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We survived. (kinda long, but good stuff about the ex and the skids, and Loghead...)

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Princess is a graduate. Members of both families came. We all sat around, eating, chatting, and watching the "My Life" movie I made about her and her and crying.

We were all there because we love and support her. I didn't feel any resentment to Loca Grande or her family for being there. For once, it really was about the skids. I was proud of how we all handled things, but it was funny to see all the "elders" just watch in disbelief. My dad later said he didn't know how I do it all.

Oh- Loca Grande paid me back IN CASH the $150 she had promised to pay Princess for the Senior Trip and then didn't have the money for, and asked us to pay up and she would pay back!

Lazy Boye blew me away. Friday night, I caught him trying on different shirts and ties. He woke up early Saturday to help with a few things. He didn't complain once. Later in the day, he ran around offering everyone refills on their drinks, and "would you like more food?" After the party was over, he stood in the kitchen with my mom and washed and dried all the dishes, helping her, and telling her stories about school and his summer plans.

With Loghead losing his job in December, I had been scrimping and saving to pay for this party, and we had decided not to get her a gift till August for her dorm. Since we live in the country, 35 miles from the closest town, my parents had picked up the sub sandwiches and brought them when they passed through. Mom refused to let me pay. She said that was part of Princesses gift. Then they turn around and promise her a computer and ALL computer needs for the next 4 years under the condition she stays in school and doesn't get a "MRS" degree first... We were all speechless. The generousity was just too much for me...

Despite Loca Grande not wanting us to invite anyone else from her family, I invited Princess's grandmother from that side of the family. She and I get on well, and she can't help her daughter is nuts... She arrived, and secretly brought Princess's favorite uncle from that side of the family. He flew in all the way from California to be here, just for her. I really like him the few times we met, and he just went on about how with all the "steps" he and Loca Grande had growing up, he wished he'd had one like me! He kept thanking me for including him, and was so sweet...

Sadly, I didn't move fast enough to catch the best moment of the day on film. I was talking to my mom and MIL when I looked over and saw Princess hugging her mom Loca Grande, and my DH, Loghead, at the same time. And they were hugging her back... Like a big group hug. I think that's really what it's about. These two people brought a child into the world, and have worked for 18 years to get her to this place. It wasn't easy, but we all did it.

Now, I'm not saying we were all angels and saintly...

Loca Grande looked just like MIMI from the "Drew Carey" show. She had her hair flipped out and teased up, with 3 shades of blue eye shadow- even UNDER her eyes. It was like a racoon with a blue mask... And then when she cried her make-up ran... I kept thinking, what the hell is with her make-up? Why would she do that? When I realized she looked just like Mimi, I had to tell someone! I called my best friend in Vermont! But I can honestly say, that was my only negative thought of the day...

Loca Grande got huffy when her "private photographer" showed up, and Princess wasn't ready to leave her own party, and PITA 15 was no where to be found.

PITA is still staying at my in-laws for calling me a b*^&% this week and telling his father he has always hated me. He ranted about I never loved any of them, that I just pretend, that I secretly hate them... Loghead kicked him out, telling him that saying he hates me is the same as saying "F&*$ You, Dad." PITA did not speak to anyone but my father for the brief time he was here, and left when my in-laws left to go to my neice's grad party.

I had a hard time getting good pictures of Princess at the actual ceremony. Every time I went to take a picture, the "professional phtotgrapher" Loca Grande brought would try to snap a picture too, and Princess would stick out her tongue, or look away. She was mad, having told Loca Grande that Last-Wife was the only photographer she wanted. I sat back and watched, and every time that woman tried to snap a picture, she would make a face. LOL!

And the other best part of the day was that shortly after she had boarded the bus for Project Graduation, Princess sent me a text that said, "Thank you for everything you have done for me to make me feel special. I love you so much for being my mom."

And I cried.

And then I secretly gloated, cuz I bet Loca Grande didn't get that text!

There had been a time at the school that Loghead was off to the side with PITA. I asked him what that was about. He said he told PITA that he hoped he saw through the days events how much I loved them. Loghead told PITA that if he couldn't see it today, he never would, and he would never understand how I truly felt, how I truly loved our family...

Loghead said PITA didn't say anything, but his eyes were filled with tears as he left to go home with Loca Grande, and her husband, Gullible.

Loghead had been "fighting" me for weeks about having the party and everyone over. As we drifted to sleep he said, "You were right again. You knew just what needed to be done, and you did it. The food, the house, the gifts, the movie. No one else could have done what you did for her, for us, tonight. You are my wife. You are their mom, and I love you."

What a great thing to hear as I drifted to sleep...

And oh, yeah, I haven't seen it yet, but I heard from an aunt that I was listed as "mom" in the newspaper for the graduates section, and Loca Grande wasn't mentioned at all! Not that I'm gloating again...


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Last Wife - I was smiling from ear to ear as I read this... and then when I got to the part about what Loghead said to you as you were in bed... I just teared up. YOU ROCK!!! Smile

Congratulations on a wonderful day and wonderful memories and being the classy woman to pull it off.

I am beyond happy for you!!

(( HUGS ))

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Oh my goodness I was crying the whole time I read this. I am so so so happy for you Lastwife. You deserve the love your daughter showed you. I think it rocks how much she loves you. You're a great mom!