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OT - so annoyed just got my new job description

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I’m so annoyed right now. I just got the new job description for my new lower salary position that my company is making me take and it is the same damn one for higher position I had with a few tasks removed. However the problem is that the tasks that they removed I still freaking work on or am the backup for.

I honestly think this is retaliation because when I was offered the job they didn't know I was pregnant. Now it's not the I was hiding it they just didn't pick-up on it during my 3 interviews and when they offered me the job and I was talking to them about time off whent he baby comes they were suprised.

I did however offer them the option of opting out of hiring me and even offered to sign anything they needed from me in order that they didn't think I would sue them for taking back the offer. I had other offers so I wasn't worried. Well they acted like it was fine that I was pregnant but now 2 weeks before my due date this is what they do.


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and am only planning on being gone for 4 weeks 6 tops. The timing just makes me think it has to do with my maternity leave and being pregnant then anything else.

They had someone in this job before for 6 years and he always had the same responsibilities now all of sudden they change it

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I completely think this has EVERYTHING to do with your pregnancy, any way to prove it so you can sue their azz? The only thing I will say is that I was laid off at 6 months preggo (RIP Circuit City) and finding a job has been horribly hard especially with 5k other people going for the 10 jobs around. At this point, I am not sure that anything can be done, but now you know where the loyalty lies. Please just think about yourself, the beautiful baby you are carrying and let those losers escape your thoughts. I know...easier said than done. I feel for you and will keep you in my thoughts.

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but really in this econommy do I want to even lose the pay I'm getting from them right now even with the pay cut it is better then nothing.

I'm just a little peeved but hey I'm only a few days to my due date so something to look forward to Wink

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File an EEOC claim. They can't fire you for it because that WOULD be retaliation.

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Does the company have a "Life Balance" type of program at your work? It's where you can call for free assistance regarding anything, even speak to a lawyer, for free. I would contact someone in the legal field and see what they say. This really sounds like bullshit. And save EVERYTHING in writing. Save your old job description and new job description, save any offer letters you received from them, save paycheck stubs - old and new - to prove the drop in salary. I would go after them for this. That's just not right, good economy or bad.