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When do you give up?

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So here I sit in early labour, waiting for DH to wake up so we can drive the two hours to be closer to the hospital, and all I can think about is Munchkin (SD4) and how her newly preggo mom is planning on moving her away again to live with another new guy in another new city. This is the third move this year and the second StepDad for munchkin.

Making herself a statistic...

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Well we thought BM was doing good and starting to get her stuff together. Hahaha. She is now expecting her second "ooopsies" since the birth of her first. The first Ooopsies was "taken care of" but I think she is planning on keeping this baby, since it is all over FB that she's pregnant. I wish she could have waited another month so me and DH could meet our unborn LO, before having to worry about SD's life being drastically changed across the board.

Now I know its just for spite because baby is coming.

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Well I thought BM had grown up a bit. But again I was wrong. Me and Dh were planning on doing some nice family pics of us and Sd with my baby bump. However when Dh picked up Sd4 today she has bright pink, purple, and blue hair. She has not done this in a year, so I think the timing is pretty suspicious. I just want to smack her. Why would you dye your daughter's beautiful blonde hair abunch of punk colours?

Ohhh I can't wait to have this kid so I can have something major to focus on.

Hmmm how does this sound to you guys?

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So Dh and Bm need to have a talk. They have needed to have this talk about boundaries and expectations for the last three years. So dh finally agrees to call and set it up.

Here is his plan:

Dh will meet Bm at an elementary school park at 5-530pm on Monday. She is bringing the 4 year old child with her.

The talk:
They hope to discuss boundaries, like the bday party, and expectations, like the fact that Dh WILL NOT say yes to anything without talking to me about it. And other such issues.

Kinda OT but super exciting!

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So I went to the hospital yesterday because I have been getting weird pains on my cervix (sorry guys). I'm only 35 weeks along but baby has dropped and is pushing against my cervix. So I guess it wont be as long as we thought it would be! It could be anytime. The doctor suggested a big expensive belly sling, but if I make it untill the 27th then I'm just going to go buy a cheap one from walmart. The pain sucks, but BABY'S COMING SOON!!! Biggrin

Is it jealousy?

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So Bm has decided we have gotten along for long enough. She has treatened to withhold SD from us if we do not attend a bday party she is throwing for SD with all of Bms family. They share joint custody, but the only access ruling is one that was put in place for when Bm moved away. Dh is supposed to have generous and reasonable access.

Long time no Stalk!

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Well I'm sure all of you can guess, my wonderful little world has been crashing around me for the last day. Why else would I return to rant about my life, right?

I have 38 days left till my due date. My pregnancy is going awesome. I have been healthier then ever before and I just love being pregnant!

Me and Dh have been going to councilling and it has helped alot. My own personal councilling has helped me out alot too.

Now for the last bit of my life....

SD and BM.

Mother's Day pain.

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I think next year I'm just going to take my baby and go hang out with my mom all mother's day. It may be the only way for me to feel loved.

I was woken up early by Dh's alarm clock going off and him not turing it off. He hit snooze 2 times before my alarm clock went off once... good thing we didn't have a long day ahead of us. Sleep is hard to come by when you're 3/4 of the way done your pregnancy.