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Out of the mouths of babes...

SMIT's picture

Hi, everybody!

Just wanted to share a cute story from the weekend.

My 4 year old SS spent the night with us and I was taking him to brush his teeth in the morning. He tugged at the back of my yoga pants and said, "You have a pretty butt." I was stunned for a split second and then just said, "Uh, thanks. Now let's brush your teeth." My husband so wished he could have seen it happen.

Wishing everybody a safe, happy 4th of July!


It's All in Who You Know

Sweetie's picture

Well, I've figured out something new today. The way you get treated is not because of where you're standing in line, it's because of who you are, or should I say who you know. I was checking with a sketch artist about my beloved deceased hound's sketch, that I ordered in March (he passed away in February) and I've been waiting since March. She still hadn't gotten it done yet. Last month, it was supposed to have been started and should been finished two weeks ago.

Keeping Busy

Sweetie's picture

I have been keeping busy the last couple of days working outside and doing some sewing to make repairs to the continuous state of holes that I have from my puppy Bullet. He is now almost 8 months old. We weighed him yesterday and he is 56 pounds. My husband almost dropped him as he tried to jump out of his arms. He is all legs. He has now shredded every comforter and blanket he has had. I am sewing another comforter back together as he tears the seams and then pulls out the stuffing.

Blamed for the Breakup --- But it's just not true!

in10sitty's picture

I recently found out that my fiances family believes that I broke his "good" marriage/family apart. My fiance left his wife after 12 years of marriage.

What they all don't know, is that he cheated on her just 2 years after they were married, and didn't stop searching for someone until he found me, 10 years later.

He just recently told his sister the truth, but what about everyone else? His mother, father, ...and most of all, his ex? If it wasn't me that ended up compatible with him, then it would have been someone else.

He doesn't want to see the woman he hates in the children he loves...

lovin-life's picture

BF's x is a master manipulator. She knows a persons weakness's and plays on it. She can be very sweet and charming when it suits her purposes as well...she's very self serving and very, very good at it.

(In general it seems that men seem are more susceptable to these ploys..they don't have many (any) female freinds...SD's & Mom )

Here's a little background of what we were up against with nut-job x...

lovin-life's picture

She is nasty, evil vengeful, she has no conscience, no empathy, I honestly, truly believe she suffers from Narcessitic Personality Disorder to do what she did and then be out to get him for having the nerve to leave her. Tell the lies she did..manipulate the kids against him..try to ruin him..sabbatoge our house purchase..etc.

Don't forget that X began having extra-marital affairs in 97 via internet chat rooms and continued until 2001 until he ended the marriage.