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HUGE Mother-Daughter dilemma

Nise's picture

Okay this is not a step mom issue but I REALLY need some advice…here is the situation…my mother had a daughter when I was in Junior High (not with my dad) this guy is a complete IDIOT and was from the jump…he never held down a job and only recently began to work regularly (in all the years I’ve known him I’ve never known him to hold a job for an entire year and I’ve only know him to have 3 jobs in the last 14 years!!!) When my mom would go to work I would have to take my sister with me to slumber parties (I was 14 at the time and my sister was like 7-10 months old) because her father who wa

Going Bonkers with Extra Work

Sweetie's picture

It has already started to be a significantly difficult weekend. The heat seems to be here to stay.....meaning that the humidity does start to kick up and we have these "heat storms" accompanied by some wind, but no rain. My husband came home yesterday, which was Friday. I waited for him to change into shorts, which in itself, seemed like forever. I had taken the dogs out at a little after 4 p.m. We left the house to get a sandwich to eat shortly after 5 p.m. The wind was blowing but didn't seem to be blowing very hard. We weren't even gone an hour.

The BioMom Fails AGAIN!!!

FlaminMama's picture

So I haven't written in some time, mostly b/c there has been way too much drama so I will give the short story. We went on vacation, great time was so much fun, the surf, sand and water. Everyone had a great time even the sk's. So we get home and wham the storm started. The SS told his mom some really stupid lies, to get attention from her, like that my husband beat him. This ended with all of us in court a OPA and a month long stress fest. Of course the biomom lost in court and we did prove that she is feeding the kids nothing but bullshit.


Happily_Ever_After's picture

Just recently joining the blog, it is a breath of fresh air to know that this exists. It has been (nice?) to know that there are others out there going through the same thing, being the Evil Step Mother. I wish that "fairy tale" never existed. I mean, we are already EXPECTED to be the BAD one. I know. I had one. Which leads me to my first list (I like lists). When dealing with my future situation I try to think about how I was to my step mother, how she reacted, etc. I hope this helps. I offer these not to complain/brag, but just as general statments or reflections of my situations.

Am I Overreacting????

newsm's picture

Help!! I am a very new SM (just married 3 months ago) and I don't know how to deal with this situation.
I just discovered that my 13yo SD has a navel ring that her biomom took her to get months ago when she was only 12. Is it just me or is that completely innappropriate?? And, my husband doesn't know anything about it, should I tell him or just let it go?
Biomom also bought SD a Playboy Bunny "Sexy Babe" t-shirt that my husband banned and told her to return. She still has the shirt, just doesn't wear it when she is with us.

My brother has a girlfriend who has children & divorced

happy mom's picture

Just discovered from my brother that he is struggling w/relationship w/his girlfriend and children. She is divorced w/2 children. It seems to me that he needs to get educated on stepfamily situations. Offered him to read some of the books I bought to help him. Maybe even refer him to this step talk website.

Developing Relationship w/Stepson age 9

happy mom's picture

Since last month, I've been actively trying to develop a better relationship w/my stepson. I'm talking to him more and take him out w/me when I can. I never use to do that since my relationship w/his biomom. I now realize that stepson is an important part of my husband's life and I wanted to show my husband and stepson that I'm a good person after all and that I don't despise my stepson. I guess my frustration w/biomom rubbed off my stepson before and both my husband and stepson thought that I hated my stepson. It is not true of course.

Going around in circles

angelcat06's picture

Follow up of what happened yesterday..
I was talking to my mother-in-law thinking that I could share how I felt safely with her. Then I found out that my husband had talked to his dad about me not wanting to take my SD for a walk. And then grandpa went to ask his wife (my mother-in-law)why I didn't want to take a walk with my SD. That is wonderful... go tell THE person who loves E the most in the world. I felt totally betrayed. I guess I will try to keep my feelings to myself next time.

Trials and Tribulations

Sweetie's picture

Well, I have seen some interesting reads lately on the blogs, and as I have been driving thru town, also seen some interesting stuff. Never question what you see in the South. You don't want to know, because if you ask, you'll get an answer that you'll never understand. I got a real taste of things yesterday at "Mayor's Court". Smile And the smiley face wasn't because it made me smile, it was a joke! Good grief! I feel like Lucy the Psychiatrist, from Peanuts, on Charlie Brown.