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Oh the manipulation and coddling

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When SD13 got in trouble last Monday, she said the magical words that now have DH coddling her and refusing to tell her no. She told DH "I know you don't love me". *eyeroll*. Her reasons are "he never goes up to her bedroom to talk to her, and never asks her to play board games, she always has to ask him". I told her that she is 13- when we were her age we were in our rooms and parents didn't come to sit and talk and ask to play games. I mean for real. We had our own lives! This is all Crazy talking anyway, telling SD DH is a terrible parent because he doesn't do these things.

About ready to divorce this man

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On Friday, DH, SD13 and I went to get a tree. We got home, DH brought all the totes of Christmas decorations up from the basement, I got out the lights and said I planned to put up lights outside first since it was a rare nice day (but about to get dark). Meanwhile, the dishes in the dishwasher are clean and need to be put away, and dirty dishes are piling up in the sink- this is skids chore. DH and I have gone rounds about this. He just will almost never make them do them. And HE doesn't do them, which means if no one else does them, I'M the one doing them.