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That escalated quickly

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Sorry to be a blog hog- but I can honestly not even believe what happened since my last blog on Tue. 

At SD14's request, her therapist scheduled a zoom call with DH and Crazy this morning, which SD ended up attending. At first she wasn't going to, but Of course she did, because it meant Crazy let her miss an entire day of school for a 45 min call, after missing school Tue also for a counseling appt that was at 4pm! (She gets home at 3:35). But I digress. 

It's all DH's fault

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So last Monday, SD14 came to us saying she was having suicidal thoughts again. DH and I talked to her, DH talked to her psychologist and got her meds changed, and we teased her and ensured that she no longer thought jumping off our 9' porch roof was a good idea. She was laughing and in great spirits at the end of our convo, which was also a good talk about how we will help her, etc. 

This week's fresh hell

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Skids came by us yesterday. SD14 sat us down and told us that she is having suicidal thoughts, again (she is on meds and goes to counseling)- this is always triggered by issues with/lack of friends at school. Which is frustrating, because SD is a cute girl, charasmatic, but she also says things that alienate people and is in this constant cycle of making a friend, alienating them, rinse, repeat.

SS might end up with us FT and I'm terrified

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So earlier this week I posted about all of the Crazying Crazy was doing, and one night this week DH and SD were sleeping and SS17 just kind of unloaded to me about Crazy and how insane she is, unprompted. He usually doesn't say much about her so I was surprised, but he genuinely thinks she is insane, and her actions are ridiculous. Here are the cliffnotes: 

-Crazy just broke up with her BF again, and she always goes off the deep end and takes it out on SS (she admitted this to him once). Their last breakup was days after Thanksgiving, after she had just gone to his family's. 

The fallout from SS being a lying little liar

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So last time skids were with us, SS17 admitted lying about going to his ex gf's house when he tells us he's going to the gym. He didn't care at all that he lied and said "I think I'll find a way to live with myself". DH told him he was very disappointed since there was no reason to lie, and now trust is broken. This all happened the night before they left for Crazy's, so we had a whole week to sit with it. I recommended consequences, DH of course balked and had only planned on "talking to" SS.

Crazy is in a healthy, adult relationship

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Just kidding! But she has been dating a guy for maybe 7 or 8 months? And they have broken up approximately 8 times in the past 3 months, according to SS17. Crazy and SD14 just went with him to his family's for Thanksgiving, and they have already broken up, again. Lol. These are grown ass adults, how do they think this is normal behavior?? Aside from his questionable relationship choices, he seems to be a normal, nice person with a respectable career, so it boggles the mind that he is entertaining her crap.