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...Biomom has been quiet lately, oh, oh, I know I think she might have a boyfriend now!

happy mom's picture

Hahahahaha, I think she has a boyfriend now cause we are not getting nagged on too much from her since last month. This is a good feeling, no more nagging emailsf from her and her stupid demands and comments. Knock on wood, it might not last long...

Trouble in Paradise

smcpaw's picture

Well I confronted my boyfriend about my feelings of being the outsider when it comes to his daughter and exwife. The us against them syndrome is being created by both the biomom and her daughter and that is the very same thing that my boyfriend doesn't like about how they only tell him what he needs to know when it comes to his daughter. Well... that's how I now feel with this whole counseling thing (he and his daughter had their first session Monday night - which is great that they are trying to work out their differences - which was my suggestion in the first place).

...You gotta do the fixing....

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I just realized that when things don't get better, you, "yourself" must have to deal with the ex or stepchild. We can't always rely on our other half (spouse/BF) to the do the talking for us to straighten things out the way we want it to be. We need to stand up for ourselves and tell them straight in their face. I'm sick of having my husband talk to ex or stepson about my concerns, no more middle person. Ultimately the problem that needs to get fixed affects the whole family and YES I'm part of the family so I get to say what I need to say.

...I don't want to share my husband!

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I just can't stand it when I have to share my husband with that wicked exwife. I know that they discuss issues about their son and all but I just can't stand that. I didn't realize at the beginning that this was going to affect me big time...with his exwife in the picture and the child ignoring me. Everytime I see my stepson, his actions remind me of HER! UGHHHH! How should I handle my feelings?

Is it worth it?

anotherlazydaze's picture

I just found this site while searching for anything that might help me deal with my BF's ex-wife and her recent tantrums. We have been together for four months, and it was only last week that she went crazy and twice put their sick almost 3 year old son in the car in the middle of the night so she could come scream at my BF for having a girl at his house. Since then she has been harassing my BF and he has started changing our routines to avoid any drama with her. And he has pretty much shut down emotionally with me. They have been divorced for nine months, and separated for two years.

Starting Over Again...

smcpaw's picture

Well, my boyfriend's daughter called Sunday afternoon and told her father about a counseling appointment for Monday at 6:30 p.m. (she called the week before with less than 15 minutes notice and my boyfriend wasn't able to go). He agreed to go to counseling with her (her and her biomom have been going for a few visits - at our suggestion the last time the daughter was out of control and manipulating everyone in her path). We then were told Monday afternoon that the daughter was coming to our house after school and spending the night.

Insecure Bio-mum...

cornflower's picture

Interfered with DH's phone call with the kids again last night.

DH is only allowed to call them within a 2-3 hour window each week. One hour on Tuesday and one hour on Thursday, between 5:15pm and 6:15 pm. Alternate weeks he can also call on Monday.

Anyway, we haven't seen the kids in 5 weeks as they have been on holiday, and phone contact has been patchy. (Cell phone out of range, not charged etc etc.)

Torn in the middle...what to do?

MICHELLE5480's picture

Well, its been a rough start and a hard road so far. I met a wonderful man who swept me off my feet. He failed to mentioned he had a psycho ex wife. Or current wife when I met him. He has two children with her. We moved in together and a few weeks in I get a call from her saying she wanted to speak to him and that she was "his wife". Although she had no idea I was living there. Turns out they were not legally divorced. I found out when she filed for divorce. She wouldnt let him see the kids for about 5 mths then the court ordered him visitations every other weekend.

"I Just Got Nothing to Say To Her When I See Her"

happy mom's picture

Were you all ever been in this situation when you see the exwife/biomom at times and you just got nothing to say to her! My daughter and stepson had a swim class together one summer and biomom would come when we don't have him to the classes and she and I would just sit there next to each other and have no conversation really, I just can't seem to talk to her or don't care to. I don't know why, I'm pretty much outgoing kinda person and even with strangers I can stir up something to say. One day she was talking about buying this brand name shirt for her son...

A Sprinkle of Sun

Sweetie's picture

Well, it looks as if things are slowly starting to turn around and perhaps I'll get a little respite. Thankfully. The tax return made it to my old bank account, I just got it reopened just in the nick of time. The puppy is still not sleeping, don't know what's up with that. My husband is in a terrible mood....very nasty. I think he would kick the dog if he thought I wasn't looking. I declined having him take the dog out a 2nd time this morning. He had already stepped on the dog's back foot from not watching what he was doing and I didn't want any more vet bills.