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Crazy kicked SD out and somehow she is still MOTY

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This has to be the pinnacle of parental alienation/manipulation. To kick your daughter out of the house with nowhere to go, DH saves her, and yet Crazy is still mother of the year. 

After SD-almost-15 called the cops on DH a month ago, it's been radio silence from her AND Crazy, until a message last week from Crazy saying SD tried to commit the bathroom...with a lanyard.... and SD told Crazy about it a few days later. 

SD called the Cops on DH

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This has officially become as ridiculous as it can be.

The last I posted, after 2 mos of refusing to come by us, Crazy forced SD to come the week before we left for vacay. We bought cameras (best thing we ever did) and have them all over the house because we didn't trust her not to make false claims after saying DH was "abusive" to Crazy and I am "abusive" also because I "twisted" SD's arm when she was 7. 

SS going to college

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SS17 will be going to college in fall. Woohoo! I literally cannot wait. However, he chose an out-of-state college that is on the high end of cost, but his career path is specialized so out of state is almost necessary- DH and I are pro out-of-state also, but at a reasonable cost. Almost every single person I know gets stuck in our state and wishes they had moved but never did.

2 months of no SD

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In the last installment of SD14 is PAS'd out, she had made some vague statements to her counselor about wanting to move to Alaska while Crazy was on vacation, so DH had to go pick her up and take her for a night. That was a few weeks ago and she hasn't been here since, but of course there have still been boatloads of drama. 

This wknd’s SD drama

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In what I've decided is one of the best decisions I've made in years, I went away this wknd with a group of friends. DH didn't come since he has a very long drive/work trip Mon morning and where we went this wknd was 3-1/2hrs away. It was too much driving for him.