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Another Question

smcpaw's picture

The biomom planned a surprise birthday party for my BF's daughter (Sweet 16). I think that the biomom should have invited my boyfriend even if her daughter and my boyfriend are at odds. If it was a surprise, she wouldn't have a say and that way my boyfriend could have made a decision whether to go or not - and I do believe he would have went regardless of how bad the relationship is right now - he is just trying to be a parent and make his daughter understand that she can no longer conduct herself the way that she does and needs to become responsible for her actions...

I so want to say I told you so - but I won't

smcpaw's picture

My boyfriend finally took a stand and told his daughter that she was no longer welcome in our home until she changed her attitude and learned to stop disrespecting and being defiant and had her mother come and get all of her belongings, right down to the bed in her room. I felt it was a little extreme, but something had to change. Mommy dearest gladly came to the rescue and continued to make excuses for her...


Sweetie's picture

It's been a couple of days since I've written down any lengthy thoughts. But I have viewed and written comments in others blogs, as I have virtually relived some events many times over in reading your sites. So, I empathize with many of you.

I'm coming at this from a bio-mom point of view..

lovin-life's picture

The problems with daughter & Dad began when he got a girlfriend 1 1/2 yr ago now(moved in with thier Dad a few months after the kids new about her). Partly because "Dad" time now had to be shared with this other person..but more-so because HIS behaviour changed.

I'm coming at this from a bio-mom point of view..based on what the kids tell me and my own observations....

Initially ..the kids really really liked Dads' GF....son still does.. daughter has mixed feelings..(I think she likes her but is also jealous of her)

Messed Up

lylagarrett's picture

Well I just messed up! It was stupid and immature, but it felt good at the time. Now I just have to live with the consequences. The ex just drove my place of business while I was out getting the mail and on instinct my middle finger went up as she was driving by and while she was looking at me I happened to call her a female dog. Anybody else ever do something dumb and regret it later?

The 13 yr old is more mature than her DAD!

lovin-life's picture

I really think the 13 yr old is more mature than her father!!!

The kids Dad...just finished blowing them off for his July 1st long party with his usual.. They are just as happy hanging out with their freinds, too... I've told him in the past..."You've taught them over the last 4 yrs that it's OK to blow-off visits for your social life...dont' come crying to me now to fix your screw-ups!!"


lylagarrett's picture

Well I'm not sure whether to be happy or what. We still ended up having to pay the bitch from hell $6412.00 but I guess that's better than the orginal $14,000.00. She was caught in lie after lie, but yet the judge still ruled in her favor for one year of child support, which was the year after the SD turned 18. I don't understand it, but I guess some laws have changed that alternative schools are included and that's what the judge ruled by. But now we heard her tell the assistant DA that she would be filing some kind of charges on medical bills.

Wedding Nightmare

Sande's picture

Went to see the movie "Click " with Adam Sandler.
Talk about wedding nightmares. The boy's natural mom remarried but danced with her Ex to their special song.
Can this happen in real life?

I'm sure a child's wedding brings up many hidden feelings.
But.... Can you imagine?

The Mind is a POWERFUL tool...sometimes DANGEROUSLY so...

Nise's picture

I need some womanly advice that is not necessarily related to being a step mom…I was wondering if any one else can relate to this…For some reason I sometimes “create” situations in my mind and build them up so much that they have to be “proved wrong”…I don’t know how crazy that sounds but that is the best explanation that I can give for what happens…for example….I can call my husbands cell phone and he might not answer…I’ll try back later and still no answer…instantly my mind might go to a worry situation depending on the circumstances (i.e.