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I'm calling CPS on BM

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for the sake of her other kids. My Fiancee and I had to go to the court house today in order to get copies of all of BMS Domestic Violence Cases and Criminal Cases for our hearing (they are public records). The report she wrote about the ex that she moved to get away from and than moved back in with when she moved back is horrible!

The man beat her in front of all her children, has DV tickets with his ex wife and is just a HORRIBLE man and my fiancee and I are now planning on cutting all visitation while she is with him and we are calling CPS to have them check on the other chilren.

What is wrong with BM? She constantly puts her children in such dangerous situations and doesn't seem to give a damn


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But please don't get your hopes up or put too much faith in CPS. Hopefully you will have better luck than some others on this site have had, including myself. Just please don't go into this expecting for them to make things better because the odds are that they won't do anything.

I'm not trying to get you down, but I know how much it hurts to honestly care for and be concerned for a child for legitimate reasons and have that stupid agency tell you it's "not worth investigating".

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We got CPS to investigate with two police reports that the skids' stepfather had beaten up their mother in front of them. They did a referral, probably for him to go to rehab, but that was it. Their stupid mother dropped the charges.

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and hopefully CPS will do their job competently. I also hope BM is not the extreme nutty case so as to start retaliating using the kids. Do what you feel is right for skids welfare. CPS should act on it. My ex beat me in front of my daughter and CPS gave me two options - get my daughter and I away from him or they take my child. Any mother in her right sense would do the former but some BMs are so dumb they side with the abusive partner over their kids. CPS should be able to see your concerns about the children and act accordingly. Good luck.

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that CPS is like that but it's the only thing Fiancee and I can do for those kids since they aren't his. We are however making sure she doesn't get to see SS again if she's living with her ex. We've even hired a PI to prove she's living with her ex.

I'd never put any child in the situation that she puts her own children in - what are wrong with her

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BUT, don't forget that CPS is known for being incompetent for a reason... Example: My 2 year old SS came home to us with a severly bruised butt.... you could literally see the imprints of whatever he was beaten with all over his bottom. We reported the abuse to the doctor, who reported to CPS. We took pictures, we did everything in our power to protect this baby and his sister....
THEN, BM pointed the finger at me! Saying that I must have beaten him before taking him to the doctor!
We are still tangled in an ugly mess with the courts, CPS, and law enforcement (and its been 2 months now).
I have absoulutely NO faith in the system whatsoever, and would caution you to tread carefully. I hope things work out for you... keep us up to date!

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if i felt it necessary to call cps, how would i go about doing it. I don't want to go into to much detail but i really feel i need to report someone ive noticed in my neighborhood.

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Go online and find your state's phone number for the agency. They should have a webpage. Just do a search engine search for "(state name) child protective services" (or department of children's services) and it should come up. You want something with a .gov address.

They'll tell you what information they need when you call. You can make the call anonymously, but they won't get back to you with any results unless you give them your name and address. If you do, they'll mail you a letter telling you if they followed up with an investigation or not.

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