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Does anyone else have to deal with this?

Nymh's picture

Why does BM send us emails pretending to be SS? She throws in a few misspelled words here and there to try to make us believe it's really him, but there's proper punctuation, grammar, sentence structure...even apostrophes for crying out loud! The kid is 8! It's pretty damn obvious it's her! But no, it couldn't be, because at the end it says "I know you think mom tells me to say things but she's outside right now."

Well Suprise...Suprise..

septembers_child's picture

Well suprise...suprise...Guess who is probably going to have to repeat the fourth grade???? Her teacher sent a rather curt letter home address to "MR and MRS ------) about MY Hell's "lack of responsibility" with her school and home work and said the results are that she will have to repeat the fourth grade.

BAD scene at Friday night pick up

Caitlin's picture

Where to begin? My fiance got 4 comp tickets to a children's play so we arranged a surprise sleepover for SD with her friend (the one who came over on the last visit - we'll call her BFF). BFF is SD's friend from swimming. BFF's mom and BM are friendly because they both volunteer for swim team and their daughters are best friends. Well, we didn't tell BM about our plans, not because it was a secret, but because we didn't think it necessary and honestly, we knew she'd try to control it or prevent it in some way because she just wouldn't like it.

SS's Birthday

dbsojo's picture

Well, this time last year, Ms. Perfect was about to give birth to baby Cash Cow. She was understandably busy, as we threw the only birthday party for ss. This year, we have him on his birthday (hah!), and of course are throwing another party (see post regarding total lack of WWE paraphanalia). SS told us at the last visitation that Ms. P. was planning on doing his birthday party the week before. He was excited, as he was finally having an overnight party (which it seems like all the "cool" older kids are doing this year).

molly doll

Gwen's picture

My wonderful sd came over with her doll yesterday. Whe is much more into stuffed animals than dolls, usually; she likes to dress them up in all kinds of outfits. But yesterday she came over with her American Girl Molly doll.

I've seen this doll before, at one of her brother's soccer games. I've heard BM mention the doll. So this morning SD is struggling to put on the doll's shoes and asks me for help, and as I'm struggling away she says "well, the doll is really old. Daddy gave her to Mommy, and Mommy gave her to me". And I feel like someone punched me in the stomach.

Spring is here!!!

proud mom's picture

The birds are chripping the sun is shining and life is getting bridghter. I am a BM and after reading some of the posts on this site it made me stand back and think. The Ex (which is really a pain in my ass) called this week and ask for more time with the boys at first I said No way you agreed to what is in the paper work and that is that. Well then I got to thinking about a lot of you that want to see you kids and can't so I did a lot of thinking and decided to be the bigger person on this one I mean hell atleast their dad wants to see them right?

Update on Lost Paperwork

dbsojo's picture

And No, it hasn't been found. In response to posts: Mic's going back to court to enforce the court order that was issued back in the summertime. There was a court date back in January, but she didn't show. He filled out the paperwork that day to reschedule. He has a copy of some sort of paperwork from that day that should prove that he indeed filled out the "lost" paperwork. Thanks for sharing your stories about lost paperwork. When all else fails, it's so encouraging just to know that we are not the only ones going through this.