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OK...apparently there has been an alien abduction...

marika's picture

SD is still helping around the house and even politely asked me if I would mind picking up her son from daycare tomorrow and watching him for about 2 hours while she and her dad are out. When I said "Yes, because you have been helping out around here," she said "Well, I thought it was about time for me to do my share."

I feel for Alec Baldwin but

jlmtik164's picture

I totally disagree with the kind of language he used to communicate to his daughter. We all say awful and regrettable things when we are mad and he has sincerely apologised for the tirade towards his daughter. I also feel very sorry towards his daughter Ireland and that's why I'm getting so mad because innocent kids like her are the ones bearing the brunt of heated custody disputes. But does anyone stop to think what led Alec to this outburst?

Never dealt with an ex until now

stepak's picture

I am remarried for the third time and my two previous marriages did not have any children prior to me. Now the man I married has a 4 year old daughter whom I have grown to love and enjoy for the past year that we have been together and married. The issue is her bm.. She was living out of state when me and dh got married but recently moved back here so custody could be shared more equally.

Uncooperative BM

jaz442000's picture

This is my 1st Hi. I am going nuts with our court system and the lack of support that SM's get. My fiance & I share custody with his ex (1st, 3rd & 5th Thursday & every Friday to Monday morning). I quit my job to be a stay at home mom so we could blend our families together (I have 2 children from my 1st marriage). My fiance has told her numerous times to communicate with me when it comes to SD's schedule and she refused to do so, yet she has no problem using us when its going to work out good for her and her schedule.

crazy ex wife

michelle1's picture

my husbands ex wife is brain washing an mentally abusing my 9 year old step son. she has got him to tell lies to people like i dident feed him before he went to bed. and she called the police out to my house because i sent him to bed early for getting in trouble. she continues to find ways to hurt our family. what should i do?

What if????

proud mom's picture

Did any of you that are remarried deal with the what ifs'? I am engaged to a great guy that makes me feel better about myself than I ever dreamed possible. But I sit and wonder what if about a lot of things like in the past what if he wakes up one morning and decides that this woman and her 2 kids aren' worth it, what if things change once we are married, what if I can't handle his new job promotionthat involves him traveling during the week and home on weekends.

Is this normal am I over reacting?

DESPERATE...but will it work?

kim1960's picture

Ok so court has ordered mediation on all of BM's violation of the JPA to try to "correct" her and on whether BF has to keep paying the chiropractor and couseling bills. We have spent $$$$ and basically will now be spending more to make her abide by the agreement. She will get the charges dropped by playing nice in front of the mediator and go back to the same old thing. So we have been discussing this plan. BM gets great joy in racking up extra bills for BF to pay in addition to the child support.

She wants to call me Mom

Daisy_'s picture

Hi, I'm new to this, but I have a question. We just told my Fiance's daugher we were getting married. We talked to her about everything and even asked her to be the flower girl in our wedding. She was really excited! Then we asked her if she had any questions for us. She caught us off guard and asked if she could call me mommy. Her mom and dad have joint custody. I felt great that she wanted to call me mom, but I don't want to start up any more problems with her BM. She's only five years old and really doesn't understand that this will hurt her BM's feelings.