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I understand everyone else now!

LizzersBG's picture

So today i wake up, go to my girlfriends house and drop off my little one so that I can go get my haircolored. Got the hair colored.
Had gotten e-mail from BM stating that SS could be picked up at 2pm this afternoon to make up for Easter weekend that was her holiday but our sch visit. This weekend is supp to be ours too but bc of spring break it is not. She was offering us tonight and tomorrow night to make up for one of the missed weekends. Anyway.

Glad to be proven wrong...So Far

steppie1999's picture

Picked SS and SD up at 6 pm. As soon as they got into car, SS(11) says, "man I'm glad to be out of there...They're all driving me crazy!!"
It's been a month since they've been here and they're usually glad to get away from BM but this weekend they're especially glad to be coming. SK's got report cards a couple weeks ago and are now both grounded because....their grades weren't good enough!! BM expects straight A's because HER KIDS SHOULD BE PERFECT!!
We even had SS's teacher email us once and tell us at PTC BM had given her that exact impression.


bellacita's picture

Anyone have experience in the state of MO? This was court ordered bc she alleged abuse, against me naturally. my FH desperately wants to resolve it thru med bc we cannot afford (financially or mentally) court. basically she tried to get full custody, supv visits and more CS. has since dropped it but parenting plan has to be revised thru mediation due to the allegation...basically the courts will not just let it go.

Has anyone ever wanted to just keep driving???

frustratedinMA's picture

I actually contemplated this last night. No really.. I did. A little history..

So, for the past year (about that) I would say that I have been down. I came off some antidepressants to try and get pregnant. We started trying Feb 2007. In April 2007, my husband went out to see for 2 monhts. During that 2 months, my Grandmother died, and an uncle committed suicide the morning of her funeral.

Those two events started me on a downward spiral of sorts. I stopped eating sensibly and since last May have gained about 30lbs.

Have I overstepped my bounds????

alwaysthemom's picture

SD cries about wanting to move back to her moms. Mind you, she only does this when shes had a bad day at school or just wants attention. She has asked her dad if she can move back to BMs several times. He has told her several times absolutely not. SD has asked BM if she can move back and BM says I'll talk to you Dad about it. Bm has not once called DH to discuss this. I believe she tells SD this just to put the blame on DH and to shut SD up. Anyway, today, SD starts crying about not selling more on the school fund raiser and says, you guessed it I want to move back to my moms.

im having a really tough time rite now

bellacita's picture

im new to the site and im so thankful i found it! i havent really told my story yet but id like to post an abbreviated version in relation to how im feeling rite now. next thurs my FH has a date set for mediation for custody and support of his 2 1/2 yr old daughter to an ex-girlfriend. they have a current custody arrangement in place that she tried to modify after accusing me (falsely) of abuse, him of neglect and so on. this all started when i moved in in oct.