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Stepfamilies from the kids perspective...

Nise's picture

I thik this is the coolest is a PBS blog site where kids can write about their stepfamily situations...i've yet to see a positive comment...WOW!!! They talk about how they view their step sibs...and even more scary...not liking thier half-sibs (which i HATE that terminology...sibs are sibs to me!) We have to be very mindful of the whole "your-kid/our-kid" thing...check it out if you get a chance!

New To This

Gwen's picture

Hi, I'm new. I am getting married in 3 weeks to a good man who was previously married and has two children, a boy age 8 and a girl age 6. I have known all of them for nearly four years now, although I have known BF longer because we both agreed to wait to introduce me to the kids (8 months). I am fortunate that the Skids and I have a close and loving relationship. I have no children of my own, although I want children very much; at present I am a full time lawyer.

It's Done

lylagarrett's picture

Well it's done! We paid the $6500.00 today to DHS. Now we are just waiting for the next blow, because we know that she is going to turn around and use that money to get an attorney again like she always does. But again, we're ready for her this time! Thanks for listening!

Delivering 1st child in 2 wks and fiancee wants to start seeing his children from a previous marriage again

neomom's picture

I am nine months pregnant with my first child. My fiancee has two children from a previous marriage. Until a few weeks ago when his grandmother passed on we have had really no contact with them for months at a time. He was asked to sign his rights over and her new husband was to adopt them. Now they carry her new exhusbands name and since she's gotten her recent divorce and moved in with a new boyfriend she wants him to start taking them again. She dragged us in and out of court so much and it makes me nervous to have any contact with her or the children.

He Doesn't Understand

lylagarrett's picture

My hubby just does not understand why I got upset last night. He was talking on the phone to a friend of his about our bioson's football season coming up. The coach for our son's football this year is the cousin to hubby's ex-wife (the one who gives us all the drama in our lives). Anyway he was telling this buddy of his that my son and the coach are cousins. I became upset because there is no way in God's creation that my son is related to that witch of an ex-wife. I know I may have over reacted a tad bit but geez. Why would he even want to refer to them as relatives anymore?