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SS22 Graduation 11 days away

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This is what happens when DH (and I) step out of the situation:

  • SS22 missed the ordering deadline and can't order graduation announcements.
  • Don't know if SS22 will have a cap and gown. When I explained to SS22 he probably should inquire at the campus bookstore as to when they will be measuring for caps and gowns SS22 had a look of shock and confusion. SS22 said he thinks you just pick them up next week without being measured. This coming from a a 6 foot 5 inch man-child.
  • BM is hosting a graduation party for SS22. DH and I decided to pay half for the party at BMs and not bother having a seperate one. 
  • When Paternal GM asked SS22 what he wanted for graduation DH blurted out, "Rent Money! First, last months and security deposit!" This is where we're at. Launch SS22, launch.



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"...DH blurted out, 'Rent Money! First, last months and security deposit!'"

Love This!!!