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who do I call?

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One of the skids let it slip that they heard from another family member that Loca Grande has applied to be a foster parent, and will begin classes in January for this... That woman should NOT be allowed to raise children! If she lost custody of her children, has multiple mental health diagnoses, sexual abuse of a child occurred in her home... how can the state even think she is a candidate?! The skid was concerned about this taking place, as are we. Who do you tell or report this to?

What a difference a year makes! (a happy ending!)

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For the first time in 17 years, I haven't had to deal with Loca at Christmas! For the first time in 6 years, basketball games and practices didn't mess up our vacation! And it's halfway through the school break, and there's only one kid home tonight!

So Princess and PITA stayed in their college towns for break because of their jobs. LAZY Boye is home from SOI Marine training before starting college in 2 weeks. He's been working for my BIL, and we rarely see him. We all met up Christmas Eve to go out with the in-laws. On Christmas Day we all went to see my parents.

Proud Marine Mom

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A few weeks back, Lazy Boye graduated from the Marines. We flew out to see him graduate and to bring him home. Loca Grande and Gullible came out too. We actually had two nice days together- all of us there to support him. Granted, she was crazy and she felt a need to tell everyone within ear shot that I was "just" his stepmom.


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We all went back to school last week. Loghead and I are both teachers, and this year, Gibby, our BS, is the only kiddo left in school at home. Princess 22 is still in college. PITA 20 transferred colleges over the summer and is starting a new school about an hour from home. He officially moved into his new apartment on Friday. Lazy Boye 19 is not home from military training.

Your thoughts?

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Soon we will be preparing to go see Lazy Boye graduate from his summer military training. Loghead and I are excited about the chance to get away for a few days and visit a new, unknown place. And of course see skid we haven't seen all summer. We have our plane tickets and are having fun researching tourist attractions and places to stay. He's even bought me a new outfit for the event, and we are just so happy about it all!

The hardest thing I've done as a parent

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was leaving Lazy Boye 18 at the recruiter's office yesterday to leave for Marine Boot Camp. Loghead and I held in all our emotions as we said our good byes. We did not want to embarass Lazy Boye in front of the recruiter. It was good to see his eyes all teared up, and holding it in too, though. When Loghead and I got to the car, we just held each other tight for a moment...

Lazy Boye did talk to his BM briefly in the morning before having to turn over his phone. He wrote her a long note Saturday night and asked me to mail it for him.

Sad update, but we already knew...

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Princess 22 has struggled with depression for years. Now that she is in a somewhat steady relationship, and closer to finishing college, she is starting to think about the next step in her life- getting a job, getting married, having kids.

She's been working with a therapist, who finally required her to see a psychiatrist. Together the three of them have been working through different things in her life. She has been diagnosed with BiPolar II, Borderline Personality Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. And the docs have hinted to her there might be more!

the LONG awaited day has finally come! The Last of the Ex-Wife?

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I got a text from Loca Grande this morning. I love to start Friday with a cup of crazy! She's been mad all week because Lazy Boye 18 doesn't want to see her before he leaves for boot camp this weekend. And it's not even really that he doesn't want to see her- he doesn't want to say good-bye to anyone. She threw a ridiculous** graduation party for him last weekend, and he said all his good byes to her family then.