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who do I call?

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One of the skids let it slip that they heard from another family member that Loca Grande has applied to be a foster parent, and will begin classes in January for this... That woman should NOT be allowed to raise children! If she lost custody of her children, has multiple mental health diagnoses, sexual abuse of a child occurred in her home... how can the state even think she is a candidate?! The skid was concerned about this taking place, as are we. Who do you tell or report this to?

I mean seriously, she messed up her own kids. Kids in foster care have their own issues. Why should she be allowed to add to their troubles?


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I completed MAPP training here in NYC. Anyone can take the classes,but that doesn't mean they will place kids in your home.

Here everyone in the home over 18 has to be finger printed and have a background check completed. If there are minor children in your home, you have to turn in their school information(attendance records and grades).

You have to submit a list and copy of all household bills and income.(Unemployeed people can't foster unless they receive disability and it covers all of their monthly expenses). Foster parents here are paid very well here~@$800 per month for each"normal" child. Up to $1600 a month for each special needs kid. They do not want people living off of foster care money. So they will not place kids(if you aren't willing to take in siblings, then the chances of become a foster parent here are slim to none)in your home if you aren't able to pay your bills with your income.

You must have beds (futons,sleeper sofas and airbeds are huge no nos)for each kid. Bedrooms must be real bedrooms (must have a window and closet). Boys and girls under 7 can share rooms. After that, you must have enough bedrooms based on gender.

Take classes mean absolutely nothing, I started my classes with 28 other people. Only 10 of us were approved for placements. Background checks knocked out most. The others had income issues.

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The BM in my case WAS a foster mother for about ten nanoseconds. See she works as a CPS worker (yes terribly ironic) and signed up for the foster parent program. The second the kid got into a tussle with her oldest good-for-nothing spawn, out the door he went.

It was just that much more $$$ to line her pockets which is all she cares about. Meanwhile her own kids CRATER fail school because this MOTY doesn't allow her kids to do ANYTHING they don't want to do or find distasteful.