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OT - the difference between false and real contractions?

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So all day long my stomach and back have been really tight and it really hasn't gone away. I'm 39 weeks will be 40 weeks on Thursday.

Since this is my first baby I'm not sure what's false contractions and what's real. Any help would be appreciated.



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You may be going into labor.. I was like that for an entire night prior to my son being born the next day..

Congrats and Good Luck

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I was told that if you are not able to talk, laugh, joke or keep walking during a contraction then you are probably having "real" labor contractions. My husband was the one to notice the change in my attitude when I went into labor. I down-played my contractions but he made me go to the hospital. He said that my whole expression changed during my labor contractions and my contractions weren't even very strong (but I don't have any previous experiences to base the pain level on). My water didn't break on it's own either so yours might not either so I hope you're not waiting for that to be a signal Smile I hope you have your baby soon!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

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They'll become regular and closer. Braxton-Hicks contractions (or whatever they're youngest is almost 18, LOL) can start to get closer, but they'll usually get irregular. Just relax, and time them for awhile. Good luck!!

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at least thats when ur supposed to go to the hospital. real ones come regularly, get closer together and more intense. at least thats what my dr told me Smile

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when you go inot labor you'll know honey! dont feel rushed to get to the hospital right away you'll be much more comfy at home then a stuffy hospital, just when yuor contractions get to be steady and 5 min apart or water breaks then go in.
congrats and good luck!

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I could feel a "crawl" like fingers walking from my lower back to my lower abdomen. I also agree that you will just know. The pain gets increasingly worse and I could feel the adrenaline shoot through my veins. Also when I had false labor the pain didn't intensify and eased a bit when I laid down. Your body is preparing you for a miraculous and smile because it really is a MIRACLE. Good luck and I will say a prayer for you tonight. Please let us know when we have new ST family member as soon as you can. XOXO