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when do preventable accidents become parental neglect?

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as i have mentioned, things have been very peaceful and pleasant on the bm front, as far as our interactions with her.... however we have been hearing from ss that he is upset at things at his moms house, and "something is bothering him" every time we get ss back from bm's he has a new scratch or injury, from either playing out side, falling on gravel, etc. all things have been chalked up to the fact that he is a 5 yo boy and bumps and bruises are going to happen....but for some reason its only happening at bm's house?!

normal kid behavior vs skid behavior.... whats normal?

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ss5 and i have always had a very good relationship. never any issues. bm and i have been getting along really well, and everything has been going pretty well!!

dh and i are planning to hopefully get pregnant in july or august, and im finally over all the drama and stress and able to focus on my amazing life with dh and get excited about our hopefully soon, pregnancy!!

what happens if you and dh divorce? does cs for your child=cs for skids?

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i just read something that made me wonder....

if all other factors with you and bm are equal, will the judge take care of the needs of bm first or are you equal?

it seems that when we are married to dh and have bio kids, bm gets the front seat where the courts are concerned, but what if we are in the same situation as bm?

is there any way to make your genes show more than dh's, lol

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the other morning, dh was in the shower, and ss was taking a bath in our big tub next to the sower while i was doing my hair for work. something was said by me or dh, cant remember, but it was basically that ss looks just like dh. you cant really see bm at all in ss....well dh and my sil look EXACTLY like satan(mil) so im afraid that when dh and i have kids, if its a girl it will be an exact female version of dh, which means my little girl will look like MIL. i dont even know if i would like my own kid if it looked like her. im kidding, but seriously what the heck would i do.

texts with bm, nothing solved, but at least we are communicating right?

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ever since the doctors thing a couple weeks back, bm and i have had a little communication via text messages.

everything has been going very nicely, and its so great. But I still feel like bm does things underhandedly to piss us off, but there is nothing dh or i can do or say because we are on this path of "getting along"

could it truly be peace with bm? lord i hope so...fb message from bm

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yesterday i had all my pre op stuff for my tumor and thyroid removal surgery tomorrow. i got done late enough that i didnt go to work.....last week when we got ss, he was coughing, he got a little better, but was still coughing. he went back to bm on thursday, friday being her day off, she said she would take ss to the doctor. well, we got him monday and she had not taken him. so i ask dh if he wants me to take ss since i have the rest of the day off, and since we have him this weekend, i dont want him sick while i re coup.

after all my is coing over for end of year tball party :(

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so im a big fat hypocrite. i opened my mouth at tball because the team mom and i hit it off and she mentioned the end of year party, before i could even stop myself i had offered our home since we have a pool. then i realized it was bm's weekend....i didnt want to say oh wait i need to check that bm wont be a crazy beotch and not allow ss to come so i had dh ask bm about it.

stupid drama

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bm called dh this morining to say that the daycare lady called her to say that ss was being picked up to late

umm ok weird, dh picked up ss from daycare last night and the lady said nothing to him....why is day care lady causing drama? why call bm and not discuss this with dh directly? bm was ice about it, and actually acted like she didnt understand because dh and day care lady had an arrangement...

keep in mind this is the same stupid day care lady that would not call cps when ss told her that bm's bf was "whipping" him with a belt when he was bad