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Manipulation and a ruined Bday party

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On Friday, when skids were with Crazy, SD13 made another statement about suicide at school, triggered by her friend blocking her on Snapchat. She finished out the school day and then Crazy had to do the Safety plan with her, which = Crazy staying in the same room with SD for 12hrs. Apparently SD said she had written suicide notes to people, and she had tried to suffocate herself with a pillow the last time she was at our house.....which...ok. She also said she didn't want to come to our house.

A Christmas miracle

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I posted recently about how I was absolutely fuming that DH made a clusterf*ck of the Right of First Refusal for our upcoming trip overseas to close on our new vacation home. He insisted on switching days with Crazy even though this trip does not meet the requirements for ROFR, she is nuts and SD comes back PAS'd all the time, and it's not even worded as a switch in the CO! So now we are stuck with making up the days, when they could have just spent a few days at their grandparents. It turned into a fight between DH and I, again, and a fight with Crazy.

DH and SS's Bromance

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I am seriously at my wit's end with this ridiculous situation between DH and SS16. DH has no problem yelling at SS- he just refuses to punish him, and this week it has escalated to a point where my lady bits dried up at DH's inability to give consequences to a 16YO, and watching SS continually get away with bending/breaking rules. It ruined the entire week and caused so many disagreements. 

I am fuming

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Sorry folks, Blog hog here! 

DH and I are buying a vacation/future retirement home overseas, and we finally learned our closing date is at the end of the month. Woohoo!! We're really excited and immediately booked flights to go there- DH hasn't even seen the house in-person, only I have. 

DH called me by Crazy's name

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Yesterday DH was asking if I needed anything from the gas station, and at the end of that sentence he called me Crazy's name. In front of SD13, who was standing right there, because of course she always has to go to the gas station with DH to try and get him to buy her things. My mouth literally dropped open in shock and I turned my back to him. SD said, Dad! Where did that come from?? DH turned red and came up to hug me and apologize. He said he had no idea why or how he said that.

The "Live at home in your 20's" trend

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I recently stumbled upon an article, which also sent me down a Tik Tok rabbit hole, about 20-somethings (I'm talking mid-20's to 30) living at home with their parents, and how "amazing" it is. There are many tik toks these "kids" made, saying how they love living at home and how much money they are saving. There's even some dancing to emphasize said amazing-ness. Lots said they could even afford to live on their own, they just didn't want to. ALL of the comments are of other kids supporting it. "I'm 27 and live at home, it's awesome!". "Normalize living at home in your 20's!".