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OT- Weight issues

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Some of you may remember I joined weight watchers in August with a goal to lose 40 pounds by Christmas. Yea, that didn't happen. School started again, and Gibby and I were always on the go. Even with his weekly kids fitness class, and an increased amount of physical activity, and keeping in my "point" limits each day, I lost only 10 pounds from August to November. Gibby lost 5 pounds and 3 inches off his waist during the kids class, which I am so proud of, and as we get ready for the spring session in 3 weeks, I am happy to say he has been able to maintain that loss, and since getting "Just Dance 2" for Christmas, we dance together every day, adding more fun to our excercise. (Gibby is my 9 yo BS, who is about 20 pounds overweight for his age and height.)

I have also maintained my weight loss of 10 pounds, and I know all the exercising created muscle mass, which weighs more. When my 3 month membership on WW ended, I cancelled, but still continued to follow the points system. I made it through the holidays maintaining a new weight of 158 pounds. Which is still 30 pounds above my goal, and 30 pounds overweight for my size, 4 ft 11 inches.

Right at the new year, I let things slide a bit as my husband and I dealt with my SDs developing eating disorders. Over Christmas, it became apparent that Princess 18 was NOT eating at college... I was so focused on her, I let my habits slide. But after a few run-ins with her, i got myself back on track. Still gaining and losing the same 2 pounds every week.

So right after the MLK day, I contacted the dietician from the kids fitness class to get some advice from her. I spilled out 3 weeks worth of food journals and calorie counts, and fessed up to my soda addiction. I also explained I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and was diagnosed pre-diabetic 7 years ago. She spent a few days looking over my info, and got back in touch with me.

It turns out I wasn't eating ENOUGH calories to lose weight, and the stuff I was eating was not right for me. Yes, she was glad Gibby and I had started throwing away hamburger buns at McDonald's and had started sharing fries. But most of my food was empty. She also understood my predicament with having to eat breakfast in the car because of our 30 mile commute to school and work, but my morning English Muffin was sending me into a spin for the rest of the day. Although "filling" me until lunch, it created my afternoon crash.

Basically, she wanted me to cut out breads, pastas, potatoes and sugars for 3 weeks, and watch for foods with naturally low glycemic index of 55 or lower. you ever seen that list? None of my favorite foods are on it...

After a week of researching food plans and "lifestyles" and recipes, I settled on the South Beach diet plan. I didn't have to buy anything special or worry about counting calories or weighing anything.

I started on Monday, January 31. Then the snow storm hit and we were stranded in our house until I went back to work on Monday of this week. I went the whole week, being snowed in with Loghead, Gibby and the skids with NO SODA and NO FRENCH FRIES. And I felt fine. in one week, I lost 4 pounds. i didn't even feel like i HAD to stop at the gas station Monday on my way to work for a "soda fix."

It's now Thursday. We weren't planning to get snowed in, and we really don't have a lot to eat left in the house. Luckily we always have hamburger in the freezer, so I'm thawing some out for tonight. I can use it for soup, burgers and tacos.

Breakfast has been tricky some mornings, because I don't really like eggs or sausage. But I made pancakes for the skids this morning, and didn't even want one. For me, that's progress...

And the fact I haven't had a soda since January 29 is amazing! I'm making baby steps... But this is something I want for me. I want to set a good example for Gibby. If all goes to plan, I will have a bikini this summer! I'll be 37, at the beach in a two piece. For me.


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Way to go! A healthy diet is pretty much impossible at this point. Our culture is literally saturated with unhealthy eating choices. When I started trying to eat healthier, I was sort of overwhelmed by how few choices there were for healthy eaters. You're doing AWESOME. I think alot of people just give up after they realize how hard it's going to be just to find healthy food, especially if, like you said, you're someone who has a busy schedule and not alot of time to spend two hours cooking something good.

This post is so timely for me. I had no trouble with my weight at all until last year. I went on birth control and gained a little over thirty pounds in about three months. It's been six months since I got off hormonal birth control, but I am STILL struggling with my weight. I'm used to weighing about 140 and I currently weight about 180. It really sucks.

So, I've been doing something similar to what you're doing. I'm not eating sugar. If we go out to eat, I always get salad because it's not overflowing with grease, butter, etc. I'm trying to get at least six servings of vegetables every day but it's a struggle.

The bulk of what I eat right now consists of cottage cheese, boiled eggs, and grapefruit. I think I've probably lost about ten pounds in the last three weeks, but I'm too scared to step onto a weight scale. lol. I'm just trying to gauge by the way my clothes fit.

Another thing I've found really helps is not eating anything after six. This is almost impossible for me, so if I do eat anything after six I try to eat a salad, boiled egg, or grapefruit. Something light.

I fell off the diet yesterday when we went to ihop. Put sugar in my coffee and ordered a grease smothered omelet. Felt bad for the rest of the day and am bloated due to the salt today. Sad

One of my main difficulties is alcohol. It's so not good for dieting, but drinking has become part of my regimen unfortunately. For a while I was drinking vodka tonics because they're a bit healthier than other mix drinks (especially if you substitute seltzer water for tonic water). But I really want to get away from the hard stuff at this point. So, I'm still trying to figure out what to do there.

Again, great job. This is such a hard road for a busy person, but I truly think it's worth it!

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Oh that why I ate that bowl of Edy's Orange Creme ice cream at 11:00 last night?

My mama always told me never to eat after 9 pm.....

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I'll probably chicken out on the bikini, but I'll still look damn good in a one piece! LOL I've been going to a local tourist area since I was 11 years old, boating, swimming. It would be nice to look like an all new me. I didn't have the confidence to dress that way when I could.... Now I sure wish I had! But I'm a grown up now- a mom and a stepmom- and I think I've got the "spunk" now to pull it off!

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Last-wife last January I weighed 194 pounds - I am 5'7" work out like crazy and have mad muscle - I went on the primal blue print diet and lost over 35 pounds - I found out I have a slight wheat allergy - so I had to cut out most of my wheat = breads, pastas and the like - now I love my pasta and for about 2 weeks I was a bitch to live with - but I started dropping the weight and could eat very healthy and a lot of it - there is a site on the internet that will help you track everything that you eat and let you know how much protein and fat is in the food you are eating - good luck and keep it up!!!