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Vaping Update

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When SS17 got to our house last week Friday DH had him take the drug test. SS17 didn't test positive for anything, which is awesome.

We talked with him about how dangerous vaping is especially because he has asthma. He also lost his bedroom door for lieing to us. DH took it off the hinges and set it in his room next to the doorway which I think is funny. DH and I will let him have it back after SS17 passes another drug test a couple of weeks from now. SS17 doesn't know about the upcoming drug test.

DH had him clean out his car, and watched him do it. SS17 gave DH all the vaping stuff that was in the car. Apparently BM didn't go through his car!?!

We took the vaping stuff over to our neighbor who vapes and he went through everything, even smelled the used cartridges and told us it was not weed. He vapes weed occasionally. He also had us smell what vape weed smells like so we know.




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Oh the vapes!  They think that it is completely odorless, but I am an ex-smoker and can smell everything.  I have confiscated 3 vape pens, packs of cartridges and 4 chargers from SS16.  Before he left he swore he stopped and he hadn't had doors in months.  He was still at our house the day after Christmas waiting for his brother to take him home and my nanny cam alerted me when he walked into the living room and lo and behold the little jerk was sitting his dad's recliner just vaping away!  


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SS17 smelled funky. I had been telling DH something was up but DH thought I was over reacting. Apparently not.


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My now recovering but long time addicted daughter would laugh in my face as she passed UA after UA.   She was using 'bath salts' which were legal in our state and didn't show up on any of the usual drug tests.   She also used marijuana wax, smoked it I think, which also didn't always pop dirty on a test.   She would also dilute her pee with toilet water so DH should literally watch him take the urine test.   

I finally figured out to watch for the behaviors.   It didn't matter so much WHAT she was using, but that she was high on SOMETHING.  Not to scare you, but I wish I would have cracked down harder when she was 17--i sort of figured she was smoking some dope, drinking some beer but it was much much worse that I ever imagined.    Fortunately, she is now 2 years clean and grateful for her sobriety.