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The Stepmother Plague

Stepmom_C's picture

Well, I remember someone posting about it. The stepmom plague. I guess I got it last night for the first time at SD6's soccer game and let me tell you it feels like shit. I have 2 SDs (now 6 & 10) and 1 Bio-Daughter(14). Been together w/ DH close to 2 years and have full custody of all of them. I'm one that has the PSYCHO ex-wife to deal with. Haven't posted much about her but the ex is a nutcase. I just don't deal with her...he does.

Heart Shattering

Little Jo's picture

With all this abuse talk, BF blurtted out that SD14 was sexually molested when she was six by DK's Brother.

Bf has told me that Dk was molested as a kid by her Brothers. She was raped at knife point at 16, and that DK said all 3 extra marital affairs were rape. I never gave much thought.

From what BF said, the adults dealt with it. DK's Father beat the living balls out of his own son when he found out he hurt his GrandDaughter. And that was it. They never addressed it to the girl. They just brushed it under the rug.

I can't stop crying. This makes so much sence.


je creative's picture

This Saturday: A poker party at the ex's house. I get to spend the evening with all of - and only - the ex's family.

The kids want us there, not a good enough reason for me. It's not a stressful situation, the kids just want their dad & me there because it'll be fun to have us there. They need to realize that we can't be there whenever they want.

Bad to Worse

dbsojo's picture

So Mic actually got a hold of SS on 2nd or 3rd try this afternoon. He and Ms. Perfect were on their way to Toys R Us to get a birthday present. Turns out the party is for his friend's little sister, who apparently loves carebears, and what else could it be, but a sleepover. I think this kid has gone about 2 nights without a sleepover since Easter Break started. I mean, I understand that at 8, friends become more important, learning to socialize, yada, yada, yada, but this is ridiculous. Ms. P.

Attempt at coparenting or...?

Caitlin's picture

Ok, here's a first. Tonight, BF went to see SD for their weekly Daddy/Daughter dinner and BM made what we suspect to be an attempt at coparenting. We think. She's never done anything like this before so we're suspicious. I guess it's a step in the right direction anyway - maybe family based therapy is working? I have found that every step forward like this is followed very quickly by several steps back, though. We'll see!

Graduation Party with His Ex-wife?

cruzin777's picture

My boyfriend is discussing with his ex-wife about having a graduation party together for their son. I am new to the family -- all of his extended family seem to really like me (said love me). We've been together just about a year. My boyfriend and his ex don't get along very well. Well, they get along as long as she always gets her way. Otherwise she screams at him and treats him terribly. I suggested we have separate graduation party's ... one with my boyfriend's family and sons, and his ex can have her own.

"BM is nice in person....but plays these childish games via email"

happy mom's picture

Like I said BM was nice in person and had a lot to say. When I ask her questions via email she doesn't respond to them....can someone tell me why that is? Like for instance she said she grounded ss for no tv and I emailed her back to ask what he did to deserve that she didn't respond. Why can't she just respond, does she have these mood swings and only reply back when she wants to. I think that is just childish and stupid. What do you guys think? Or like when I ask her when are they going on a trip in the summer, she doesn't respond, like it's a hard question or something.

I learned so much & I'm done

Little Jo's picture

I think I aged ten years in the last 3 days. it is impossible to make any headway with this nut job.
I now completely understand why BF shut down and gave up. She is relentless. She can rationalize anything. You can't say one thing to her that doesn't get twisted around. She truley believes she deserves praise, credit and sympathy for the way she handles the girls.

Guess who calls last night to say she is sick of ss!

Candice's picture

Yup, a whopping 38 days, and bm is telling dh she is sick of ss. Don't get me wrong, ss is a polished asshole, and he is that way b/c bm doesn't want to do anything to correct his behavior. She won't do counseling, nor will she take the time to take him to counseling.