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back from vacation, back to bs

lmdavi0's picture

Smile so, i got back sat. night and what was in the mailbox? an affadavit, of course! bb didn't meet dh for father's day, which is HIS court-ordered day, nor did she bring sd for the three-week vacation...and she has the audacity to say dh has been forfeiting his weekends and that ALL she wants is for him to be what does she close that with? asking the judge to cancel his visitations or have them supervised!! how the hell does that make sense???

Our weekend with SS coming to a close

Nymh's picture

I just wanted to post a short blog summarizing the weekend. We exercised our right to take SS out of town whether BM liked it or not. Twice. She REALLY didn't like it, but has been informed that she can't do anything about it. Our parenting plan only states that we have to give her an itinerary if we're going out of state with SS - it doesn't even require her permission, just her knowledge.

Happy "step-Father" Day

Struggling Step Mom's picture

I was so happy today! My boys went out of their way to make sure my DH had a great Father's Day. They made him presents and they also made him breakfast...a bowl of cereal but the thought was definitely there. He was really touched by it all and joked with me that I didn't even get the breakfast in bed treatment on Mother's Day. Sadly, his own daughter pull out the selfish card and never even called him. Since the boys put so much effort it was really more obvious that she didn't bother. No one mentioned it. I think I'll have a little chat with her next weekend.

BM seems to be getting on SD nerves...hahaha

bonusmom's picture

Ok so sd is visting for 2 weeks she has been here a week today...I have kept her pretty busy everyday because she doesn't come often and when she does its only for a couple of days, so we have been doing lots of stuff with the needless to say her mom is the last thing on her mind for no other reason than she is a kid and she is having fun...but I don't think BM is dealing well...she has called every day sometimes 2 or 3 times a day which to me is odd because when we lived closer and sd would come with us BM never called to check on her...I understand that we live 4 hours away but c

Totally Annoyed...yet again

dbsojo's picture

So I feel like I've been moaning and groaning about a lot of the same stuff when it comes to Ms. Perfect. But I can't help it, as I find myself once again justifiably peeved with her. Thursday was back to the same BS with the denial of phone visitation until she found out that Mic made a child support payment. Supposedly he was at a friend's house eating dinner, but it was a lie. Come to find out SS had been in the yard the whole time. Whatever.

Happy Father's Day Weekend.

Little Jo's picture

For the ladies who were single Mothers and acted as both parents.

For the Bio-dads that still show how much they care even though you may be seperated or divorced.

For the Bio-dads that are also Step-dads and who opened their hearts to our kid(s). That's a whole alot of loving.

For our Father's who may have passed on. We miss you and love you.

fantasy of retribution

Lauren973's picture

Okay ladies (and gents)... We've all been through it, regardless of our place as BM, SM, SM&BM, SD, SKID, etc.,
Try as you may to deny it, I know that there has been some mental tinkering with the fanasy of retribution.

I admit it, I've fantasized about all manner of evil tricks to play. There is NOTHING wrong with THINKING about it - its just fantasy, right?!?

I am very curious to know what dastardly revenge fantasies you've all come up with and by all means, if you ever actually DID anything to get revenge!

Joint decison making

proud mom's picture

That is what hubby and his ex are suppose to have but yet we never know when sd has a Dr apt or anything that is going on. She just called to say oh by the way while you have sd this coming week she has a check up OMG she didn't change it I am amazed now the question will be as I have said in my last post who is taking her the ex says that hubby can drop her off to her on his way to work why on earth get her up so early when she doesn't have to I can drop her off or even take her arghhhhhhhh.