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What a difference a year makes! (a happy ending!)

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For the first time in 17 years, I haven't had to deal with Loca at Christmas! For the first time in 6 years, basketball games and practices didn't mess up our vacation! And it's halfway through the school break, and there's only one kid home tonight!

So Princess and PITA stayed in their college towns for break because of their jobs. LAZY Boye is home from SOI Marine training before starting college in 2 weeks. He's been working for my BIL, and we rarely see him. We all met up Christmas Eve to go out with the in-laws. On Christmas Day we all went to see my parents.

The skids didn't want to see their mother at all. They didn't call her. She didn't call them. She didn't even put a nasty comment on Facebook!

It's winter break, and my house is clean! My BS and I are watching TV together. There's no fighting in the basement. I haven't even had to resort to drinking to get through my holiday!

I could get very spoiled by this... Smile