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I love my DH but today DH surely doesn't stand for "Dear Husband!"

marika's picture

So, we were shopping yesterday and I mentioned that I would like to get a few new shirts for work. I didn't see anything I liked where we were, so I said I would like to go to another local discount store this weekend to get a few things. DH says "Great! SD said she wanted to get some shorts, so you can go shopping together!" Excuse me? I simply stopped talking at that point and later in our excursion said, "You know...I just realized that I only have about a week of school left.

I need recommendations please!

Dee's picture

I haven't been on in a while because we have been dealing with the BM's filing for primary custody and child support - Sad

Can anyone recommend a book, etc. that will help us better prepare for the upcoming mediation and possible court case? There are many out on the internet and I don't know which to choose. We have a good attorney, but at $250/hr, we are careful how we use her.


Tough choices

didddos's picture

It is hard enough to make decisions for bio-kids when you know you will alwys be there to help them to deal with the decisions you've made for them.

With stepkids, it's even harder.

DH and I have talked about trying for custody. We will have letters from the school supporting us and documentation of BM wanting to give him up to us and then recanting (3 times this year).

SS seems so happy lately. I can see the *old* kid in him. The one I've missed so much. He's back :*-)

The biggest joke I ever heard

step mom of 1's picture

This one is terrific, BM found out we are trying to have a baby, Her response was that it is not fair to SS. He will not be the only child anymore. Also said she would be mad at us for this. SS told her that we wanted a baby mind you. Not his place. Then she proceded to ask if she could be the god-mother. Did this bitch just fall off her rocker. There is no way in hell I would let that happen, she can bearly take care of her on kids. Just thought ya'll could us a laugh!!

How much longer til we reach 18?

jisselle's picture

Some days are better than others, (like the days that my SS is not here and he is with his BM) and other days I just wish he was 18 already and out of the house. It is the poor school work, the manners, disrespect, and of course the psychotic BM. My SS has reached the age where he thinks he knows it all, constantly playing video games, and lies constantly even about stupid stuff.

3 questions I need help on

Elle36's picture

Boy Scout family cookout/campout is this Friday. I wrote earlier stating DH is on second shift and cannot take him. It is technically BM’s week. BM never really gave a clear answer if she was going to take son herself. DH called her up and suggested that maybe son can go with another father and she was all for it. Last night I made all arrangements with good friends of ours. DH called her and she was fine with everything. Friends would pick him up, drive 40 minutes to campsite; he could stay in their tent, and bring home early Sat. morning.

At a loss today

Little Jo's picture

Well friends, it was a peaceful few weeks, but it's over. Drama reared it's ugly head again. DK is in a state of meltdown. Her Brother is moving out this week. He called us last night to say he has had it with his sister and the way she is "neglecting" the girls. (yeah, this is the same guy that demanded a month ago for BF to admit he abused the girls). He said it's time for us to take custody of them or at least SD9 & SD12. He told us alot of things that made our heads spin. I'm still trying to comprehend it all.

BM and forged passports

Stepmom_C's picture

My husband has primary custody of his 2 girls (10 & 6)...I've blogged before about our situation. Well, we were on a weekend trip and instead of waiting for us she forged his name, got some dumb*ss to notorize the forgery and submitted paperwork to get passports for the kids. Anyone dealt with this type situation? She booked the 2 week out of town trip before asking permission, DH was just going to "let her" until he found out his kids are scared to travel with her to somewhere foreign.

Too soon?

Krissy's picture

STBX is going at the end of June. THANK GOD. I cannot take it anymore. I just want him O U T. It's nuts but with a firm date in sight I can accept that it will be another 5 weeks or so. Especially as he has found a place already!