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Want to Skip Christmas

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This month has been awful.

DH was fired from his job of 15 years the Thursday after Thanksgiving. He was interviewing the last two weeks and started a new job this week. It's awesome how well he bounced back. I don't think I could have done it. This has really shaken me up, my stress level has been through the roof but I've been keeping it in, just want to support DH right now.

DH Said "I'm starting to think like you."

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DH was home with the flu yesterday.

SS21 left before I did yesterday morning, which I thought was odd since he doesn't have to be at school till after 10 AM on Mondays.

When I got home last night I commented to DH that SS21 left before I did.

DH said, "Yes, SS21 was probably afraid I'd ask him to help me do something, so he left. See, BettyRay, I'm starting to think like you."

I asked DH if he believed that and he said that he did because every time I've called SS21 out on something I have been right.



Grades 2 D's

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SS21 was kind enough to ruin DH's Birthday last week by telling us he's pulling a D in 2 classes. Of course it's not SS21's fault it's always the professor's fault. *eye roll* SS21 told DH at least the grades are passing.

After SS21 left to "study". I told DH whether SS21 graduates or not, there is no way in hell that man-child is living with us after May 25. I'm done.  DH agreed and then asked me if I would higher an mechanical engineer with 2 D's on his transcript?  

SS21 in hiding

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So after the "petty" incident SS21 has been getting up after we leave in the morning and coming home late at night.

I am convinced he's doing his to avoid me. Which makes my life way easier.

When SS21 does run into me he is being halfway pleasant, which is a huge change for him.

I have started vacuuming before I leave for work in the morning.

I give extra attention to the carpeting in the hallway in front of SS21's bedroom door. 

I'm Petty

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So SS21 and I got into it.

We had finished dinner and SS21 asked DH if there was anything he could do to help.

Knowing DH would say SS21 didn't have to help, I jumped in told SS21 that he could vacuum the living and dining rooms.

SS21 barks at me, "No, that it's SS16's week to vacuum".

I shot back and told SS21 he didn't do it the week before which was his week.

DH jumps in and tells SS21 to shut up and a vacuum.

SS21 tells DH that he doesn't like BettyRay's tone.

I left the room.

Midnight Snacking

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Just a warning, my petty is real today.

DH and I are both getting over colds.  We went grocery shopping for the week on Sunday. DH made Sunday dinner early so SS21 could eat before he went to school to work on a lab.  

SS21 got home after we went to bed Sunday night.

Monday morning DH opens the fridge to get the lunch meat to make his sandwich and it's gone, nothing left. We bought almost 2 lbs. of lunch meat Sunday.

I text SS21 when I got to work and ask him to pick up lunch meat on his way home from school Monday night.

SS21's Temper Tantrum

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SS21 wants a new cellphone.

He was complaining to DH and I on Friday that the power button on his cell sticks and that a new Galaxy was coming out and it was time for an upgrade. SS21 knows better than to ask us for a new cell, he knows we'd flat out tell him NO.  

So Saturday SS21 "dropped" his cell in the lake when we got back from tubing. 

Sunday night SS21 is at BM's wanting her to buy him a new cell phone. BM said no and that he could either buy his own or use her old one.

Back from Vacation

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DH and I had an awesome time! SS16 was with us for a couple of days; then left because of work. We had a few days alone.  Celebrated our anniversary - just the two of us - had a great day and nice dinner. I think this is the first time we've been alone for our anniversary. Normally the SSons are with us.  

Update SS21 Drinking

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DH spoke with SS21 last night. DH told SS21 that drinking and vomiting at our house will not be tolerated. If SS21 does this he will be kicked out.

SS21 said he understood and that it wouldn't happen at our house.  We'll see.

DH told him that drinking alone is not cool and could be a sign of depression or alcoholism. DH also brought up counseling, SS21 would have nothing to do with it.


SS21's Drinking

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So SS21 has been hitting it hard since he turned 21. DH and I didn't really think much about, just thought it was a phase.

DH was talking to BM last night regarding SS16 and she brought up SS21. Apparently SS21 was drinking alone at BM's house (where he is living for the summer) Saturday night. He got sick and threw-up in the hallway between his room and the bathroom and didn't bother to clean it up. When BM questioned him about it SS21 just told her he got up too fast and was dizzy. Don't know if BM addressed the vomit and cleaning up after yourself though.