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Update to DH being an ass

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6 days. DH didn't talk to me for 6 DAYS after getting mad because I challenged what he told SS16 about eating the messiest meal I make in his room because he was sick, when there was no need for him to since he would have the entire downstairs/kitchen to himself. DH got mad. I followed him into the garage to discuss- that was probably my bad. There's no talking to DH once he's upset, but I still try. 

Seriously struggling

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1 week down, 2 more weeks to go. This was a struggle, because DH set a bedtime for SS16, and SS completely ignored it. SD13 had Covid. Then SS got sick. On Wed, both skids were home sick. I work from home, and although they are upstairs and in their rooms and really not bothering me, just knowing people are in my space and not having the house to myself as usual throws me off. 
Thursday was the first day that we've had skids where they both were in school since school started. It. Was. Glorious. 

The start of 3 wks with skids- send wine

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DH and I got got back from a (mostly) amazing 2wk vacation Fri night. Aside from both skids texting him every little thing that was wrong, and to tell him they were sick, again. SD13 went home from school on DAY 2 for something that could have been solved with ibuprofen, which she has access to at school.

Sick of being the bad guy

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I am so sick of arguments about kids. It's actually been a while since we've argued about skids, but If I don't say the exact right thing, I'm "only saying negative things about the kids" or, "always pushing back" on what DH says. I just want to say F it and run away. I'm sitting here in tears, defeated. 

Right of first Refusal- Gah!

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DH and I are going out of the country next month for 2 wks. We have week on/week off custody, which means we will be gone on 1 skid wk. We had no plans of asking Crazy to take skids since she has kicked them out twice since Dec., and just last Sat. night when skids were with her DH got a text from SS16 at 2:30am saying he was "sick of this place".

Another skid argument

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Skids come today, and DH and I were just talking about SS16 and the crap he's been pulling lately. Driving like a maniac (we can see on our insurance app exactly how he drives, which over the last week is awful), being late to work because he was off doing fun things with friends, calling in to already-scheduled work shifts because something better came up. Gee DH, do you think maybe you having him take off for already-scheduled shifts multiple times to do fun things set the precedent that this was ok?

In today's episode of "Messages from Crazy"

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I posted a little while ago about how we have completely had it with Crazy's antics and constant messaging on thej OFW app, completely ignoring the communication guidelines we put in place specifically to shut her up. It is just not sustainable for 5yrs til SD is 18, and DH will be filing for Contempt (setting expectations low). The holdup is that, in true DH fashion, he lost the entire CO somehow, and he needs to get a copy of it to reference the exact reasons for contempt.