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Am I Crazy??????

zmmm's picture

My boyfriend and I bought a house together 2 years ago after being together 6 years. He has 2 girls, 11 & 12 and I have 2 kids, boy 16 and girl 9. Needless to say, it has never been easy getting everyone to get along. Generally, we all get by. Well, Easter weekend. We have his family over for dinner, 16 of them. I am busy in the kitchen and my 16yo son comes in, tell the girls to stay off of my wheelchair, the wheel is broken & I want to fix it (he found it in the garbage & has been having a great time with it). I said, I am not getting involved I am cooking for 16!!!

The plot thickens

Exhausted SM's picture

Ok so here is the conclusion to my earlier blog. Hubby took SS 8 home today at 6pm and when he arrived BM was waiting on the porch. SS 8 was carrying a bag of some toys and clothes for school we bought him and immediately she yells at him to take them back to our truck and to hurry up and get in the house and go to his room. When my hubby asks her what her prob is and why is she being mean to him after not seeing him for 4 days she snaps back and says that it is all my hubby's fault and slams her door shut!

Not so happy Easter

Exhausted SM's picture

Ok first a quick update for those who don't know my drama. I am a SM of 3 SKIDS. Boy 8, Boy 14, and Girl 11 (going on 21). We have custody of boy 14 and girl hates us especially me and boy 8 desperately wants to live with us as mom uses him as a pawn in her evil game to torture us by any means necessary. Well, this weekend was Easter of course and it was our turn to have the kids. SD has not come to our house since Christmas because of her hateful attitude and false accusations about me she is not allowed to. This is killing mom because she likes to party on our weekends.

What a week.....

proud mom's picture

Last week was unreal and this one is not starting out much better. Lets see where do I begin. In case you haven't read my other blogs my h2b slapped my youngest in the mouth for spitting in his face about 2 weeks ago, my ex found out and said he was going to have him arrested.

two weeks later, I'm still completely unhappy and we're officially seperated

triponloveb's picture

I don't know what to do. I don't think I can continue to live in an unhappy household. I never thought I would actually consider staying because of the love I feel for a child that isn't even mine. I still see ss everyday to help with homework and drive him where he needs to go. I know his dad won't help him and it isn't ss's fault. But then again thats the reason why I'm leaving. I feel especially bad because BM is moving out of state again. SS made a comment that all women are good for is leaving the people who need them.