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Family picture Christmas cards

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Just a quick question - I'm getting ready to order Christmas cards with pictures on them and I'm wondering would you add you SS or SD in the pictures? I'd like to just to them with DH and my DS and myself on them but I thought I'd ask everyone elses oppinion.


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If you want to I don't see what the issue is. BM is not greater than BF, your Skids being a part of 2 families can be great and healthy.

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Yes, I would definitely include SKids in Christmas card photo. It's one of those relatively painless opportunities to take the high ground. They are part of your family, regardless of how painful the actual relationships are.

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I like what is1988 said, all of you are a family no matter the relationship. And for the comment about you should ask BM if she wants her kids in a family pic, thats not cool, there is no need to do that. She is not your family. She is not above your husband. And just a thought you can always get a picture of just you and your husband, you, DH, ALL kids, you and 'your' kids, DH and 'his' kids, and 1 of ALL kids but for the xmas card you should put the WHOLE family!

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I would ask the BM because there have been many on here with this question who have said that the BM blew a gasket - I think it also depends on if they live with you - if they do live with you and you want them on the card then go ahead but if they are weekenders then I am sure BM is sending out her own cards and will want them on there.

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Ss has never been on our picture Christmas cards. Keep in mind he didn't visit for 3 Christmases and now only visits eow. Our bios are the only ones in the pictures, not even dh or I are in them. We send the cards out to family and friends but dh usually only sends out a few-ess than 10 and I send out a lot more to my friends/family. Most of my friends forget I'm a stepmom. They've never met ss. Most of my family has never met him either. They do know my kids and hav met hem or at least hear about them and such. So why put a picture of a kid no one knows on my card? Most of the cards are ones I send out and ss is not my kid. I only have my kids on there. And why do a seperate picture with ss in it if dh only needs about 7 cards with ss picture on there? It would cost twice as much because no place will print just a handful of cards with the picture and he rest with a didferet picture. Besides, ss doesn't even know we send them. We don't give him one...why would bm want a picture of our kids? And dh has never complained about ss not being in the pic anyway. We usually sign it as the "last name" family. Also the las few years our cards have been just pictures I have taken of the kids and had cards made online. No studio pics, just an informal one whenever I can find time. Ss lives in anotherfown too.

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We're doing that this year, with my SD and fiance, since we are a family. (not fulltime) I think it's highly unnecessary to ask the BM, since she will always find a reason to blow her gasket, and above all, this makes a nice keepsake to show the child when he/she grows up.