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grocery shopping...

SMIT's picture

I need to vent about grocery shopping with my DH. I notice more and more every time we go that he's a little obsessed with getting things that SS would like. And I feel like he talks down to me, almost saying I'm not thinking of SS enough when planning meals. I've pointed this out to him and he doesn't see it. It makes me nuts.

If I'd see my husband put the kind of OOMMPH into us as he does into that little boy, it would be different.

Mommy laughs at bad behavior!

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A little advice... 4 year old boys are not ready for tee ball! I don't think some of their mothers are, either.

SS looks adorable in his too-long t-shirt and it's hilarious to see 10 little kids in batting helmets (think Rick Moranis in "Space Balls"). Saturday was the third week of tee ball for my SS and he's a terror on the field. He's OK when his team is up to bat. The kid's got a great swing and he's so fast getting around the bases. His daddy and I were just plain embarrassed Saturday, though, by his antics in the outfield.


Nise's picture

I’m wondering if this is the “calm before the storm”…I have to say that LIFE has been so very WONDERFUL and I’m afraid to get too comfortable in it…that is a part of me but the other part of me…the part that wants to win says… WHY BE AFRAID?!

Stepson's 2nd Party Went Very Well!

Dawn-Moderator's picture

No problems today for the relative party. Everything went off without a hitch. Stepson had a good time with his cousins and liked all of his gifts.

Tomorrow stepson and I will go shopping so he can spend some of his birthday money before school starts back up. He will have to put a small portion of his birthday money in his savings account but he is ok with that.

It's been a long weekend of parties, though! I'm tired!


Stepson's attitude towards my daughter.

happy mom's picture

I noticed that my stepson (9 yrs old), is being so rude to my daughter (5 yrs old). It's like he judges everything she does and always putting her down and scolding her. She's not doing anything to harm him or hurt him at all. Can you help me figure this one out? It's like he hates her or something.

The summer went really well, but why is biomom mad?

williteverend's picture

Ok - so we just ended our summer parenting time with the kids and it went really well. Last year the SD was difficult to deal with and was constantly talking about her mom and dad getting back together. This year she hardly talked to her mom and never even mentioned them getting back together. This did not sit well with her mother, at all. Last year we got a blast o gram from her saying that the kids didn't want to come back up, because they were really difficult last year and were constantly being disciplined. This year - she is mad at us becuase they did have a good time.

These are the moments that show us why we hang in there…THE LOVE!!

Nise's picture

Eventhough PSYCHO pulled that crap with the cell phone Friday night she could not ruin what turned out to be Absolutely the best weekend!!! I just received my Master’s degree last week…well my husband threw me the BEST surprise congratulatory party ever! There were about 75 friends and family members (more people than we had at our wedding!) there through out the night…he did such a good job!!

She’s raising her to be a little hypochondriac for her own SICK glorification!

Nise's picture

A lot of these really hit home! Guess what that PSYCHO did this weekend!?! She sends the 6 year old with a pre-paid mobile phone with her number, her boyfriends number, her mother’s number and her sister’s number programmed in it…well the kids stayed the night with their aunt and cousins (my husband’s sister) b/c the only time they get to see them is when (if) we have them…so anyway my sister-in-law calls me last night saying “I’m very disturbed and I don’t know what to do about this…” and proceeds to tell me about the cell phone (it was the first I’ve heard of it).