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Here I am with Dinner w/ the Ex Saga

Bonus Wife's picture

For reasons that are way beyond my comprehension, Dh insisted that this year we had no choice but to go out to dinner with his exwife and his children to celebrate ss 16th birthday. I resisted this idea because in my heart we are not one big family…we are two now. I agreed thinking the exwifes parents would be there, the aunts, etc and it was a “family” celebration sort of get together but it turned out to be only me and |Dh’s old pre-divorce family.

I'm not sure if I messed up or not.

Nymh's picture

Do you guys ever write a letter to BM, then not send it? BM often emails me about things that really should be going through BF. Sometimes I will write out a response to her and say everything I want to say, then just delete it or save it in my drafts folder to read over later. I never send these emails because BF and I have agreed that I'm not going to speak to her anymore for the sake of our relationship (and our sanity!). Well, last night I was writing one of these emails with no intention of sending it, and BF walked up to the computer to hug on me. He saw it.

BM is mad...and now wants to put a "kabosh" on the parenting plan

Candice's picture

So we send ss packing to return to live with his impossible mother, 38 days later she calls and complains that she is sick of him, and wants dh to find a summer camp she can dump him into.

A week ago, my sil stopped by our business to chat. She is getting married this summer, and it is an out of town wedding. So we have already made the arrangements to go to the wedding. Sil has also arranged for a dinner crusie the evening of her wedding on a lake. She has been asking if we are going on the dinner cruise. Sil and pyscho bm are bff.

Update on adopting SS's

laughterandtears's picture

BM's attorney called today, Saturday, to tell us that tings have changed. Since BM has no one to adopt SD2.5, DH doesn't have to give up his rights and BM still wants to give up hers b/c she doesn't want to pay child support but until I actually adopt them, she could be held liable. So here is what we plan on doing, I am going to adopt SS's, then we are going to turn right around and go for, at the very least, visitation of SD.

Called me by the ex's name!!!

New Stepmom's picture

It's been a long time since I have felt the need to vent about anything, but today I am just flat out pissed and need some advice - or at least a sympathetic ear! This morning DH was getting ready to go take his girls to their soccer games and I had wanted to sleep in and do some cleaning, so I didn't plan on going. Well DH was getting dressed and asked me something about his clothes. I answered him and he went to question what I had said and started to say his ex-wife's name!!!

Going by the Papers

texaswonder028's picture

Well it is always something. BF went to pick up son as usual (we get him every weekend) and BM wasn't home. He usually picks him up around 5:30pm, but he started a new job and it puts him there at 6:30pm. So he drove to her mothers house, her truck is there but her mom says that she left with a friend. So we leave go have dinner and drive back out there only to see that her truck is now gone and her mam tells him that she had plans and it isn't his weekend. Ok she wants to play that game....

My stepchildren and insanity.

BettyD's picture

I have been stepparenting for 10 long tiring years. My step daughter would call me the evil step mother. And of late so would my step son. You see I have been the parent. Their BM has checked in and checked out..mostly out for the last ten years. I think during the last ten years she may have spent a total of 2 weeks with her children. And 9 days of that was this last summer. I have watched this mother abandon her children, not once but over and over again. I watch her tell them how rotten we are the BD and I. We have lied to them. But where has she been.

A great line

Little Jo's picture

I thank you ladies and Steve. In return, I shall leave this great line from one of my favorite shows. Hope everyone has a drama free weekend.

Soap. Jessica is explaining life to her young son Billy.

"You see Billy, life gives you beans. There are good beans and bad beans... why, if Juan Valdez had our beans, he would have shot his donkey and burned down the mountain."

The Honeymoon is over :(

Struggling Step Mom's picture

We are married and back from holidays...back to work and everything aaugh! Oh well the real world was waiting for us...
I noticed that I let the situation with SD slip because we were happy and wanted it to be about us for awhile....well thats over. She is back to her snotty, disrespectful self and I told my DH that its over. I cracked on her and him and told them I was so sick of it. I don't allow my children to act like that and she isn't going to either.
He doesn't seem to be agreeing with me...I told him "same rules" or we would have to make other arrangements.