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Is she required to give us her address?

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The psycho BM is moving back into the state and wants to change visitation, that's no thte problem. The problem is that she won't give us her physical address. We're worried that she's living with her ex and they've had 3 domestic violence scenes where the police were called and my fiancee had to go and pick-up his son.

Isn't she required to give us the address? We can't get in to see our lawyer until Monday so I'm hoping someone here will know.



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Yes! I know in the Colorado they have 30 days to provide current address to the other parent.....

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In oklahoma, I believe they have to give you the address 10 days prior to moving unless it's an emergency move.

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In DH's court order it is 30 days of your intention to move whatever the hell that means.

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Here, CA, they aren't in less ordered by the court to do so. For some reason, we aren't allowed to have BM2's address, but our attorney can. We can't figure out that one. But BM1 was ordered by the judge that she is always to provide us with her current physical address at all times. We asked why, and there isn't a diffident reason other than it's 'confidential' information. Whatever. The Mediators can also request that BM provide the address in Mediation, but if they don't make them, than we're crap out of luck and that's what happened to us. So, next round hopefully we'll have it.

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I am in NC. My account says CA by accident. Is that DH has to inform this BB on where we are moving to. We can't leave the state of NC without the court's consent???? SHE LIVES IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. WTF?? Why does it matter what state we move to as long as the children are put on a plane. None of her family has anything to do with the kids.

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If she expects to exercise visitation with child in her home, then hell yes you should be able to have her address, and telephone number - unless there is some sort of restraining order between the biological parents. If there are DV issues, then you (or your attorney) should find out for sure ... this might blow up into something big if she is with her ex ... good luck!