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BM moved back into town and didn't tell us

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she actually told SS to keep it a secret from his father when she talked to SS last night. Stupid as she is she forgot to tell him to keep it a secret from me.

Why would she move back into town and not tell us? I've got a feeling she's up to something and I'm not sure what. I mean she's going to have to say something eventually unless she doesn't plan on changing the visitation schedule.

Fiancee and I think that she's moved in with her ex (she ran off to vegas 6 months ago to get away from himm because of a 2nd domestic violence ticket). She's up for a fight if she thinks we are going to be ok with SS going to stay with her if she's living with her ex. she was arrested once for a domestic violence ticket with him and the 2nd time she ran out of town saying she was scared for her life and her kids.

Not sure if we should call our lawyer or wait to see wha BM is up to first.


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NCP should have rights too! Its not like you and Dh wouldnt eventually find out on your own(through ss or otherwise) Most BMs who are known for the game playing are always up to something so I think its safe to assume that this one is, especially if she is trying to keep her move a secret. If she has been the one that has had the domestic violation charges and they were agiants her bf, or he has been arrested for domestic violence agiants her, then I would contact an attorney pronto, as some states will not consider those D.V. arrests as a reason to keep ss from visitation unless the violence was directed at ss. You can also contact your local DFCS and let them know your concern for ss saftey( in regards to possible visitation to her home) since she MAY be residing in the home where the violence has occurred repeatedly and that your concern is that if it has not yet, it is very possible that the violence could be directed at ss in the future. At the very least, I would seek a supervised visitation for ss anytime he is to see his BM. Please be active on the part of ss in this regard, no child should have to experience domestic violence or even witness it occurring in their presence...either way its scarring for the child.

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why else would she want to keep it quite? Why would she essentially ask SS to lie to his dad? I hope you and DH had a discussion with SS about keeping secrets in your family. Keeping secrets is essentially lying and should not be tolerated. She's up to something, I would keep your guard up and do whatever you can to protect SS from the displayed domestic violence that takes place in BM's care.

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in with her ex - the guy she has had 2 domestic violence charges with. The first time she went to jail and the second she moved out of the state stating she feared for her life and her kids (that's how we got custody of SS).

She's still won't admit she's living with him even though we found out. My girlfriend was driving by an apartment complex and saw her leaving the apartment. We of course than just called the complex and asked if BM and X lived there and being the crack apartment that it is they just gave us the info.

She's completely crazy - we're thinking of going in and getting visitation changed to supervised since she's got 11 Domestic Violence tickets in the last 4 years and 2 are with him

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Angie that is scary!!!!