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We all went back to school last week. Loghead and I are both teachers, and this year, Gibby, our BS, is the only kiddo left in school at home. Princess 22 is still in college. PITA 20 transferred colleges over the summer and is starting a new school about an hour from home. He officially moved into his new apartment on Friday. Lazy Boye 19 is not home from military training.

The house has been so quiet this week! Just the three of us at home! To get the remaining menfolk to remember to clean after themselves, I went on a major cleaning kick tonight since I will be out of town this weekend and gone next week for a few days for work training. Gibby and Loghead felt guilty I was doing all the work, and offered to help with a few things as well.

I could get used to this!

All those years of noise and suffering was worth it to get to this point.

i'm even considering a new phone number, after 12 years with the same one. There is no longer any need for Loca to need to contact me. I'm thinking about just getting a new number and making sure she DOESN'T have it! Just thinking about it is so freeing...