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Update- SD thinks I HIT HER

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So I posted earlier today (2-3 posts down from this one) about how SD12 has done a 180 on me, doesn't seem to want anything to do with me, is being a brat to DH, and most recently told her teacher/my friend that I'm not her SM, I'm her "dad's wife". This is the same girl who, at our wedding reception this past September, made a whole rap about how DH and I met and performed it in front of the entire reception, saying how I was pretty and DH was "meh" (lol), and spent hours and hours on it because she wanted to do it for me mostly. 

Honestly do not know what to do

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This has been such a hard week. After 6+ years, SD12 has done a complete 180 and become distant from me. No more hugs before bed every night, talking to me about anything, and she only talked to me twice last week, when she wanted something from me. I did help her with her first request (she wanted to borrow sandals), but the second request (wanting me to talk to DH about being allowed to hang out with a friend she is not allowed to hang out with now), I denied.

He got his license!!

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SS turned 16 today and GOT HIS LICENSE!!!!!  *yahoo*  This is one of the milestones I have been counting down towards, helping me get to the finish line of a skid-free home. DH will no longer be driving SS to very-walkable places (5 blocks) within our small town of 4,800 people just because SS "doesn't like walking". SS may actually go out and do social activities rather than stay in his room playing video games 18 hrs a day! I'm pumped. Also, SS and I are in a great place, and he's thrilled to have his license so I'm excited for him.

Off to a crappy start!

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Skids ruin literally everything. DH and I had a glorious skid-free week and wknd. DH got me a MD card and wrote some really sweet things in it, plus a gift card, and I actually got my first-ever Mother's Day text from SS15 yesterday, which was nice. Not a peep from SD12, yesterday or today. She was too busy posting selfies of her and Crazy, proclaiming her an "amazing mom", and "the best mom ever", and "I couldn't ask for a better mom". My mouth actually dropped open because HOW. Make it make sense!!! SD was just crying last Sat.

Are we the A-holes?

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So we are at the point where skids are literally ALWAYS in their rooms, unless DH drags them out to do something. Usually something that costs money. When DH and I are home, we are hanging out together (trust me, I'm not complaining) with maybe a 30-second appearance from a skid to go to the bathroom.  

Cashing in twice on Holidays

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Man, these skids and their expectations of double-holidays due to divorce. Typically we have done something for Easter for skids because we either have them, or they were younger so it made sense- an easter egg hunt, baskets. This year, SS is less than a month from 16, and SD is coming up on 13. Plus we didn't have them on Easter, Crazy did. But guess who is the one who facillitates any Easter baskets/gifts? That would be me. DH isn't into this stuff. I asked DH if he wanted to do anything this year and he said no- we don't have them on Easter and they are too old anyway.

Skid week from hell

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I almost lost it this weekend. Skids went by Crazy for Easter yesterday morning and I waited until they were gone to come out of our bedroom so I didn't have to see them- I have nothing left for them. I am in absolute bliss, knowing this is a skid-free week. It's like the sun is shining, not a care in the world (it's actually dark and snowy- IDGAF). 

I'm the common denominator

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Was just talking to DH about how the past few times skids have been with us, SD12 has been aloof, barely talking to me. He said she's been the same with him. I think it's partially PAS, he's not so sure because this has happened before and she's bounced back. He thinks it's partially because he's gone for work most nights. But I know Crazy has been working on them, she recently made them delete all pics of me from their phones. I told DH I know for a fact that she hangs out with Crazy outside of her room, while here she doesn't leave her room.

This is exhausting

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This is long, bear with me: SS15 is just constant drama lately. Today, he came home from school and said he was leaving right away to go to the girls soccer game. Cool, go do something other than play video games! But, lately when either skid leaves, they don't tell me who they're going with, then I have to drag it out of them. DH is sleeping for work at this time and while I encourage them to go do things (for the love of all things holy, GO DO THINGS), I do think we should know who they're with, and I'm the adult around so they need to tell me.