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I'm Stressed.....

Tired2's picture

Well it's come to that time. SD will be home tonight. She took a week's long vacation with her mother. When she left a week ago DH and I had a HUGE argument about her...I mean H-U-G-E argument. That argument sparked my visit to the therapist. Tonight will be the first time she's been with us since and I'm stressed about it. Honestly things are going so well that I really don't even want her there. I dread it. I wonder what her attitude is going to be.

stepmothers serious delema

julianna's picture

I am thrilled to finally find a place to vent and get advice and opinions. I moved to a new state and and got married. I have 2 step children, Lacey, 18 and Ron 23. I have one son Alex 22, graduated college in May, raised by me since 15 months old with no ex husband, I am proud. I have been married for 6 years. None of our children live with us now. Long story short, Lacey has been diagnosed with severe depression and has been hospitilzed several times. Ron has ADHD, defiant disorder, social disorders, alcohol abuse, etc.

My stomach is in knots....

Chocoholic's picture

We have court this Friday... today the last of the paperwork was delivered to the court house and served on BM's attorney. For those of you who don't know, we haven't seen sk's for the past 4 months and we are going to court to get them back.... my DH has joint legal and physical custody.

I'm just so scared. I have been going over the paperwork and BM really looks deperate and pathetic (to me) I just hope the judge sees through her BS and he or she thinks the same.

I don't have a whole lot to say, just that I am nervous and would appreciate any prayers directed our way.

Homer Simpson

Overwhelmed in Texas's picture

I went to see the new 'The Simpsons' movie last night...just wanted to get a break and see something silly....

so I'm watching the movie and I'm having dejavu...I could feel the hair rising on the back of my neck and I got this scary feeling inside...and then I finally realized what it was..

Homer Simpson is my husband! ARRGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!

I mean really...he is absent minded, doesn't listen when I talk to him, would rather play with the kids than manage them, forgets everything and when I get mad he says cutsie things and just like Marge...I forgive him!

HMMMMMMM?????? What would you do/think/feel if you found out your husband was reading your blogs?

Overwhelmed in Texas's picture

Hmmm, logged into the office computer when I got home today and found out my husband has been reading my this a good thing?

Feedback ladies?