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Thanks for encouragement-Update on being selfish

dbsojo's picture

Thanks for the reassurance, folks! I switched up the delivery time to get SS to the ball game in time for practice. By the time I got back, I had missed a few innings, but he got to play his "last" (more on this in a few) game of the season. So it all worked out, and by the time we got home, we actually had over an hour to kill before we had to go the church banquet. I was dead to the world by the time we got home for the night, but everything that needed to get done got I really can't complain. Mic took him to the BBQ for a little while, and SS had a blast.

Why does my DH believe my SD over me ALL THE TIME????

Struggling Step Mom's picture

I caught my SD flat out lying to us. I knew that she was on Facebook and getting a lot of friends that were not approprite (she is 12). When my Brother and I were talking about Facebook and the people from highschool that we were finding she said " what is Facebook?, how does that work?" She has been on it since at least April and has over 200 friends. Anyways, my DH was sitting right there and when we were alone I asked him what he was going to do about my SD's lying. He did NOTHING. The next time I checked Facebook, I noticed she took her pic off the screen.

Pathological liar?

marika's picture

I really do wonder if SD is a pathological liar. When I first met her, she was around 8. I thought she was cute and she would sit on my lap, talking to me. One night, she told me a great story about her mom taking her to Disney World and about all the rides she went on, characters she saw, etc. I told her dad about it and he said it was a cute story, but she had never been to Disney World. I thought "that is odd, not cute," but I didn't say anything.

Fiance' admitted he wants 2 work things out w/ex

1wits_end's picture

How do you handle that......our life 2gether is based upon whether or not she wants 2 take him back....which she wasn't the one who wanted the divorce....I know I should just say screw him, but it's so hard because I love him. I'm not surprised at his actions because all of the things he was doing should have prepared me for this i.e. visiting sk @ her house, taking her non driving a#$ where she needs 2 go. I just feel so used, so dumb...I just feel like our whole relationship was a joke. Please help.

Mediation Update.

Lauren973's picture

So, In the last two days, I have officially lost every ounce of my cool, and I think, possibly my respect for STBH.
As some will remember, STBH agreed (against my warnings) to enter into a "mediation" towards reaching a settlement about custody and the finances.
On several occasions he and I agreed that the bottom line was to be that he would not walk out of there without 2 things in agreement:
1) shared custody both legal and residential
2) the passport

Psychic reading....

happy mom's picture

so I had one done recently. i truly believe this psychic, i've seen her before. this was my 2nd time around. she said that bm hates my guts and is very jealous of me. so no sense in trying to be friends with her, no matter what i do it won't matter. this answers my question as to why she is not nice and has a fake act when she sees me. all nice in person but nasty behind my back. it was a relieve to hear that, i knew it all along but just had to hear it from a well trusted source.

Is it DF fault

sacto_madre's picture

You all have dealt with a BM is non-compromising, invades your life, has her own rules and thinks the world revolves around BM and DH. From what I see on this site - the majority of DH enable the EW to treat them they way they do. The DH has behavior patterns that are pre-established with the EW - communciation methods, frequency, white lies they tell to avoid conflict, being procrastinators and non-responsive until issues escalate. How do you get a DH to not procrastinate but also not communicate with EW for every single little thing.