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Does anyone know what Washington state rules are for overnight visit for a 1 year old

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I'm divorcing my husband (finally!) and we have a 17 month old but I really don't want to do overnight visits yet since he's such a bad sleeper and he cosleeps with me still.

Does anyone know what the rules are for overnights in washington? I know some states don't do overnights until the age of 3 or 4.



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If the father has been in the childs life and there's no reason not to allow overnights other than your preference, they will probably allow it.

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Now dont take this the wrong way but ~ Shame on you! The father is just as important as you are. And there is no state that says no overnights until any age. There are some that concider guidelines on ages but guidelines are not the same as laws. As long as dad has been in the childs life previously and there is no GOOD reason not to the judge will give dad the overnights he deserves. And as far as your argument of cosleeping... Well most people know not to us things that most experts are against as their argument.

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Sorry I think there was a bit of a misunderstanding. the only reason I don't want to do overnight visits is DH can't put our 1 year old to bed and he's up all night and then BS is a mess for days on end. DH also sleeps so heavy that he literally can't hear BS when he's crying at night.

DH knows this and if he wasn't so mad at me about filing for divorce he would not ask for overnight visits at all but now he's just trying to get back at me for filing and all it's going to do is ruin BS sleep patterns/routine.

I have no issues about giving DH time with BS I just want it to be more during the day and I just get BS back at night so I can put him to bed.

myrulemylife - not sure what experts you seem to know but studies have shown that family beds are actually better for children up to a certain age and since my son is thriving on it I think I'll stick with what works best for him.

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smtotheloveofmylife - our marriage was already beyond repair and we've been in seperate rooms since my DH's crazy son threatened to kill my child (just another reason why BS sleeps with me and the reason why my attorney is adding to the parenting plan that SS isn't allowed to be at DH's home at the time of BS's visitations)

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smtotheloveofmylife - no worries I wasn't taking it negativly just thought I'd share a bit more on why my little man cosleeps