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OT - just need to vent, going on maternity leave shortly and now they are cutting my pay

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I started a job in June with them fulling knowing that I was pregnant. I even declined a different job offer trying to do the right thing because I had already accepted theirs.

Well now I'm 2 weeks out until my due date and they call me into the office to tell me that starting on Sept 16th they are going to be taking some of my work off my plate (this is all stuff that I spent the last 3 months fixing because the last guy messed it all up) and would be downsizing my job and cutting my pay.

I'm losing $16,000/year!

The thing is that they know there is nothing I can do about it because I'm due in 2 weeks can't interview anywhere else and can't even send out resumes and this point!


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that is soooo unfair!! when do you plan on going back to work? If it's within like 12 weeks of leaving, I would just forget about the pay cut and start to look for another job asap. but since they want to be sneaky and crappy and do that to you, I wouldn't give them my notice when I got a new job. what jerks! I'm preggers too but not working. but I was working before I had my first - up to my due date. It was a large, well-known company and they wouldn't budge on flexing my schedule. So I turned in my laptop and crackberry and left. Would you believe they sent me a letter 6 weeks later stating that since they hadn't heard from me that they considered it job abandonment?!?!?!? WTH! What part of me giving all company items back, clearning out my desk, and saying "goodbye" to them did they not understand? And I understood quite clearly when they said that they couldn't accommodate my schedule. So ... huh? Whatever. Corporations are heartless.

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I'm from Canada, but I recently got laid off work. I had to go on EI (Employment Insurance - governmnet) which is a tax we pay every paycheck. This is the same insurance Canadian women go on when we have mat. leave. Some employers do top up the EI b/c EI has a maximum amount (therefore a person making $100,000 per year gets the same benefits as someone making $40,000/year). EI is determined on your last 3 months earnings.

Does your employer pay your mat. leave or the government? I just don't understand how an employer would be able to do that, b/c then wouldn't ALL American employers reduce the pay of women going on mat. leave right before they leave so they wouldn't have to pay out? AND, do they have a legal obligation of holding your job?

I guess what I'm asking is how does mat. leave work in your area?

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Have other positions there been downsized or are they having a mass-layoff? I would really look into that...legally, they can't just "down-size" your position based on the fact that you are pregnant/taking a maternity leave. AND for them to say they want to take some work off your plate is :jawdrop: ....I'm sure you'll be just as capable if not more when you come back.

Being pregnant is considered, legally, a protected class. I'm not a lawyer (nor do I play one on TV Wink ) but I did work in a law firm when I was pregnant with my daughter, and one of our clients sued her employer for a similar case....they outwardly told her it was because she was pregnant (which was really dumb on their part) but good for the client.

Good luck with everything...especially with your new baby!! Keep us updated!!!

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that I've been at the job only 4 months so I'm not protected under the Family Medical Leave Act and they aren't even paying for my maternity leave.

What really makes me mad is that I gave up different opportunities because they reasured me that my pregnancy wouldn't be an issue at all and now 2 weeks before my due date they are taking things off my plate and cutting my pay. I've asked around and it honestly looks like I'm the only person they are doing this to so I can't see this any other way other then they know I'm in a rock and a hard place and can't do anything about them cutting my pay etc...

The second this baby comes I'll be sending my resume everywhere and interviewing like crazy. I can't wait to get another job and tell them off when I leave.

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a copy of the other offer letter and the pay reduction is more than 10% so maybe I should look at calling an employment lawyer and seeing what options I have

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