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Proud Marine Mom

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A few weeks back, Lazy Boye graduated from the Marines. We flew out to see him graduate and to bring him home. Loca Grande and Gullible came out too. We actually had two nice days together- all of us there to support him. Granted, she was crazy and she felt a need to tell everyone within ear shot that I was "just" his stepmom.

But when he was finally released from his line and got to speak with us, he ran to me first and picked me up off the ground and swung me around in the biggest bear hug ever! Oh goodness it was so good to see him! He looked so handsome in his uniform! He looked like he stepped out of a photo from the 1940s!

And she was so jealous! AND IT'S ON VIDEO! She had videoed everything all morning, so that hug was on video!

As he hugged me, I soaked it all in, and whispered in his ear," That's gonna get you in trouble, you go hug her!" and he laughed.

So it was him, me, Loghead, Loca and Gullible walking around base, getting lunch and listening to him tell stories. We seperated for a bit in the afternoon- mostly cuz you could tell she was dying for a cigarette. He stayed with us a while, then we met back up with them and he left with them a bit.

We all sat together at graduation and there's even a nice photo of all of us together.

She really wanted to take him to a local attraction that she remembered visiting as a child. We opted out. Loghead said he'd spent enough time with her and didn't need to spend anymore time with whales... LOL

So he literally rode off with her into the sunset. by 8 pm, he was texting that she was driving him crazy and he couldn't handle anymore, so he cancelled his plan to stay in their hotel, and came back to our hotel. He reported Loca and Gullible would be leaving early the next morning so he'd said his goodbyes.

Got up early the next day and Loghead, Lazy Boye and I spent the next 2 days on the beach! Smile

He came home for 2 weeks and it was such a wonderful visit. He really had grown up. We kept teasing that if we'd known it was going to change him that much, we'd really have sent him to military school years ago!

Really so proud of him!


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That is great. These are the moments where everything is worth it.... well almost worth it Smile Congrats!

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Go for it! You would not believe how many other women came to me after hearing Loca call me "just" the stepmom, who said they were stepmoms too. They all said their steps were usually such shits they couldn't stand to be around them, but the military training had caused a huge turn around. And if it's Marine grad, on the West coast- WoW! For us it was like a romantic getaway! Good luck to you!