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Question about contesting a court request

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Seems BM has now filed a court order for her address to be withheld. My question is can we contest this?

She's been in so many domestic violence situations that DH is unwilling to send SS down without an address.


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If your husband is not the's kind of a stupid request. Parents are ENTITLED to know where their children are.

I think your BM is just being a pain in the arse just to be one. Most court orders require both parents to furnish this information and I don't see how a judge would allow otherwise.

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I wonder why she doesn't want you to know where she lives??? I mean what is the big deal to have an address. What if SS calls and says there is an emergency, how can you call the police for a welfare check if you don't even know the address.

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Like CG was saying, both parents have to give the address to the other parent, .....your DH is not the abuser here, and how does your DH even know that it's safe for his kid to be there, if BM is going to this extreme to hide her where a bouts. That's the big question here! ~ Leave out all the rest~