself. Finding time to just sit and enjoy one another's company has become an event which requires its own schedule in our home. For me this is a huge challenge as I do not have my own children and have never had to work around anyone else's schedule.

Helloooo!!!!!! Can somebody help me?

loopylou's picture

Hi! I am newish to this site and am having a little trouble working out how it all works. I can read the posts but don't get how to reply to people or anything and there seems to be all these different symbols of things. I need someone to send me an idiot guide on how to use this site please. I am obviously a bit on the dim side so any help would be appreciated.

A bit about me.....I am a soon to be step mum of 3 boys and live with Bio dad. I have no kids of my own but would desperately love to have one (long story). Bio mum very much on the scene,unfortunately,she is EVIL.

Last nites BM BullS#$%

Shar's picture

Last nite biodad and I *(the girlfriend) went to biodads son hockey game. An hour before the game starts his son calls biodads mom (he lives with his parents)and says dad has his hockey stick and he needs it. Biodads phone starts ringing and of course it is the biomom but he didnt answer it, he knew it would be some kind of BS again. Son didnt have hockey for 2 weeks and it was on her time, so we knew we didnt have stick...just another load of crap...again. Then she calls my house, of course I didnt answer, she leaves a message...Hello this is Mrs.

Frustrated at the ex wife

ranahenke28's picture

Hi I am new to this site, and I was searching for a site on how to help deal with an ex wife. I have been married for 5 years and have to stepchildren one is 12 the other is 13.
A year ago the ex-wife moved out of her parents house and now lives on her own, every since then she calls him to go over and help around the house, fix the dishwasher, thermostat, her car, move furniture, pick up and deliver furniture. etc...

Help! Am I crazy?

Marie92's picture

I think I'm a crazy grown-up. I have 4 sons, a SS, and a SD. My SS is always around, sometimes he can be a pain, but is respectful and listens to me. My SD, 7, is so-so. She can be a sweety and a little monster, I say that with love. She's really a gorgeous little girl, looks just like my DH. That's good and bad. Good cuz she's cute, bad cuz she's not mine. Sad Lately, she has tested me everytime she comes over (Tues and Thurs evening and Sat. night).

Don't Know If I Can Stand Being "StepMom" Anymore...

meshel's picture

Lately I'm at my wits end with things that have been going on. I am dissapointed in myself for feeling this way, but I think I need to take a big step back in my role as a stepmom. I have had a few things come up w/ my skids, one w/ my SD. that I posted about already, she only wants to be here when her dad is home, and not "left" with me...??? That issue has resolved itself some, new issue is w/ SS.

BF Ex drives me nuts

Lacey's picture

So my BF cousins GF just had a baby BF other cousin is still friends with BF ex so they were talking about the new baby.The ex asks if there will be a baby shower and says she would love to come.First of all the ex isn't even friends with the one who had the baby...actually last time I talked to babies Mom she hated the ex.So iget a phone call today from my MIL saying that the ex may be at the did I feel about that?I told her I wasn't very comfortable around her but also mature enough to deal with it.Then I told her I was a little shocked that she might be there

No-spanking law for kids under age 3 proposed for California

SympatheticBioDad's picture

No-spanking law for kids under age 3 proposed for California
By Mike Zapler
MediaNews Sacramento Bureau

SACRAMENTO - The state Legislature is about to weigh in on a question that stirs impassioned debate among moms and dads: Should parents spank their children?

What's your opinion?


Why do we need to "vent"?

robinray's picture

I am a stepmother of 5 children varying in age from 15 to 27. When I first came into their lives the youngest was 6 and the oldest was 19. During my tenure as a stepmom I have encountered all manner of situations. I have started visiting step parenting sites because I am in the process of writing a book for step mothers. I am curious about the focus of many of these forums. It seems that the focus is on "venting", relieving stress, dealing with out of control people, and various other issues that do not focus upon the person typing.