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Mother's Day

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I had a relaxing Mother's Day just DH, SS18 and the furbabies.

DH got me flowers and furbabies got me earrings.

SS18 gave me a lovely gift which I wasn't expecting. He said it was from both SS23 and him but DH told me later that he picked it out himself.

SS18 left in the afternoon to spend time BM, SF, SS23 and SS23's GF.

I got a half text from SS23 - "Happy mother"  

When SS18 got back he told me that SS23 and GF would stop by later today or tomorrow.

Well...they didn't stopp by yesterday or Sunday night. But then I figured as much.

Christmas - Literally the same sh*t every year

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Just like every other Christmas for the last 15 years. DH gets angry at SSons and BM, and is a total jerk for the day.

We invited our mothers, SS22, SS22’s GF, and SS18 for Christmas Day brunch.

DH did all the cooking and went crazy, there was so much food.

It’s our week with SS18 but he had spent Monday and Tuesday nights at BM’s so he could be with her on Christmas Eve, and Christmas morning.

Back to School

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It was a wonderful summer, mainly because SS22 is out of our house. Yahoo

SS22 moved out after graduation, DH and I were going to charge him rent and also require him to help around the house. He decided to move back to BM’s house. He just got an apartment near Uber-Expensive-University Campus he graduated from. The only reason he got his own place is because SF put his foot down and started charging SS22 rent.

SS22 Will he accept an offer of employment?

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SS22 applied for and was offered a position at the company he is interning at, but at 60K (annual) he feels the offer is too low and is considering not accepting.

I asked him why he felt it was too low and he said his friends received offers between 70K-75K. I asked, friends with higher GPAs? I got no answer.

I asked him if the other companies he interviewed had extended offers. SS22 - no other company has. This is the only offer.

BM just diagnosed with MS

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BM told DH over the weekend she has MS.  I feel bad for SSons.

I printed a couple of brochures about having a parent with MS and what MS is for the Skids, from the National MS Society. 

SS17 took the information, he was grateful, learning about it took some of his anxiety away.

DH and I asked both SSons if they wanted to talk about it.  SS17 said maybe later. SS21 didn't want to talk either he said he had looked MS up online and knew about it and that BM saud she was fine, so she is fine.

Update SS21 a.k.a. man-child mooch

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In the days following the last post I have kept my same morning routine.

SS21 spent the last 2 weeks at BMs house, his school is on the trimester system and he was on break.

He came back Sunday night.

SS21 never mention the incident to DH so DH didn't talk to him about it. Not surprised at all.

I have the same morning routine. SS21 acts like nothing happened.

Yesterday morning I was cleaning as usual and SS21 got up before 6:30 a.m. to take a shower. Even said good morning to me on the way to the shower. 

SS21 Yelled at Me This Morning

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I was vacuuming this morning (6:30 a.m..) and SS21 barrels out of his room and asks me why I vacuum in the morning. I told him that since no one helps with the housework and I'm the only one who does it that I get to decide when I want to do it. I don't like doing it at night when I get home for work so I do it before work.

SS21 yells at me that his trying to sleep because he's got an exam today. Then SS21 then tells me that he won't be quiet at night so I can sleep.