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Does anyone know what Washington state rules are for overnight visit for a 1 year old

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I'm divorcing my husband (finally!) and we have a 17 month old but I really don't want to do overnight visits yet since he's such a bad sleeper and he cosleeps with me still.

Does anyone know what the rules are for overnights in washington? I know some states don't do overnights until the age of 3 or 4.


OT - so annoyed just got my new job description

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I’m so annoyed right now. I just got the new job description for my new lower salary position that my company is making me take and it is the same damn one for higher position I had with a few tasks removed. However the problem is that the tasks that they removed I still freaking work on or am the backup for.

OT - just need to vent, going on maternity leave shortly and now they are cutting my pay

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I started a job in June with them fulling knowing that I was pregnant. I even declined a different job offer trying to do the right thing because I had already accepted theirs.

Well now I'm 2 weeks out until my due date and they call me into the office to tell me that starting on Sept 16th they are going to be taking some of my work off my plate (this is all stuff that I spent the last 3 months fixing because the last guy messed it all up) and would be downsizing my job and cutting my pay.

I'm losing $16,000/year!

Off Topic just need opinions about a job offer

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So I took a job at a company that I wasn't that keen on but being 26 weeks pregnant and not hearing anything back from any other company I thought why not.

Well I just got a call from the company I wanted to really work for and they offered me a job but the kicker is I'd have to start tomorrow!

I'm not sure what to do? Do I keep the job I took (I've only been here a week) or take the job I was just offered?

I swear I'm going to divorce this man!

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Ugh the nerve of DH, I tried to have a conversation with him in regards to my working part-time and staying home with our son when he is born.

I explained to him that I didn't want our son spending the majority of his time at daycare and that with him being my first child that I wanted to be there to raise him. I even gave him options on how we could cut back so I could work part-time.